Cryptocurrencies to watch out for in 2018 – Are you looking for yet another Bitcoin?



Is the topic of cryptocurrencies are huge bubble or a scam or a passing fad? No matter what the cynics in the market wish to call Bitcoin but its value and rally keeps befuddling its haters and enriching its supporters. There is always a fear for missing out and this can have a dangerous and powerful influence on your financial decisions. But do you think this exists or is it worth investing?

This alternative industry is new enough and it is going to take at least few years to be accepted as mainstream. As we can see 10 times gain of bitcoin in 2017, what does 2018 has in store for us? Can we expect some other cryptocurrencies prediction which are again going to gain momentum in the coming year? Let’s check out.

#1: Litecoin (LTC)

Former employee of Google, Charlie Lee created this currency and it has been defined as silver to bitcoin’s gold. Lee’s vision and expectations say that there will arise a day when people would use Litecoin to buy things in their regular life. It would be considered as the method of payment by choice. Litecoin has been designed in such a manner that it can produce more coins and it can have a unit of 84 million coin limit.

#2: Monero (XMR)

Just as noone knows who created Bitcoin, similarly the creator of Monero is also anonymous. With this specific cryptocurrency, every single detail of the transactions like the sender, the receiver, the size and everything else can be recorded on public ledger. When you use Monero, there will be noone else who can connect the dots between the receiver, the sender and the size of the transaction amount. However, this seems to be an appealing coin for the cybercriminals.

#3: Neo

CEO of Onchain, Da Hongfei along with Erik Zhang created Neo which is touted to be the Ethereum of China and it is going to explode in case China eases the stance on bitcoin and ICOs. In terms of market cap at $62 billion, Ethereum is the second behind Bitcoin and hence it can be safely predicted that Neo will go a long way with the present condition of the market. There seems to be a bubble in this industry but that’s ok due to the disruption in every technology in the market.

#4: Cardano

The developer of Blockchain Input Output Hong Kong or IOHK has created this one too. It has been just a few months that Cardano blockchain was launched and since then it has seen massive gains in its Ada or the coin. Latest research reveals that it has slipped down to the 13th No.

Hence, if you wish to invest in cryptocurrencies in the New Year, make sure you take into account any of the above mentioned currencies. Choose the one that is definitely going to benefit your investment goals.

Best investment options that you should look up to in 2018

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If you’re considering opting for long-term investments, you will probably reap too many benefits as they usually compound interest in case of fixed deposits of the bank. Secondly, long term investments are also tax-effective as is the case with few mutual fund investments. All those investments which are held for more than 3 years are called long term investments and they require commitment in spite of the fact that you might face different fiscal impediments during the investment journey.

No matter which investment you wish to choose, whether long-term or short-term, here are few investment options that you should watch out for in 2018.

#1: Debt investment

This is probably the safest options to invest and few of the most-preferred debt instruments are fixed deposits of Post Offices, Nationalized Banks, Government Bonds and many more. These assets borrow from us at pretty low rates and lend it again at higher rates to big and small business corporations and other development projects. Majority of these borrowers, companies and entrepreneurs perform really well, they pay interest rates and repay the principles of loans while still keeping a profit to themselves.

#2: Gold investment

There’s no doubt about the fact that gold is a precious metal and that it is appreciating in value with time. It is not only a passive asset but also static at the same time. If you have 100 grams of gold, it won’t decrease to 95 grams or increase to 105 grams and its purity will also not change from 22 Carat to 24 Carat. Hence, investing in gold is like investing in mere commodity rather than an asset. Fluctuations in price are solely due to demand and supply forces and not because of any change in real worth.

#3: Diamonds are also worth investing in

One among the most expensive crystals in the world is diamond. The portability and immensely condensed value make diamond a form of emergency funding for the rulers, dictators and even for the super rich people. Just as gold, diamond also remains static and passive. However, due to its brittle nature, it can easily get damaged or scratched and hence you have to handle it with enough care.

#4: Real estate investment

There are people who say that real estate is the safest and best investment option. The fact is that real estate indeed a high investment option because you need at least 15-20 lacs to get hold of a property. Furthermore, there have been too many frauds that have been noticed in this industry and the cost of transaction is even too high, around 10% of the cost. Moreover, real estate investment doesn’t have enough liquidity. So, be careful about your requirements and your affordability before you invest in real estate.

Therefore, now that you know the different options of investing your money in 2018, follow the advice of the experts. Get help of an investment expert in case you don’t rely on your personal predictive analysis.

Is it a good idea to invest in gold in 2018?

It goes without saying that gold continues to play a vital role in building the economies of most nations including India. Although fluctuations have always been a part of downswings in recent year, the actual value of this yellow metal always holds a good possibility for being a stable investment option. If you’re not pretty sure about whether or not you should invest in gold, here are few things that you should educate yourself on.

