Plan A Dream Wedding On A Budget

Dream Wedding Budget

A wedding is the most important day in many people’s lives, and because of this people will often save up for years and years in order to make the day as perfect as they can.

Weddings however are incredibly expensive when you consider the event planning, food, venue, photographer, clothes and everything else that goes into this one day. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend and still want to enjoy that perfect wedding day, there are ways you can save yourself some money and still have the best day ever.

Choose flowers in season

One great way to reduce the cost of your wedding decorations and the bouquet is to choose flowers which are in season at the time or your wedding. For example in the spring you could make use of soft colour with peonies, and in the summer you can make the most of roses.when flowers are in season they are cheaper because they don’t take as much time and effort to grow- this means you don’t have to pay through the nose for these sweet decorations. It can also add a lovely touch to the wedding because you will be getting flowers that fit your theme.

Place name favours

Wedding favours are usually a small token which you will offer to your guests as a thank you for them attending your wedding. They will often include things like a small goody bag full of things or even a gift like a photo frame or vase. If you want to save yourself a little bit of money and time for the wedding you can make favours which are also used as place names on the wedding breakfast table. For example a mug with your guest’s name on, it even a wine glass with their name engraved on the side which they can use throughout the evening. It only has to be a small favour and will make a cheap addition to your table decoration.

A potluck dessert table

If you want to save yourself a lot of money on fancy cakes and other desserts for the wedding party, you can ask some of your baking family members and friends to make something to add to the table. So many people are getting more involved in baking these days so it will be a good opportunity to take advantage of their skills. It can also be a nice way for your guests to feel involved in the wedding proceedings.

Simple table decorations

A great way to decorate your wedding table without spending too much money is to simply buy some small plastic crystals and in the centre you simply need a vase with a set of battery operated fairy lights. It is a very simple design which is effective and will look magical as the evening draws in and the lights are dimmed in the venue.

Photograph table centres

If you want to add a more personal touch to your wedding tables and you don’t want to spend too much money on them: you can print off some photographs of places you have loved over the years and use these as your table names and centerpieces. They are cheap, colourful and personal.

Use family jewellery

Rather than going out to buy a ton of new items for you wedding day, why not see if you can borrow some jewellery from your Mum or grandma. It will save you having to find your something old, and it have much more sentimental meaning to you and your family than a brand new set.

End of season wedding dress

Arguably one of the most important purchases you could make for your wedding day is the dress you will walk down the aisle wearing. It is an item of clothing which women dream of their entire lives, but it can cost a huge amount if you buy it in new. To avoid having to do so, you can wait until the end of the season and but your dress at a reduced price. The dress will still be great quality, but you won’t need to fork out the same money for it.

Create your own photo booth

Wedding photo booths can cost a huge sum for the night and it is often not worth the cost. However, if you still want the feel of a photo booth you can get a family member to lend your their camera: set it up on a tripod in the corner of the room and then make your own unique booth. Using a white sheet, some metal poles and some random costume props; you can create your own background and let people take hoots throughout the night!

Do your own makeup and hair

Although the idea of having your hair and makeup done on your wedding day is nice: it is expensive and often doesn’t turn out exactly how you want. If you are fussy with your hair and your makeup it would be better for you to do it yourself. You’ll have full control over the way you look and you won’t have to deal with too much contour or an aching head all day. Even if you don’t currently know how to do your makeup- you can spend time watching YouTube tutorials and practice.

Take your own car

A wedding car can cost a lot of money on the day of your wedding and it is something which you don’t necessarily even need. To save yourself some money it would be much easier to take your own car and ask a family member to drive you.

Use disposable cameras

If you cannot afford to hire a professional photographer for the whole day of your wedding, you can save yourself some money by using disposable camera during the evening reception. Place a few cameras on every table and allow your guests to take fun, active and candid shots throughout the night. It will be much more personal and give you some amazing memories to hold on to after the day is over.

If Time is Money How Would You Like More of Both?

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Most people have been taught as a child the limiting belief that you ‘need money to make money’ and it’s only the rich that invest in things such as the stock market or properties – yet today, someone with hardly any money can achieve financial freedom due to the information economy we are living in.

