Second Homes: Why Everyone Should Invest In Property

Most people have a home and a mortgage already. However, it’s often wise to purchase a second property if the individual has the capital in their accounts. Lots of folks choose to walk that path, and they tend to experience many benefits. With that in mind, the information on this page should help to explain the situation. Those who read to the end of this article should have a better understanding of the reasons behind those second home purchases. It’s usually best to buy during the winter months because fewer individuals are looking to invest. So, now is the perfect time to take a leap of faith.

Investment in property


Property investments are lucrative

There is no getting away from the fact that people tend to make a lot of money out of property investments. The markets are reasonably stable, and that means anyone who makes a purchase will earn a profit at some point. In some instances, that just means buying the house and holding onto it for a few years before selling. However, average prices in some areas have begun to skyrocket recently. For that reason, it makes sense to perform a lot of research into the best locations before signing any contracts.


Anyone can become a landlord

Buying a second home doesn’t’ mean the individual has to spend any time inside the property. While some folks like to use their purchase as a vacation house or something similar, others choose to become a landlord. That is an excellent move for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the property continues to increase in value until the owner decides to sell. However, the individual will also make a profit during that period by charging more than the monthly mortgage costs in rent. Just bear in mind that landlords have to:

  • Maintain the property to suitable standards
  • Manage any improvements or repairs
  • Keep any promises made in the rental contracts


It’s possible to buy a second home anywhere in the world

There are no limits when it comes to the purchase of a second home in an idyllic location. Indeed, many people end up investing in homes overseas because they’re often cheaper than those available in the US. So, whether the individual wants an apartment near the Mexican border or a mansion over the divide, they shouldn’t hold back on their ambitions. Property prices in central Europe are probably the best in the world at the moment. Indeed, it’s possible to purchase a four-bedroom home in Romania for less than $50,000. So, be sure to perform a lot of research and assess different markets before making the final decisions.

The information from this post should have helped to highlight the benefits of buying a second home. So, now is the best time of the year to put the wheels in motion. People who focus on that task today could end up with the perfect property long before Christmas. Investing in a second house if much better than leaving the money in a bank account. The property could double in value over a period of around ten years, and that means the owner would make a fortune! Good luck!

Gold no longer a good investment?

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From time immemorial gold has been considered as a gifted asset beneficial in times of crisis. Conventionally acknowledged as a passive investment, gold, however, is struggling to keep up with the demands of the present economic meltdown.

Return on outlays is the imperative factor that is measured before expending any amount and earnings on gold are skimpy nowadays. It is nothing but a commodity and even years after you procure it will remain unchanged. Any growth in the worth is conditioned on the desire of another buyer ready to expend more than the original price and there is no guarantee whatsoever.

In the course of this post we will unravel some facts and figures that can help us figure out whether or not we should put in our hard earned money in gold. Read on!

Can you yield profits with gold?

Unlike other financial investment schemes that are accessible gold is unprofitable. Other assets are better off if you are looking for economic growth. Gold manufacturing has had industrialized societies backing it for years but it is a not a very valuable financial security anymore. Adding to this, people only buy gold living in fear of other assets losing value.

The good things that gold buying renders

In scenarios where one does not have access to any other form of investment gold can be resorted to. As a substitute to other schemes it can be helpful in times of conversions like demonetization from recent past. It is always better to build assets than keeping liquid cash in banks.

In circumstances when financial crisis befalls investing in gold can come to rescue. This form of currency is better than cash as it does not fall under taxable income unlike the others.

Paper gold and gold bonds

The new age hassle free way of buying gold is paper gold and tax free gold bonds that are easy and dependable. Many financial hubs run gold backed mutual funds and closely monitor their value ebb and flow thus assuring security.

Newspapers may have belittled the importance of gold as an investment but grey haired believers are still not hard to find. People still buy gold coins and jewelry not just to satisfy the temptation but because they still rely on its value. It is a survival strategy for many to overcome fiscal vagaries that time and again have come forth to revolutionize the social order. Getting conversant with different schemes that are obtainable is the way to go. Internet can sort things out for you if you are planning to invest. Not just our eyes it is time to open our minds and think rationally.

Get ready for tomorrow!


