Should You Save or Sell Your Valuable Heirlooms?

Gold_industryThis question tends to pop up at difficult times in life. It’s not uncommon to find yourself in possession of some odd goods when a friend or relative dies. And it’s at times like these that you might be ill-equipped to manage these goods, especially if you are feeling a lot of grief at the time. There are many considerations to make, and not all of them have to do with the precious metals exchange rate that applies to your situation.

This is because many of these items will have sentimental value in addition to monetary value. People might feel guilt for trading an item that reminds them of a lost loved one for cash. But this isn’t always the way to think about it. Death happens, and memories of loved ones should be afforded a certain place in your life. But it should also be compatible with how you live. If an item, such as a piece of furniture of a painting, can be loved and displayed in your home on its own merits, not just because it belonged to a loved one, it might be a good addition to your life, as well as an appropriate reminder of your loved one. But if the item doesn’t have any value to you other than it’s sentimental value, it isn’t appropriate to sell it after a certain amount of time. In most cases, the individual who passed it on to you would rather you have security and happiness than perpetual possession of the item in question.

That aside, let’s talk money. Oftentimes, people inherit items made of precious metals, like gold, jewelry, and coins. Because these items have no function in themselves, other than to serve as placeholders for wealth/value/buying power, it makes sense to sell them when they’ll command the highest price. But when is that? Do metals like gold always increase in value?

Well, not really. Gold, for instance, has something of an inverse relationship to the standard economy. If you look at charts of gold value, you’ll notice that gold tends to be in high demand when the US economy isn’t doing so good, and vice versa. This is because gold represents inherent value, while the economy is based largely on perceived value and good will. The economy works well when people spend money without much worry. When people are worried, they don’t spend money. Keeping gold is the epitome of “not spending money”, and it’s an example of people putting their trust in something they feel might have more staying power or foundation than a particular market.

So in general, I say buy gold when the market is good, sell it when it’s down. As you can see, this would’ve worked out to great effect if you bought a bunch of gold in the hot-economy days of the 90’s and kept it till the financial crunch of 2008. But because these things are impossible to predict, and because gold doesn’t have inherent factors which determine it’s value, I generally sell gold a lot more than I buy it. And that’s how I generally treat stuff if I’m ever in a position to inherit money or goods. A lot of top finance blogs agree.


Talking “Money” and Loans: How difficult is that?

Admitting that we’re having cash flow problems is something that none of us like to do, especially to our closest friends and family. While our partners might be aware of the issues, because of it affecting them too, others might be completely unaware that we’re struggling for cash and that’s the real reason we’re turning down their suggestions to go for a meal or on a night out together.

Money is one of the most common causes of arguments between couples, with many marriages even ending over financial disagreements. While many tell us “it’s good to talk” and “a problem shared is a problem halved”, it’s easier said than done!

Nobody ever likes to have to ask to borrow money, not since the days when we were in the school canteen desperate for a sneaky bar of chocolate that our dinner money didn’t quite stretch to anyway.SunnyImage_Financewand(1)

As we get older, we develop that sense of pride that won’t let us ask for help. It’s very common and we all get that feeling from time to time where we’d rather do anything than ask to borrow a tenner from a friend or to ask our brothers, sisters or parents for a bit of money to cover the bills.

However, if it makes the difference between going into serious debt and getting that period of grace, then discussing our finances with those who love and care for us is the obvious solution, even if it’s a difficult conversation to have.

Talking things over with friends and family, getting their views and opinions, can actually help to come up with solutions to our problems, and one of those is something that you can actually work together on. Guarantor loans are an agreement between a lender and the borrower, which is also signed by another person, ensuring that the money gets paid back and there are a number of benefits to this form of lending.

  • The first reason for this is that while our friends and family might not be able to help us directly by lending us the money there and then, they can help by signing the agreement to cover the cost of the repayments if we can’t meet them – essentially verifying that we’re going to be able to pay the money back.

  • The second is that it is much safer than going to other lenders who charge high rates of interest and demand that payments are made even if you can’t make those repayments. A guarantor loan comes with a set of rules relating to what happens if you default on your agreement, and that usually means that the guarantor – your friend or relative – would help you out.

  • Finally, it’s the kind of loan that you can take out even if you have a poor credit history. While banks might turn you down for the loan, even if it’s only a few hundred pounds, guarantor loans are much more likely to be approved because you’re getting the backing and assistance of someone who might have a much better rating

Steps to Accurate Cash Forecasting

Accurate cash forecasting is a powerful tool for businesses. If you can predict how much money you will have on hand in the future, you can better plan new projects and make budgets. Follow these steps to develop a plan for accurate cash forecasts.

Begin by defining why you need cash forecasting and what questions you want to answer with your forecast. At the same time, identify useful data sources and sources of information. You should also evaluate existing cash forecasting tools and choose the best one for you, and make a schedule and decide how far in the future you want to forecast.