Today, with the power of content marketing for example, most people can build a substantial income from creating online courses, e-books, or blogs that companies pay to advertise on or recommend their product, at very little start-up cost!

See, the rich build assets. They don’t trade their time for money in the same way the majority of employees do; indeed, they have a completely different mentality. The employee’s mindset is focused on short term gain for long term pain whereas the investor is more focused on enduring short term pain for long term gain.

The investor’s mentality when starting out is that they are happy to endure financial hardship and exhaustion in order to build assets and systems that will provide for them time and time again in perpetuity. The employee’s mentality on the other hand is that they want a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work; meaning, they want to see instant reward for their labour.

The investor’s mentality considers that they might work for no payment at all, for a few hundred if not thousand hours whilst investing their time and resources into building an asset such as a house, a book, or a high interest savings account – not seeing any benefit at first, but then, once they have that asset in place it provides time and time again, without them having to work.

The simplest way to describe this is to consider an author that sets out to write a bestselling book; they put a substantial amount of initial effort into the book’s creation without any payment, but if successful they will make a royalty from each sale, let’s say a $1 per book. If that book sells 100,000 copies then they make $100,000. If it sells two million copies then they make $2 million dollars! Yet, in both instances their initial effort remains the same.

This means that they are free from the financial treadmill of trading time for money as they are leveraging an asset time and time again. This is the formula for creating a more abundant supply of time and cash.

Now, presuming you don’t fancy writing a book, there are a number of simple ways you can start making money work for you rather than you having to work for it. Property investing, for instance, is a very popular choice but it presupposes you have good credit to begin with and a fair amount of capital or tangible security behind you in order to get started.

Content marketing is a great option, but not everyone wants the creative headache that comes from creating a blog or developing online courses.

Then there’s all sorts of investment opportunities with regard to the stock market, that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Indeed, many people are now looking to social trading platforms that basically allow someone to copy the trades of other people that (hopefully) have a better idea of what they are doing.

The challenge, however, when it comes to investing in the stock market is that whilst you could make money you could just as easily lose money, and unless you know what you’re doing it’s about as a reliable as putting your bet on the roulette wheel in a casino. That said, a great way to test out your strategy is to use one of the many stock market simulators available that let you ‘play’ at investing before risking your own money.

The most secure option, of course, is to invest your money in a high interest savings account and live off the interest, but the challenge with that, is you need to have a substantial amount to begin with, which most of us don’t.

In summary, if you want to have more time and money – focus on building long term assets rather than blinkering your vision to short term gains.

What to Do When Your Business Needs Money Fast

It’s not just in your personal life when you might suddenly need some money. If you’re running low on funds and you need cash fast, it can be tough to think of ethical ways your business can get what you need. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for you if you need to give your cash flow a boost. Whether you need to try and get the money you need within a couple of days or you have a few weeks or months to gather the funds, you can find a method of raising the money that will work for you.

Get a Cash Advance

A cash advance could be one possibility that’s available from some merchant account companies and payment solution providers. If you use a company to handle your credit card sales, you might be able to borrow some money that would then be paid back by future credit card sales. It was once a rather expensive method to use, but your options today could be much more flexible and easier to repay. It might sometimes be called a line of credit or known as another term, but you can often find this option and apply for the money you need in no time. Just remember to compare the fee to other possibilities to decide if it’s worth it or if there’s a better way to raise your money.

Get a Cash Advance

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Borrow Your Own Money

If you personally have money, but your business doesn’t, one option you might consider is lending your money to your business. Your business can then pay you back as the funds become available. There are several ways you might put your own money into your business, from using your savings to taking out a personal loan. However, if you’re considering using personal assets to bolster your business, remember that it doesn’t come without risks. If your business doesn’t make that money back, you’re now personally worse off, and your business isn’t doing any better either. Loaning the money to your business might work if you’re sure you can pay it back soon, but it’s important to be cautious.

Sell Your Equipment

Sometimes, your business might be asset rich but cash poor. If you need to change that, selling some of your equipment could be a good place to start. Maybe you’re looking for money for new equipment anyway, or perhaps you’re scaling back your business and don’t really need what you currently own. If you want to sell your equipment, there are a few ways you might do it. A lot of business owners will browse auctions if they want to save money on their equipment, so it can be a good place to start if you want a quick sale. You could also seek a second-hand equipment dealer to see if they want to buy from you.