Gold investment – What is it?

There are various types of gold investments from which you can choose. For example, people may purchase gold futures and options apart from investing in gold ETFs or gold funds. People can also invest in gold by purchasing shares in some company which mines gold or which can directly purchase gold in the form of bullion coins. There are many who believe that purchasing gold jewelry is also a kind of gold investment but ideally it isn’t. The prices of jewelleries include the charge of making them and this cost can be around 10-20% of the entire cost. This is the reason why they don’t reflect market conditions.

Few benefits of investing in gold in 2018

There are certain factors that which play a vital role in making gold a hot favorite among most investors. Here are some of them:

• Universality of gold and high liquidity makes it one of the most favorite choices for the investors throughout the world. It is not only accepted as a mode of payment and a mode of security throughout the globe but it can also be cashed effortlessly.

• The value of gold increased when there’s inflation because it stays more stable than cash or other asset.

Gold investment is one of the best ways of diversifying the portfolio of an investor because it moves indirectly to currency and stock value.

• The global gold value stays untouched even when there is political chaos. The demand for gold can fluctuate but it never ends.

Investing in gold in 2017-2018

You have to know how prices of gold rise and fall in order to understand whether or not it is going to be a good investment option in 2017-2018. The rate of gold is decides by its demand, supply and its value as investment in the present economic situation. Investors usually rush to purchase gold whenever there’s weakness in the stock market or in the economy. The reason behind is that precious metals hold more value than any other assets.

One more way of forecasting whether or not gold investment is going to be profitable is by analysing the financial statistics of the previous few years. If you find the value of gold being sharply at the same consistent rate, you can expect it to remain the same in the next year as well. For professional help, you can seek help of financial advisors.

Hence, if you’re planning for a debt free retirement, start investing. Diverse your portfolio by including gold and stay safe even during inflation.

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency to invest in – Names of few more options

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It goes without mentioning that Bitcoin has not just set a trend but it has opened up a world of opportunities for other cryptocurrencies that are designed on peer-to-peer network. Bitcoin has rather become the existing standard for all cryptocurrencies. Those currencies which are influenced by Bitcoin are given the name of altcoins collectively and they have always strived hard to demonstrate themselves as improved or upgraded versions of Bitcoin.

Although some of the currencies are easier to mine when compared to Bitcoin, yet there are pitfalls like increased risk brought by less liquidity, value and acceptance retention. As prices of Bitcoin are surging to new levels, here we list down few of the other cryptocurrencies that are worth taking a look at.

#1: Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin was introduced in the year 2011 and it was one among the new cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin and it was usually referred to as ‘silver’ while Bitcoin was considered as gold. Charlie Lee, an MIT graduate created Litecoin and it works on an open source payment network that isn’t controlled by any federal authority and they use ‘scrypt’ as their proof of work which is easily deciphered with the help of CPUs of higher grade. Though Litecoin is more like Bitcoin, its block generation rate is faster and hence you can receive confirmation of transaction sooner. Besides developers, there are many merchants too who accept LTCs.

#2: Zcash (ZEC)

Zcash is yet again an open-source and decentralized cryptocurrency which was introduced in the latter part of 2016 and it seems to be indeed promising. As per what Zcash claims, if Bitcoin is considered as the ‘http for money’, Zcash is ‘https for money’. Zcash provides the investors chosen transparency and privacy of transactions. Hence, Zcash claims to give that added security where each and every transaction will be both recorded and also published via blockchain. However, details like recipient, sender information will all stay private.

#3: Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum was launched in 2015 and it is also a decentralized platform which enables Distributed Applications and Smart Contracts to be built and operated without any fraud, downtime, interference or control from any third party. The applications that you find on Ethereum are usually run on the cryptographic token which is platform-specific. Ether is more like a vehicle for moving around on Ethereum platform and it is sought mostly by those developers who are eager to develop and run apps within Ethereum.

#4: Dash

Dash is also known as Darkcoin and it is a secret version of Bitcoin. Since Dash works on some decentralized mastercode, this makes transactions untraceable. This was launched in 2014 and Dash witnessed a hike in fan following in a very short time span. This specific cryoptocurrency was developed by Evan Duffield and this can be mined using GPU or CPU.

Therefore, if you’re eager to invest in few of the cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin, you can take into account the above mentioned ones.

Strategies to adopt if you want higher return with lower risk – Tips for investors


Whenever the financial markets get unsettled, the investors keep watching out for the low risk investments. If you’re someone who is retired or you’re just looking for the safest way to become an investor, you must be hunting for the no-risk investments like certificates of deposit, money market funds or the US Treasury certificates. While you may feel interested in them, you may already be aware of the fact that these investments aren’t going to give you anything worthwhile in return which you have been seeking all the while.