Essential investment advice for teenagers – Teaching them how to invest

investment advice

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These days parents need to be extremely careful about their kids and about imparting the right kind of financial education so that they can grow up to be financially responsible individuals. The best part of the teenage life is the taste of fiscal independence and this is not only their favorite part of growing up but this is also the time when they tend to take wrong decisions which later on boomerang in the long run. Investment is one such topic which needs to be discussed with your teenager so that he doesn’t end up making wrong investments which screw up his future life. Here are few points that you should take into account if you’re eager to impart the right investment advice to your teenager kid. Check them out.

? Avoid debt at any cost

Remember that if you wish to become wealthy, debt can be the biggest obstacle in your path which will bar you from accomplishing your goal. Although college education is crucial for the success and development of your life, yet you should be aware of the current bigger picture and have a clear idea on the soaring student loan debt in the US. But be it student loans or any other type of loan like personal loans or credit card debt, you need to remember that debt needs to be miles away from you if you wish to lead a secured financial life.

? Incorporate the habit of saving money

This is deemed to be one of those most tough habits that need to be incorporated within young adults. The voice inside you which prompts you to remain a spoiled brat never goes out. During the time when you’re a teenager, you won’t have too many bills as you wouldn’t have too much money anyway. Nevertheless, being a teenager doesn’t excuse you from saving money just because you don’t have too much. With whatever you get from your parents in the form of allowances, you should try to save a certain percentage of the amount so that you can at least learn the art of saving money.

? Educate yourself on bonds, stocks and investing

You need to commit to find out more knowledge on investment before you start off as an investor. The field of investment is indeed a confusing one and unless you know all the intricacies of investment, it is always advisable not to tread the path. Learn how you should research stocks, how you should read balance sheets, how you could figure out the value of things and how you can avert falling into any traps. The stock market is 500 years old and hence things will definitely get interesting once you get to know more on the dos and don’ts of investment in the stock market.

Therefore, if you want to impart the right kind of financial knowledge to your teenage son or daughter, take into account the above mentioned advices and tips.


How Startups Are Getting A Boost From Celebrity Investors

Celebrity Investors

Aside from being the face of a brand or product; many celebrities are now using their money, and industry knowledge, to invest in small businesses and startups. The constant rise of the entrepreneur and developments in technology are providing a wealth of opportunities for investors to strike when the time is right, and celebrities often have the luxury of cash at hand to do so.


Water provides a healthier image to a celebrity than a can of soda might do. Therefore, stars like 50 Cent has backed Vitamin Water, and Beyonce invested in the startup, WTRMLN WTR (so good that it didn’t need vowels), rather than putting their faces to one of the bigger brands like Evian, or Fiji water. And, what would a busy schedule be without coffee (probably slower); some celebs feel the same, and have therefore invested in coffee startup brands. Philz Coffee gained support from Jonah Hill, Snoop Dogg, Nas, and Jamie Kennedy; while Jared Leto and Tony Hawk put their faith in Blue Bottle Coffee, ensuring both brands created a buzz that wasn’t just down to the caffeine.

A totally different type of consumable to drinks is cannabis. Snoop Dogg obviously likes to smoke with his coffee, as he has backed several cannabis startups, including Merry Jane, Eaze, FunkSac, and LeafsBySnoop. Snoop is not the only one investing in the herbal remedy; Whoopi Goldberg founded marijuana company Whoopi & Maya.

It’s not just the individual consumable products that celebs are getting behind either; Thrive Market, an organic and health-led food delivery startup up was backed by Demi Moore, John Legend, and Toby McGuire, giving the brand a Hollywood seal of approval. Jared Leto (back again) sure loves his food deliveries, as he has invested in three startups that provide the service; including Plate Joy, Reserve, and Nom, ensuring he’ll never go hungry when he’s filming on set.


New apps and services that enhance everyday life, and provide faster processes, like Netverify, and Venmo, are in high demand. The public is craving new ways to better themselves and their lifestyle, and if they can find it within an app, all the better. Celebrities are more aware than most about how having instant access to help and services at the touch of their iPhone screen has the potential to improve everyday life, and make money in the meantime. Ryan Seacrest invested in the mindfulness app Headspace, while Will Smith helped the startup BioBeats, which focuses on healthy living and instilling calmness; showing that both celebs are aware of the growing need for better mental health care and ease of access to it.