Consider Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding can sometimes be a useful method for raising funds for your business. However, it’s not always best suited to anyone who wants to raise money quickly. You also have to be very smart about promoting your campaign to get it the attention it needs. It is possible to crowdfund and reach a goal in a short amount of time, but you already need to have the audience on various channels, such as social media and your mailing list. You also need to have an incentive to encourage people to invest their money. What do they get in return? It needs to be more than a good feeling for supporting your business.


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Look at Microloans

A microloan is a loan under a certain amount, such as $50,000, which is often easier to apply for than larger loans. Find a lender that specializes in smaller loans, and you could find that your business has an easier time getting the money you need. Some of them have loans that are intended for specific types of business, particularly those that might struggle to find funding from elsewhere. Try someone like Accion or take a look at the approved microloan lenders that work with the Small Business Administration. You might be able to secure a loan through your local SBA office if you have one.

Try Factoring Invoices

Factoring invoices is the practice of getting an advance on unpaid invoices. This can be useful if you’re waiting for payments, and you don’t want to hurry your customers along. You’ll get the amount on the invoice, minus the fee that factor will charge you, and when your client pays it will clear off your debt. Fees can sometimes be fairly high, so not all businesses will want to use this method of raising cash. Be cautious about using it because it might not be the best choice for you.

Provide Incentives to Pay Invoices

If you don’t mind giving your customers a bit of a push to pay their invoices early, that can be an easy way to make some money too. Instead of having to wait another month or two, you can encourage them to pay sooner so you can get the cash you need. Provide an incentive or two for early payment, such as offering a discount, cashback, credit, free delivery or anything else you can think of that they might want.

Encourage Some Quick Sales

Another way to quickly raise some cash for your business might be to encourage some quick sales from customers. If you can put on a special offer or create a discount for a short period, you might be able to drive some higher sales for a while. It might be enough to give your cash flow a boost and get you the funds you need. You could create a special discount code, give away a free gift or have a flash sale to get people interested in spending some money. Even offering free delivery can be enough to get people to make a purchase.

Wise money moves that you should make by the time you’re 50


Are you someone who has always been delaying your money matters? If answered yes, now is the right time to take control over your personal finances. With the upcoming New Year, it is important to be careful with your finances so that you don’t spend another year drowning in debt and in getting harassing calls from your creditors and lenders. If you wish to set the next 50 years of your life right and you want to spend a financially sound life, here are few steps that you can take.

  • Accelerate the speed of paying off debt

When you work during the last few years before retiring from work, would you like to deal with heaps of high interest debt? Definitely not! In order to stay away from your current debt load during the time of retirement, you should start paying off your debt from now. Debt means anything from mortgages, car loans, credit cards with bigger credit card balances and personal loans which you have been carrying for a long time now. You will definitely hear from retirees that living without a mortgage is definitely monetarily liberating and hence you should work hard to make timely payments.

  • Take a close and careful look at your life insurance

Do you still don’t have adequate coverage on your life insurance policy? Or do you think you’re underinsured? If answered yes, as per recommendations from The American Council of Life Insurers recommend having sufficient life insurance coverage that is of 7-10 times your salary. Henceforth, if you’re someone who is earning $50,000 in a year, you would want a policy which could pay around $350,000 and $500,000 to your beneficiaries. People find out that by the time they reach the age of 50, the appropriate term insurance may be expiring and the life insurance requirements will increase.

  • Diversify your investments

This is that phase of life, you wouldn’t wish to make financial mistakes and investment blunders as they can derail your game plan for retirement. This is why you should ensure that you don’t invest your entire savings in only one investment account. In case you have investment, review your coverage or hire a financial advisor who can help you diversify your portfolio. Start adjusting your investment risk before you reach 50 years and this is how you can maintain the growth in the coming years.

  • Set up a trust or will

You must have delayed creating a will for too long a time constantly telling yourself that you don’t need to hurry about it. But hey, this is the best time now to update or create your will. You can either hire a lawyer or pay him for creating a will or you can leverage an online software or use forms bought from store which comprise of will that are pre-printed.