With the planning stage out of the way, create your forecast, consolidate the data and turn it into a report. Then, analyze the data and accuracy of your forecast. You can also test your forecast by inserting variables into the formula. Finally, regularly re-evaluate your forecast and fine tune it as necessary.


The Great Financial Debate: How can Friends and Family help your Plight?


Ah, money troubles; arguably one of the few lifestyle factors that binds us all, regardless of social background or status. While the troubles in question may be relative and unique to each individual, we all experience situations where we struggle to balance saving with the cost of everyday living.

The latter point is particularly concerning, with only northern towns in the UK such as Blackburn reported to offer value to residents. Coping with the rising cost of living (which continues to increase exponentially and disproportionately to earnings in Britain) can be difficult, with many forced to live hand-to-mouth on a recurring, monthly basis.

How can Friends and Family help you with the Cost of Living?

In these instances, it can be difficult to know where to turn as an individual. After all, the payday loan sector has been much maligned in recent times, while less controversial alternatives such as Credit Union loans and others lack the presence to empower borrowers in making an informed decision. This is where friends and family can come into play, however, as they have the potential to provide unconditional support and financial assistance that comes without inflated interest rates.

The issue with this, however, is that most people are uncomfortable borrowing from family and loved ones. There is common sense behind this ethos, as while borrowing offers a chance to access low-cost loans it also places pressure on relationships and introduces an unwanted financial aspect to your friendship. If there are any subsequent issues and the money cannot be repaid as and when agreed, this can create tension and ultimately undermine even prosperous relationships.

Fortunately, there is a more balanced options available to potential borrowers. This is the option of guarantor loans, through which individuals borrow money from a traditional lender while asking a compliant friend or family members to sanction the agreement. While this creates some risk in that the associate in question must assume responsibility for the loan in the event that repayments are defaulted, it offers borrowers access to funds regardless of their credit history and at least means that money has not been taken directly from loved ones. Click here to find out more about guarantor loans and their precise function.

A Final Note

While no solution is perfect when it comes to borrowing money, there are some that offer more value than others. A guarantor loan provides a relevant case in point, and this is something that you should consider carefully before making a firm commitment. It may be a decision that helps you to strike the ideal balance between resolving financial issues and maintaining positive personal relationships.


Great Ways to Make Money From Home

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With the growing demands of money involved everywhere, one needs to be one step ahead to make the most out it. The month end salary is not enough to justify all the needs that one possesses. One has to earn something extra which can be used to fulfill the need. While some people might opt for jobs at a local subway,McD or any other restrochain, there are people who have started working from home as well. Many people across the globe have started working from home which allows them to earn a good amount as compared to other salary based jobs.

Below are discussed some of the great ways to make money from home:

Starting tuitions for the kids

  • Knowledge pays. In many cases knowledge pays off really well, suppose you know how the algebra and quants is used or have a deep insights about any other subject, starting tuitions can help you gain a decent amount at the end of the month. Kids are more in need of tuitions and parents often look for cheap and dependable individuals who can teach them, in fact only subject coaching is not what kids need , one can opt for guitar classes as well. There are additions to tuitions every now and then it’s just how many skills you possess will determine how much you can make at the end of the month.
The words How to Make Money on a chalkboard

The words How to Make Money From Home

Working as a freelancer

  • There are many people across the globe who says no to boss jobs, where there is a boss above them and they decide to deal directly with the person who wishes to get his job done. People around globe have switched in large numbers from private jobs to being a freelancer. Below here is discussed in detail about how to be a freelancer-


  • Registering yourself on websites like the com can allow you to be a freelancer in no time. There are lakhs of people who have become a member of this website and on daily basis are getting work from the market. Some even say that they have clients as well which provide them work on daily basis. Won’t that be amazing if you wish to work from home? Working like a boss and being away from everything, is something which can be done very easily and is followed by few easy steps of registration!


  • The second step on the website involves how many areas you are known to, that means what are your plus points and what fields you are known to. This will allow the person who wishes to get his work done, know you as well as contact you. With days, which will pass with one being engaged in the website you can come to know more about how to use it efficiently. Working like a boss from home and making money is not an easy task, however, sites like the make it much easier. Good luck!

Save Money by Switching From Owning to Leasing Your Car

Unless you’re already a millionaire or have very expensive hobbies, aside from purchasing property buying a car is likely to be the biggest expense you ever have to make. Much like with property, most people aim to own their own home and car for good rather than rent.

This isn’t always the cheapest method of running a vehicle though. If you already own your own car then selling it and switching to leaseinstead can free up a significant amount of cash. Or if you’re yet to buy then consider leasing a top quality car first as a financially sound option.