Booking platforms are also in demand, so basketball star Kobe Bryant has given time and money towards the restaurant booking app Reserve, while record label owner, Scooter Braun, has invested in salon reservation platform VIVE. It seems many celebs are putting their money into services that they feel are missing from their everyday life and ones that could enrich other people’s.

All The Rest

There are often startups and products you’ve heard of but have no idea that a celebrity investment was behind them. Popular new mattress company, Casper, was backed at the start by Leonardo DiCaprio, retired basketball player Steve Nash, and Scooter Braun. Learn more about the incredible rise of mattress brand Casper here.

It goes to show that not every celebrity-backed success story is down to a famous name being involved; it has to be a great idea or product in the first place before the money invested can help.

Financial Investments That Everyone Can Get Involved With

Investing is a word frequently used by the rich and famous. They take their funds, place it in the trust of a company or business, then expect to see some returns in the future in order to make more profit and support something they believe in. Whether or not it works, they usually get something out of the investment and their overall aim is to increase their funds. It goes without saying that you have to spend money in order to make money, and investing is the most common example of proving that point.

However, investing is usually something that can only be done if you already have a considerable chunk of money. This is because investments like starting a business, real estate or even stocks and shares can be relatively expensive and risky for first-time investors. As a result, the average joe can’t actually invest in anything and their income will come purely from their job. This can put many people off the idea of investing because they think it involves a lot of initial startup money, but it’s actually possible to invest money even if you aren’t already well off.

So to give you some advice and a few ideas, here are investments that everyone can get involved with regardless of if you’re an average joe or a wealthy individual looking to extend their wealth.

stocks and shares

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Property Market

Whether you’ve bought a home recently or if you’ve come into possession of one, having an extra property can be a huge opportunity to start something big. The first obvious way to invest is to clean up and decorate the home to make it worthy of renting out to paying tenants. This usually needs to be done through a real estate agent, but there are times when you can do it on your own if you have sufficient knowledge.

If you want to get on the property market, then the other option is to flip your home. Websites such as are perfect for helping you out with house flipping and the concept behind it. It’s the perfect way to start an investment portfolio and the flip can sometimes give you more than double your initial investment back, resulting in some tasty profits that are sure to win your attention.

It’s the perfect investment to get started with if you’re lucky enough to come into possession of another property, but it’s also possible for people who already own homes to take out another mortgage for the sake of owning a seconding house to use as their stepping stone into the property development market.

Starting a Business

Although it’s a difficult investment to start up due to all the knowledge required, starting up a business or founding a business with someone could be a fantastic way to invest your money. If you have a business-savvy friend that knows what they are doing, then you could become a partner in starting up a company with them and being the person that funds the operation. It might seem one-sided, but if you’ve got plenty of savings and you want to watch it grow, then you need to work with the right people to make it happen.

Starting a business is difficult because of all the different factors involved and you’ll essentially be giving your money to someone and hoping they know what they’re doing. Alternatively, you could take your money and start your own company, but you need to be mentally prepared for the challenges you’ll face, and there’s always a chance that you’ll fail and lose your initial investment. Make sure you come prepared by reading plenty of articles like this one at and invest a lot of your time into learning about the market you want to start a business in.

Peer to Peer Lending

Another form of simple investment that everyone can get involved with is peer to peer lending. It’s also known as social lending in some circles, and it essentially means that you’ll be lending money to people directly instead of doing it with a bank as a middleman.

It boosts the amount of interest you get on your investment (much like a savings account but with higher returns) and for the one borrowing money, it reduces the interest rates on small and medium sized loans. This makes the act of lending and borrowing more enticing to people since they don’t need to do it through a bank. It’s also much more personalised than lending your money out via a bank since you’ll get to know the person you’re lending to. This could give you some sense of satisfaction knowing that you’re improving the life of someone, as opposed to your money going to a corporation you don’t support.

Are You Ready To Invest?