Therefore now that you know the different steps that you should take in order to spend a hassle-free retirement, what are you waiting for? Start taking immediate action and secure your long-term future.

Do you want to make some extra money this winter?

Being a homesteader it is tough to become instantly ready for winter. No matter which month it is, you seem to be never ready for this season. It seems like there is always something more that you can do and there are a lot of people for whom it is a hardship to make money during this season. There are lots of homemakers who try to keep up with their full-time jobs which they do during daytime but there are some others for whom hours keep getting shorter because of the winter weather.

Since winter means the holiday season, how would you make up for the huge amount of expenses that you require making through Christmas and New Year? How about knowing some of the best ways to make those extra dollars? Here are some unique ways in which you can make money.

#1: Roasting chestnuts in open

It’s pretty cold in most places during winter and with that in mind, there are lots of people who will use heat from wood as their main source of heating or at least to reduce the heating costs at home. So, keeping that in mind, why don’t you sell firewood? While you can either cut down the trees in your locality or you can find out some place which sells firewood. By purchasing a bulk from them, you can charge a higher price for the delivery costs.

#2: Christmas tree farming

You will find Christmas tree farming to be a big business in many places. If you think you’ve got enough land, you could definitely consider growing Christmas trees behind your backyard so that it remains open to your neighbors and the public. People can be given the choice of choosing their own tree and take it home. You will get paid for this.

#3: Capitalize the snow

Most of us deal with snow during winter and there are few years when it snows pretty hard. People who are located in the colder areas are more worried about dealing with snow. However, did you ever wonder that this could possibly become a good business for people? There will always be the requirement of someone who will have to remove the snow. You can try investing in some snow removing equipment and make it a business this winter. Shoveling snow can help you earn a tad bit of money.

#4: Clean off leaves from the garden

We all know that fall leaves behind too may leaves fallen on the ground. Although it is a gorgeous sight but when it comes to cleaning them, it will soon become an intimidating task. There are people who invest in a sweeper who pulls off the mower and makes your lawn look clean. This will not only help you clean their lawn but it will also fill your pockets.

Therefore, now that you’re aware of the different ways in which you can earn money during winter, make sure you leverage any of the above mentioned methods.

Leverage the social media to make money – Few tips for becoming rich

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The internet has many money-making opportunities, especially on the social media, much more than what you can ever imagine. In fact, social media can actually offer you an extremely lucrative opportunity. There are many who say that social media is best for connecting with friends and it isn’t a platform for selling. But there will arise a time when you can leverage the worth and relationship that you share with your connections. If you’re someone who has build up trust among your followers, it is more likely that they will check your recommendations.

If you want to know how you can make money by leveraging the social media, here are few steps that you can take.

• Endorse affiliate products

Irrespective of the industry that you’re in, you can definitely find out some useful products to promote through ClickBank. In case this doesn’t jive with you, you can immediately become an Amazon Associate where your job would be to promote products and earn in the form of commissions. Rather than spamming links and hoping to make money, remember that the most effective and honest way of endorsing affiliate products is via reviews. Write a long review on your blog about why you like some product.

• Promote services and products

You also have different chances to share sponsored posts which endorse services and products of other businesses. This is one of those direct ways of making money through the social media. However, in case you don’t have enough followers, this might not be fruitful enough. Also remain aware of the fact that over-promotion of products for earning money will not only lead to a bad impression but they may even un-follow you. Design a proper social media posting schedule to add value to your followers.

• Utilize visual media to promote things

If you are someone who makes handcrafts, pieces of art or even clothes, you can even showcase your crafts on the social media. Pinterest and Instagram are two most obvious places to be if you’re promoting mainly visual media. Twitter, Facebook and Google are also few useful channels that you can use for sharing visual media. With an Etsy account, you may even direct the followers to check the products there and thereby make a good living.

• Join YouTube Partner program

When you build a famous YouTube channel, this can help you a lot. However, in case you already have a following or you’re determined to build your audience, you may join the YouTube Partner Program to make money through advertising. This is a path that’s worth exploring. There are many worthy YouTube content creators who have made enough amounts through this program. Unless you get lots of clicks and views, you’re not going to make enough money.

Therefore, now that you know how you can make money through the social media rather than just keeping in touch with your friends, leverage all the above mentioned points to build your fortune.