Improved Cash Flow

Lower monthly payments are included for leasing a car against taking out a loan to buy one. Depending on how long you intend to keep the same car if you’ve bought one outright too, the lease payments can work out cheaper over time (especially considering depreciation).2014090417082720140826172721leasing-a-car

For those who can budget better on a monthly basis or need more access to cash each month then leasing is the best choice. Many dealers are up for negotiating too so you can secure a cheaper down payment and thus pay less on sales tax.

Reliable New Vehicle

The main advantage for many opting to lease vehicles is that it provides access to some of the best new cars otherwise out of their price range. As new models these are usually far more reliable to run, requiring less expenditure on maintenance and servicing.

The majority of new cars on the market these days also feature far more efficient fuel usage, which can be the biggest expense besides initial purchase. When the lease is up you can also upgrade to a newer model with even better eco-credentials or even switch to an electric or hybrid model to really cut back on fuel costs.

Substantial Cover

Many leasing deals incorporate maintenance costs into their policies which means you never have to arrange or pay for servicing and work on your vehicle. This means you’ll never have to pay anything else on top besides for fuel.

In the long run this can work out a lot cheaper as owning an older vehicle is more likely to require expensive repairs and find faults during its annual MOT. Even if your leased car is hit with some big damage your lasing rate should stay the same. Consider making the switch to reduce your monthly costs and improve the vehicle you drive.

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Basic Principles and Processes of Fund Management According To Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau

According to Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau and his team at financial services and investment solutions company Mansartis, the best way to start on the path to fiscal prosperity is with a clearly defined investment philosophy. The next most important step on the path to wealth management for corporations and their shareholders, they say, is developing a team-centered approach to investing that looks at the best ways to build long-term value rather than only short-term returns. This team of investment professionals and financial experts upholds several basic principles and a disciplined set of processes that dictates how they structure their fund management services. It’s worth looking at this approach that has brought the company so much success with numerous clients over the last three decades under the leadership of Mr. Jalenques de Labeau.

Basic Principles of Fund Management

The team at Mansartis insists on five basic principles of fund management that dictate their investment philosophies and approaches. These basic principles are described as follows:fund-managers

  1. Construct diverse portfolios with a shared set of rules across the board in order to ensure the lowest possible risk for clients’ investment portfolios.
  2. Integrate ongoing momentum with the long-term goals of the client to achieve the maximum intrinsic value for their investment portfolio.
  3. Manage portfolios with conviction, ignoring previous benchmarks and any bias towards a particular market or investment style.
  4. Share knowledge with the team during every decision and step of the process.
  5. Take a team-centered approach to investing based on bottom-up stock pricing and fundamental analyses while looking at the long-term results of each decision.

Disciplined Processes for Successful Investing

In addition to adhering to these five basic principles of fund management, Mr. Jalenques de Labeau’s team at Mansartis also institutes a disciplined set of investment processes that must be validated by a committee before and after each major step. This disciplined approach to investing ensures the most positive results with the lowest level of risk for the firm’s clients across the globe. The process goes as follows:

  • It all starts with an analysis of the macroeconomic environment and any international economic issues that the client is facing, and then defining their investment universe and relevant sector allocation.
  • After an asset allocation committee has validated the preliminary analysis step, the firm implements quantitative screening of more than 3,000 listed companies in the appropriate investment universe to identify and valuate potential targets.
  • Once a stock-picking committee has chosen the appropriate investments based on an analysis of each company’s business environment, model, and strategy, then the portfolio construction can begin. This final step involves decision-making, construction of the portfolio by a dedicated portfolio manager, and implementation of a carefully developed set of diversification rules. Then a return analysis committee gives the final say before the portfolio is approved and the wheels of investment are set into motion.

With such a detailed, principled, and disciplined approach, it’s easy to see why this company has been a top investment firm for more than 30 years.

Saving on Technology

Our dependence on technology creates the illusion that we always need the newest, shiniest, and most expensive new toy. Unfortunately, this is many times a fallacy. Many of these new products that we line up around the corner for, are just as useful as other products that can be obtained for cheaper prices. In addition, the technology we buy can have a profound effect on the services that we use to power our devices. Here are some ways that you can save on the technology you need, while maximizing your ability to enjoy them.

Saving on Technology:

One obvious way to save on technology, is to understand what you’re buying and why you’re buying it. Just because a product is expensive doesn’t mean that is the one you need, many times the expense of a product is driven by the market, and by bells and whistles meant to make you believe you can’t live without it. By understanding your needs, you can avoid spending money on useless features that you’ll never be able to fully enjoy. For instance, if you don’t take a lot of pictures, you really don’t need the smartphone with advanced picture taking and editing abilities.

images2Televisions, provide us endless entertainment, but buying a television for the wrong reasons can leave your wallet in a world of hurt. It can be fun to learn and talk about all the new features, but the truth is many television manufacturers have televisions with the same specifications for lower prices. It is possible to get the same features for less money, as long as you’re willing to shop around a little bit. Additionally, these products can cost just as much to fix, as it is to buy a new one. By getting a good deal, you can save money for when you’ll need a new TV again.