Finding out when to invest can be daunting. You may think you are ready but there are a lot of boxes to tick first. Investment can give you riches beyond imagination, but it can also rip away the limited wealth you currently have. Care is always needed. Your finances are important, no matter what period of your life you are in. As such you need to protect them. These people you see making millions from investment have put in years of experience. That or there is either something dodgy going on or they have huge finances to put behind their investment. Remember, if you are approaching with a lower sum you won’t make as much, but you also must never invest more than you are willing to lose. As such you can hit a snag. But it is a tenant you need to live by of risk losing everything.

In the first instance evaluate your finances. Are you in a place to invest? How much do you have? If you have any debt then your best bet is to pay that off first. That means your mortgage, car, etc. You must ensure you get rid of these debts at the first instance. There’s no point putting money in something risky when instead you could put it against your debt. If you really want to there’s is nothing stopping you, but if you lose the money you could end up in a bad spot. Be wise, and pay off the more important things before splashing out on investments.

You need money, yes, but you also need time. Time to research the investments you may want to make. If you invest without due research then you are essentially gambling. You may as well go down to your local casino and put it all on black. You need check out the better places to purchase from, gold for instance, if you pick the wrong place you could get a bad product. Get it from a respectable source like Research is everything in investment. Sure, you can give some cash to a hedge fund manager, but the better ones except nothing less than a million. If you are going to do it yourself you will need the time to research it. There are dozens of books out there for you, and many websites to get information form. The trick is in finding the good sources. Don’t just read anything, wrong information is worse than no information at all.


You need to find a niche too. Don’t blindly invest in a few things, do your research once at a time. If you want to tackle stocks, then look at stocks in detail. You need a varied portfolio, granted, but you also need to ensure you have enough information to act on. That’s why investment takes so long to get to grips with. It takes effort and perseverance, and sometimes even a little bit of luck. You’ll know when you are ready. Don’t act prematurely, that is nothing but the sign of an impetuous amatuer.

Why Real Estate Is Such A Smart Investment

There’s a reason people invest in real estate: it’s a smart investment. Say what you like about the stock market or gold, property has people coming back, time and time again.

The question is, why?

The main reason has to do with the fact that the price of real estate is unlikely to go to zero. Unlike stocks, which oscillate on a daily basis, property seems to keep going up, year after year. Even in the financial crisis, property prices in some areas didn’t fall – and even if they did, they soon bounced back in 2010 and 2011.


Real estate investing is also being driven by the actions of the Federal Reserve. At the moment, it’s holding interest rates really low, forcing investors to find alternative ways to get a return on their savings and build their wealth. Not only are they putting their money into stocks, but they’re also taking it out of the bank and putting it into real estate too. Many investors hope that this will help them avoid the inflation which many see as inevitable. Houses can’t be inflated away.

The sorry state of the macroeconomy isn’t the only reason why you should be investing in real estate. Here are a bunch of other reasons why property might be the investment for you.

Asset Value Appreciation

Property values have been increasing for well over half a century according to the Case-Shiller index – something which compares the value of housing to the median income. The higher the Case-Shiller index, the faster house prices are accelerating compared to wages. This historical pattern of rising house prices relative to wages is one of the reasons why people have been investing so feverishly in property. They want to capture some of the returns and build their wealth using an asset which performs better than most other classes of assets, as well as economic fundamentals.

Joe Nahas, CEO of Coronation Property, recently spoke of his success in the property business. According to reports, he managed to sell more than $110 million worth of residential units within hours after announcing that apartments in a building he managed were for sale, a significant premium over the price of the building itself.

It’s A Physical Asset


Another benefit of investing in property is the fact that it is an income-producing asset which will be valued in the future. Investors, for instance, don’t mind paying premium prices for property since they know that they will be able to generate an income from it in the future. What’s more, even if prices fall somewhat, they’re still able to claw back the majority of the value of the property simply by selling.

Low-Cost Debt Can Multiply Cash Flow

Houses are expensive. But in a world where the price of accommodation is high, and the price of money is low, there are many opportunities for investors. Say, for instance, you take out a mortgage on a new property you rent out. Your mortgage interest might only be 2 percent of the total value of the property every year, but you may be able to make 6 percent of its value every year, just renting out, pocketing the 4 percent difference.