Tackling The Expensive Parts Of Life

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It costs money to live. In fact, anything and everything can be bought with money. Food, water, shelter, transport – we pay for these basic necessities and many others. Money really does make the world go round. Of course, no matter how good your job may be, your earnings can quickly wash away if you aren’t adequately prepared to tackle the expensive parts of life. Becoming an adult is all about being smart with your finances.
The best way to tackle the expensive parts of life is often to avoid them altogether. You can’t always run from certain costs; you need to pay utility bills so that you have electricity and running water, for example. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to reduce those costs so that your monthly expenses are a little easier to handle. Tackling the big expenses you’ll face during your life is all about planning ahead. If you’re struggling to do that in your current situation then here are some financial pointers that could help to reduce your cost of living.

Create a budget

Firstly, you should aim to create a budget. Most of the expenses you face in life can be predicted and that means they can be managed. Instead of simply earning and spending money endlessly, you should have a plan of action. Creating a budget can help you to calculate how much of your earnings you’ll have available once you’ve covered all the necessary costs you face. Calculate how much your rent (or mortgage payments), home utilities, gas, groceries, and other bare necessities cost you on a monthly basis. Set yourself a limit for these things if the sum occasionally fluctuates. Subtract this cost from your monthly earnings and you’ll know how much disposable income you have.
Most importantly, you need to learn that your disposable income doesn’t have to be spent. Yes, you’re allowed luxuries in life, but you need to think about all the unexpected costs that can come your way in life; accidents, fines, new clothes, new light bulbs, and other small but unexpected costs that slowly add up. It’s always good to have excess cash. When it comes to luxuries, you should set yourself the 30-day rule. If you see something you want in a shop then come back to it in 30 days. If you still want that non-essential item then treat yourself to it. If you’ve forgotten all about it then that’s a good thing; it means you never really wanted that thing in the first place.

Think of your health

The best way to save money in life is to think of your health. Of course, some might disagree on the grounds that unhealthy food can be cheaper than healthy food, for example, but the damage to your health will end up costing you (both in terms of your wellbeing and your finances). Plus, a healthy diet and a healthy exercise routine don’t have to be costly. Running around your local park doesn’t have to cost you a thing, and a full but varied diet can be cost-effective too if you shop in the right places and learn about the food your body really needs. It’s worth it to avoid costly medical visits in the future.

Of course, we can’t always control what happens to our health. And there’s every chance that health problems in the past or the present have already caused you financial and emotional heartache. As briefly mentioned in an earlier point, accidents are often unexpected and costly. In fact, medical bills can be so expensive that they add an extra sting on top of whatever health problem you’ve already endured. Additionally, not all medical costs are entirely fair. You might want to look into medical malpractice lawyers from Tittle & Perlmuter if you feel that you or someone you love was the victim of a medical error. You might be entitled to compensation because negligence in medical environments is damaging both to patients and the families who still have to cover the costs, regardless of the mistake.

Start saving

If you want to tackle the expensive parts of life then you need to be ready for the unexpected. As explained throughout this article, you can’t predict every cost you’re going to face in life. However, you can create a financial safety net for yourself so as to avoid suffering a damaging blow to your bank account when such an unexpected event does arise. You should open a savings account and set up a standing order that regularly transfers a portion of your earnings to your savings. That way, you won’t be tempted to spend money from your emergency fund.

Overspending to positively affect your date – Money moves to steer clear from


If you’re someone who is extremely excited to go out on your first date, all that is going on in your mind is definitely on how you can impress your partner. Would you choose an expensive restaurant or prefer some other better fun-filled activities in your city? But hey, did you think about your pocket? Do you have the affordability to afford such costly things on your first date? Did you think about the matter that overspending on your very first date could possibly lead to more difficulty in meeting the bills during the rest of the month?

So, you need to be rational and reasonable as it is vital to impress your date with the kind of personality that you have and not with your money. So, here are few bad money moves that you should steer clear from on your first date.