Many people, especially new college students, experience the need to get a top of the line laptop that will last them all throughout college. However, the life of a computer is much more predicated on how well you treat your device. Frequent virus scans and maintenance will help extend the life of your computer, and keep it running smoother. The longer you have it, the more money you’ll save.

Possibly the most prominent place we see technology users flock to the newest, most expensive is in the world of smartphones. “The next big thing” is a phrase heard in many smartphone advertisements, but many times this next big thing, is really a small feature in the grand scheme of things. For example, a smartphone that displays information on the edges of the phone. Do you really need that? Is it really that difficult to pick up your phone and look at the screen? Many would argue no, and that’s why they are saving money on their smartphones.

How this Affects Service Providers:

The more money that is spent on the actual devices, the less money is left over to pay for the service that is needed to use it. An expensive TV means less channels you’re able to afford, expensive laptops inhibit your ability to add extra software that you’ll need, like Microsoft office. Too much money spent on smartphones could decrease the amount of data you’re able to buy on your service plan, which would defeat the purpose of spending that much on a phone.

This can also work the opposite way, if you decide that the expensive technology is the best for your lifestyle, then purchasing cheaper services will save you money for technology. For example, the programming DirecTV Los Angeles offers can both help you save money for technology, and cut down on money spent on service providers. This allows for TV users to get the most out of their devices, as well as their TV service; helping to be more entertained and overall happier with their customer experience.

Knowing what you personally need out of your technology, as well as what you’ll need to power your device can help save money, and ultimately get the most out of the technology that you spend hard earned money on. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to conduct thorough research of any product or type of product before purchasing, as prices can vary from place to place, and device to device. Spending all your money on expensive, shiny new gadgets limits your ability to pay for their service. What’s the point of great technology, without great service?

The best advice when it comes to buying technology, is to not get caught up in advertisements. Of course you think you need it, that’s the whole reason they say what they say. However, through your own research you can weed out, what you need and what you don’t.

Bad Money Habits That You Ought To Quit

Your Money can get you into trouble even when you have the best intentions at the back of your mind. A few bad habits can actually cause you to sabotage your life at a time when you’re literally struggling to break free from your financial burden. Consider a few of the ill-habits that can actually spoil your financial situation.

  1. Impulsive Buying

Buying emotionally can cause a lot of damages to your finances. Prior to consider how much expense you can afford or whether you really need to purchase a particular item, you often tend to jump into buying it. It happens when you wish to have an item immediately or when you don’t wait to miss a sale. You must actually think rationally before indulging in this habit. You may consider waiting for a certain period before deciding on the purchase. It will provide you an opportunity to consider whether you actually need the item or check if there are a few sellers offering it at a lower price.Breaking-Bad-Money-Habits-FB-1024x535

  1. Not Budgeting

Developing a budget and following it continually will help you to move ahead and stay independent financially. A budget will always help you determine how much money you can afford to spend out of your earnings and know where in its heading ultimately. Following the right budget will help you make changes, allow you to save more and lead a worry-free life ahead. At the same time, you must remember that budgeting isn’t about inviting a lot of tension. These days, you’re bound to come across a number of expense tracking programs that you may sign up for. Choosing one of these programs will guide you to make the necessary adjustments and stay right on track.

  1. Staying of Credit Cards

When you aren’t in a position to handle your financial situation, buying things with your credit cards can make matters even worse for you. This is more likely to happen when you’re trying to maintain a superlative lifestyle. You’re bound to pay much in terms of interest when you spend more on your card. Eventually it could mean paying back dollars worth thousands at a later date when you won’t be remembering making your purchases.

  1. Chasing Convenience

It seems nice to opt for a convenience purchase once in a while. In the event you’re in a great hurry you may even opt for an exception. You’ll end up spending more and turn lazy when you develop the habit of making of convenience purchases.

You may find it more useful to prepare basic food items that you can enjoy for the entire week instead of having fast foods regularly. An expensive latte while going to work isn’t a good habit when you can actually brew a cup of coffee back home. You’ll end up making huge savings for the future when you do a little more work for yourself every day.

  1. Personal Habits

Smoking, drinking and gambling are a few of the usual “vices” that you come across. Turning yourself into a shopaholic and trying out expensive eateries can lure you into spending huge amounts that you should actually be saving for your future.

Alongside your wallet, your life will also be freed from the payment obligations that cause you to suffer once you set yourself free from the ill-habits mentioned above. It will actually be a blessing for your household when you succeed in following a budget.

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