Your Staff… The Real Business Investment

Finances and spending are always a source of stress for business owners. The massive overheads or outgoings you suffer can be the undoing of your company, and making the choice of where to invest becomes a game of metaphorical ping pong before you decide to spend a little on each sector in the hope that it can buy you some time. But there’s one thing you’ve overlooked, in preparing your finances, you are likely to have forgotten the one thing you should really invest in, and that’s your staff.

Your staff is important in so many ways, but financially speaking, they are the reason that your company is performing well or not so well. You need to rectify this, and there are many ways to instill a bit more morale in the team, such as communicating good behavior or leading by example. But financially speaking, people will always be grateful for a rise in pay, but if this is something that is not within your budget in the immediate future, you should look to improve the working environment. It has been shown that workers are more productive if they have good quality downtime, and if you invest in a space that makes your staff temporarily forget about their work, they can come back to their desk feeling reinvigorated. Google headquarters are making their spaces more about the quality of the breaks the staff is having, and although a breakout room is nice, it can be cramped and sterile and doesn’t lend itself well to an upbeat working environment.

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Other ways to invest in your staff is to make token gestures, such as things like gift vouchers. But if you are running a small company, it is unlikely that a voucher will be thanks enough for the hard work they have put in to set up the company with you, so a bigger gesture may be called for. Gestures that you care about your staff are really important. It shows that you care, and it shows that you value their contribution to the company. Staff members can have a lot of personal problems, and if you can extend the olive branch in some way, then it means a lot. For example, there are homes for sale that you could purchase as a weekend retreat, and hand the keys to a staff member that really needs to get away is a great bridge builder, and it shows that you trust them. Working in a tight environment in a city center can cause a buildup of stress and anxiety, and so people need time away. Or if you cannot afford to give your staff time off because there is a big project due, you could have “relaxation stations” set up, and have masseuses and stylists to give your employees a bit of time to destress and to unwind properly.

Investing in your employees’ welfare is a worthy investment, but one that can be overlooked. By extending personal touches and putting some money into something that they can truly benefit from, you will know you’ve made a sound investment.

Speculate to Accumulate : Investments For Service Business Success

If you own a service business, then you need to be aware of which areas you need to invest in to ensure that you are as successful as possible. Of course, you will need to balance the cost of these with the value that they add to your company. But don’t be afraid of a little speculation for some accumulation, if the intent is to improve your chances of commercial success.

The Service

Most commercial companies other offer either a product or a service. In fact, that is what they are designed to do. To offer a product or service that folks need at a cost that covers the company’s overheads and allows for a profit margin. That is why it make perfect sense that the first thing that you should invest in the service itself.

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If the service you’re offering isn’t up to scratch, you are just going to make your own and everyone else’s life, a lot more difficult. This is because, you will have unhappy customers, disenfranchised staff, and a poor reputation.
That is why it’s so vital to put some time, and financial resource into developing your key services, so you can deliver exactly what you claim to. Otherwise, You are just building your empire on foundations of sand.

Your Staff

Of course, once you have a polished your services to offer the general public, the next thing on your list needs to be an investment in your staff. It is common that staff are often an underrated aspect of success in the business world. Therefore don’t always get the attention and investment that they deserve.

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Investing in small things that can help to boost morale, like training and socials gatherings. As can providing a development budget for things that don’t directly link to work. Such as playing a musical instrument or learning a martial art. Activities like this help, because people feel happier about their work-life balance, which in turn helps them to work harder and more effectively at their jobs.

Keep in mind that the ‘rise of the robots’ isn’t here quite yet! So service business still, pretty much relying on humans to make things happen. Therefore it is still very prudent to invest in this resource.

Customer Service Skills And Conflict Resolutions

Another area to invest in, that can boost the success of your business is training. Especially in customer service skills and conflict resolution. These skills are vital to having a proactive service company rather than reactive one. But why does that matter?

It is because, the proactive companies that give the customer what they want before they have even realized it that they want it. It is these companies that stand head and shoulders above the rest of the competition, and have the clearest path to financial success.

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Remember too, if you can resolve complaints and conflicts where everyone comes out satisfied, you will also encourage great feedback and trust scores online. Which is becoming more and more important for commercial success in the current business market.