? Asking or demanding something

This is the biggest No-No when you’re on a first date as this depicts a bad side of your personality and portrays you as a demanding person. If you see that your date purchases dinner for you and takes you on a good movie, that’s simply great! But if he doesn’t do that, it is definitely better to not ask him for anything. Your first date is definitely not the best time to ask for things. If he buys you things, that’s okay but you shouldn’t demand anything and let him shape a bad opinion about you.

? Try and make plans without taking him into consideration

Make sure you don’t become too available for your partner soon after the first date. Guys usually don’t prefer a girl who is available always as this burns all desire left in first-time meetings. When you plan something without your partner, he will want you more. So, you can keep him hanging once in a while in order to enjoy the attention.

? Telling that you’re dividing the check between both

Although it’s true that there can be nothing wrong in following the Dutch style, just make sure you are not a jerk in showing your wishes. If you’re the one who has told about the date, go get the tab. On the other hand, if it was the other person who initiated the date, don’t always take it for granted that they will choose the tab and don’t assume it. Hence, it is better to choose to pay politely as that makes sense.

? Spending more than what you can to impress the partner

When you show an effort to impress your date, there are times when you may feel that it is easy to go overboard in order to make a memorable night. Remember that it is important to have fun but definitely at the cost of your bank account. Therefore it is necessary that you check your finances and assume the exact amount which you may need to spend for a single night.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can save your money on your first date and yet make it memorable, take into account the above mentioned points.

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Why Your Ecommerce Site is Underperforming

ecommerce store

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So, you’ve set up your own ecommerce store, and so far it hasn’t met your expectations. You’ve made a few sales, but really, your shop hasn’t had anywhere never the kind of impact you would have liked or expected it to have by now. What do you do? You check out this great list of reasons why your ecommerce operation is underperforming, that’s what!

No One Can Find You

Perhaps the most common reason why an ecommerce operation is likely to underperform or fail is simply that no one can find them. It doesn’t matter how good your website looks, how great your products are or how competitive your prices are, if no one knows you exist, you aren’t going to make much of an impact in the market.

Luckily, reversing your fortunes, if this is your problem, can be as simple as hiring a good SEO company, like the one at, and implementing practices that will boost traffic. This might take some time, but if you stick with it, you will eventually see more traffic coming your way, and your sales should skyrocket as a result.

You Don’t Have Many Payment Options

If you only offer one or two payment options, then you are naturally going to see far fewer sales than a company that allows more. Customers pay in many different ways now; some prefer Paypal; others like to pay with their credit cards; some love Bitcoin, and if you can’t accommodate them all, you’re likely to see a lot of people abandoning their shopping carts before completing their purchases.

Your Site is Soo Slow

Site is Soo Slow

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If your site is just soooo slow that it takes twice, even three times as long to buy something from you as it does a competitor, then obviously, few people are going to stick around and complete their purchase with you. We all lead busy lives right now and waiting an age to make a simple online purchase isn’t something many people have the patience for.

Luckily, you can sort out most problems with slow loading by using a high-quality web host like, and by minimizing the number of non-essential plugins and scripts your site runs. Keep it clean and clear, and you won’t put potential customers off by running at a snail’s pace.

Your Site Doesn’t Look Legit

A lot of people are understandably wary about handing over their payment details to unknown entities online. They’d rather stick with the likes of Amazon and eBay who they know are legit rather than risk being scammed.

It’s not easy to fight back against this, but one thing that will really help is making your website look as professional as possible, not only in its design but more importantly by clearly showing your business details, purchase policy, contact details on there. This will give the average person more confidence to click and buy.

The bottom line: If your ecommerce site is clean, clear, quick and well optimized, any problems you are experiencing will start to fade away. Of course, it takes time for a new business to take off, so you will have to be patient too – spend your time now improving your site rather than worrying about your lack of sales unduly and things will pick up.


Too Much Month At The End of Your Money? Smart Ways To Boost Your Income

Given a choice, most of us would prefer to have a little extra money in our lives. When things aren’t so tight, life is definitely easier and having some spare cash to treat ourselves to the things we like can make the hard work we put in during the week all feel worth it. If you constantly find yourself with too much month left at the end of your money, there are a few things you can do to boost your income. Here’s how you can go about it!

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Budget Your Money More Efficiently
Before trying to earn more money, it makes sense that you will be making the best use of the money you do have. Write out a budget, so you know exactly what needs to be paid and when, and what you have left over. This will prevent you from spending mindlessly or wasting money before you’ve paid out your essential bills. You could write everything down in a notepad, onto a calendar or use a budgeting app- whatever works for you. But knowing exactly what you have coming in and going out gives you full control over your money and ensures every penny is being put to its best use.

Get Out of Debt
One of the biggest drains on many people’s finances is debt. This is because things like loans, store cards and credit cards charge interest which becomes higher and higher the more you spend. If you get carried away and become overcommitted, you might only be able to afford to make the minimum payment each month. Unfortunately, this only covers the interest so you could be paying this indefinitely and not actually bringing down the balance of the debt. If you’re struggling and have found yourself in a position where you’re unable to pay or missing payments, it’s vital that you take action and don’t just bury your head in the sand. Letters, phone calls and threats of action from creditors can be extremely stressful, and they won’t just go away. Instead, you will amount more and more debt since you will be being charged for every letter or bailiff visit you get. You could either contact your creditors directly and negotiate a payment plan that works for you, or speak to a debt management company. They sort everything on your behalf, often working to reduce or freeze interest on your debts so that every payment made brings down the total. And because everything is paid through them, instead of making lots of payments to different creditors, you just pay them who allocate the money on your behalf. It can be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders and again allow you to regain control of your budget.

Start Your Own Home Business or a Side Hustle
Once your spending and debts are under control, there are things you can do to boost your income and give you more money to work with. Whether your aim is to pay off creditors, save money or just have more to play with each month, extra money is never going to be a bad thing. Along with your regular job, you could put in some hours over the weekends and in the evenings to earn some extra income. You don’t even need to search for a part-time role to do this since there are things you can do right from your home. Freelance writing, design, editing, proofreading, even admin jobs are usually available online, so depending on your skills and experience this is something you could try. Sign up to a couple of different freelancing websites (you will usually need to pass a short test to get accepted), and from there you can take on jobs that suit you. This is useful as you can control your own workflow, while each piece will have a deadline you choose which projects you want to do and how many. Another idea would be to start a home business. If you have a craft that you’re skilled at such as sewing, knitting, candle making, jewellery making or anything else- why not sell your creations? Sites like Etsy are good for this, and you could make some money doing what you love. Another way you can make money off a skill you have is by becoming a tutor. You could have students visit you at your home, or you could conduct video meetings over Skype. Whether you’re a dietician, personal trainers, play a musical instrument or are qualified in an academic subject, it’s a chance to pass on the information you have and make some money in the process. Blogging is another way to make money. Admittedly building up a blog to the point where sponsors will want to pay you to advertise does take time, so you need to have the passion there to do it as a hobby first. But later down the line, it could be a way to earn some extra cash right from the comfort of your home.

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Go Back And Study To Get a Better Job
If your current job isn’t well paid, or you feel stagnant in your career then why not try and move things up a notch? You could ask your boss for a promotion, or you could look to change careers completely to get something better paid. Often doing additional training or education will help here. For example, if you already have your bachelor’s degree you could go on and do a masters, doctorate or PhD. If you’re wondering what is the difference between a PhD degree and a doctorate degree, management MBA the former has an academic focus, and the latter has a professional one. A Management MBA also enables students and practitioners to get a better grasp on the processes and systems that run a variety of businesses , which transcends roles in management positions, executive, and supervisory roles.

Make Smart Investments
If you already have some savings in the bank, you might be looking for ways to boost these and turn a little into a little more (or into a lot!) With investing always comes risk. However, there are some relatively safe ways to increase your money if you go about it properly. For example, you will want to avoid the stock market unless you’re highly experienced in this. Putting your money into property however is less risky and could have good rewards. For example, you could buy a house cheaply, do it up and sell for a profit. Just be sure to do plenty of research and seek professional help if needed. Another way to make money from property would be to buy somewhere and rent it out. Because bricks and mortar will always be in high demand, and the price of houses increases every year it’s a safe place to put your money if you want it to grow. Peer to peer lending is another relatively safe way to increase your money over the long term and will make you more than the cash sitting in a savings account. But do your own research and weigh up the pros and cons.

What do you think are the best ways to boost your income? Have you tried any of these methods?

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