IT Training

Now if you are running your company without any IT at all, then you are a). Not going to be reading this, and b). In a very small minority. Most commercial ventures, whether they are one man bands or large multinational corporations, rely on IT to a large extent.

That is because processes can be streamlined, overheads slashed, and communication made instant. But how much time and money do you think your company loses, because your employees don’t know the best ways of performing tasks on their computers.

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At the most basic level, how many hours do your company lose because not everyone in the office can touch type? All those little mistakes add up. The same goes for even the most basic of tasks like running queries in Excel or your databases. Not to mention the more complicated features of any custom design programs that you may be running.

Then there is the issue of online security and using only secure lines of confidential work matters. Hillary Clinton being a prime example of this going wrong, recently.

For all these reasons it is vital to invest in IT training for your employees. Just remember to make it specific to the sort of jobs they will be working on, for you.

Surety Bonds

Something else that you need to consider investing is when you are aiming to be a successful service provider is surety bonds. Remember that your reputation is business is everything, so you want to be able to have ‘licensed and bonded’ next to your name. As this will help customers be able to put their trust in you.

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This trust comes from the guarantees like the ones available from Meadow Brook surety bonds. Which ensure your customers will be compensated if you don’t complete the job.

Therefore they know that they can recover their losses if you mess up. So they are going to feel a lot more confident in going into partnership with you. It’s not exactly insurance but functions like insurance on your contractual promise.

Office Space

Something else that you should consider investing in is a space that functions as you company headquarters like an office or building. This can help your reputation as you will have somewhere to hold meetings and that your clients can visit.

However, if you are concerned with the cost of this, you can choose to use flexible office space, booked just for important events and meetings. Then have your staff work remotely. As this will save on overheads, while still giving you a professional appearance.

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Lastly, another area in which it is wise to invest when you are running a business is your company branding. This is usually comprised of a logo, font and color scheme that is consistently used across all company correspondence.

Branding your business in this way can help you customers identify you, as well as help you stand out from competitors. It also feeds into the appearance of being trustworthy and professional which is such a vital factor for long-term service business success.


Money Vs. Stock: Which Is Best To Invest?

Investment has always been a troubling area. It’s incredibly hard to make sure that you’re putting your money into the right places to make sure that it grows enough. There are loads of options out there, which just makes it all even more confusing. So, to simplify things, this post is going to focus on two types of trading for investment; stocks and forex. These two trades are very similar. And, currency can even be looked at as a type of stock. But, they have some very different qualities that are worth considering.

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A lot of people think stocks are the only way to properly invest your money. And, it’s easy to see why. When you buy materials and goods in bulk to sell, you can make some real money. But, these sorts of transactions are also risky. It can be very hard to evaluate market trends; and that’s exactly what you have to do. With this sort of investment, you’ll make the most money if you predict the market well. You need to be buying stocks are their lowest possible price. And, then selling them when they’re at their most expensive. This will give you a good return on any stock. But, most people can’t do this on their own for the first few times. Instead, it’s better to get help from a professional. Failing that, you can also look into using a mobile app to help you.

Forex stands for foreign exchange and is the trade of currencies from around the globe. You can make money with forex trading much in the same way that you make money through stocks. You buy a currency using another currency. And, when the prices of the currency that you bought go up, you sell them back to get your own currency. With this sort of method, you have a couple of backdoors. Even if the currency you want doesn’t change in the way that you want it to; there are still loads of other currencies out there. You also have the chance to predict swings in currency values. For example, when the UK decided to leave the EU, the British Pound lost a significant amount of value.

When it comes to investment, there are no easy answers. So, it’s hard to say whether or not one of these methods is better than the other. Forex offers more security. But, it won’t give you the same potential return as stocks. And, stocks can make you a lot of money. But, you could lose it all if you don’t make the right choices. Ideally, when you first start with something like this, you’ll have a professional investor by your side to help you. This will make it easier for you to focus on learning, while they make most of the decisions for you.

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Hopefully, this will inspire you to start looking at different ways to invest. Some methods can be incredibly fun. And, some can be very stressful. With any investment, though, you’ll only get out of it what you put in. So, it’s important to do plenty of research before you start out with something like this.

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