You are fortunate enough to know that there are few worthy investments which offer high return despite letting you incur low risk. You can even get better returns on few of the investments if you decide to hold them in a Roth IRA. Here are few investment options to check out.

#1: Dividend-paying stocks

There are many companies which pay dividend yields which are way higher than the amount that you will get on investments which are totally risk-free. For instance, you must be familiar with GSK or GlaxoSmithKline which pays a yield of 6% on dividend while another company called Iron Mountain pays around 6%. When you invest in dividend paying stocks, you can even participate in the capital gains. This is besides the income from dividend that you receive.

#2: Preferred stocks

This is a sub-category and according to the expert financial planners, the preferred stocks also have different bond advantages in the way that they trade in a tough range. They pay a moderate dividend and their position is much higher in the capital list than equity. This is altogether a different way of playing with dividend stocks and this is a way to do with lower risk. Preferred stocks are hybrid between bonds and stocks. They are even more vital when a company has fallen down during tough times.

#3: Peer-to-peer loans

These are commonly called P2P loans and off late, this type has been taking the world of investment by storm since the last few years. The financial meltdown is the reason behind the popularity of this kind of lending as banks became extremely hesitant in lending personal loans, especially to small businesses and other individuals. From the perspective of investment, P2P offered a welcome relief of interest rates from the almost 0 interest rates which existed since 2009. People came to online lending platforms, secured loans for different purposes and the investors funded them.

#4: Annuities

As long as investing in annuities are concerned, there is lot of hesitation. Since the fees are highest that are associated with them, they often become over-hyped and they’re promoted in such a manner that they can answer everyone’s needs, irrespective of their own needs. However annuities offer a high return and low-risk investment.
Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can invest high returns despite taking low risk, you can choose any of the above mentioned investment assets.


How to Invest in Bitcoin

Everyone by now must have heard about the term Bitcoin, as it features almost daily in the newspaper; from soaring Bitcoin prices to hackers demanding payment through Bitcoins (more recently Wannacry attack), and RBI being reluctant to enter into its regulation.

Founded by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency has an obscure beginning during the financial crisis of 2008-2009, with populist agenda of taking the control out of governments and bankers that usually control the flow of currency. From its humble beginning, it has been growing into maturity rather quickly, with people looking at it with awe and jumping eagerly to invest into it. Within just a decade of its existence, it has become a popular way of the transaction because of the following reason:

• Freedom of payment
• No counterfeiting
• Full users control and high level of security
• Transparent information
• Low fees
• Less risks for merchants

The investment into bitcoin is going up day by day, and here are the two ways of investing into it:

• Mining
• Buying

Mining of Bitcoins is done using specialized program that works to decrypt the algorithm, thus uncovering the code for each coin. But here is the catch. Earlier when Bitcoins was new, it was mined quickly and easily by home programmers. But since the Bitcoins is limited (21 million units only, out of which 14 million are already mined and are in circulation), the complexity required to mine grows with each mined coin. At present, there are dedicated miner with specialized hardware and software who mine it rapidly. Also, the computer power required to mine is too high and it would take longer than an individual lifetime to mine a Bitcoin, that’s why the only other alternative left is to buy it.

It is high time to buy a Bitcoin because in long-term its price is going to soar with short-term decline given that there is limited amount of it available. Case in point: In October 2016 a single Bitcoin traded around Rs 45,000 and in October 2017 it is trading at around Rs 3,85,000. A person who invested last year has clearly made a profit of about Rs 3,40,000.

Any can buy the Bitcoin with any of the Bitcoin Exchangers like Unocoin, Zebpay, BTX India, BuySellBitcoin and among many others. Since the Bitcoin is not yet regulated, so all these exchanges employ self-regulation to maintain the transparency and security associated with the exchanges. Moreover, several exchanges came on the common platform to form a common regulatory outside of government named Digital Assets and Blockchain Foundation India (DAFBI).

It may be a little challenging for the newcomer to trade in Bitcoin, so it is advisable before trading one should make oneself acquainted with the nitty-gritty of it. For starter, Local Bitcoins may help you in finding people nearby who can transact with you in Bitcoin, but it is advisable to be cautious as scammers do also frequent this site looking for a chance of deceiving. New timers can also look at the website like Crypto Watch and Bitcoin Wisdom in making themselves aware about the second by second exchange rates of Bitcoin.


Old is Gold

One of the best-considered investments all over the globe is the investment in GOLD. No doubt, it is the most fruitful investment too. One always thinks of gaining just the double. However, if luck and market favor you, you sometimes get three times of what you had invested in gold, years ago. Now when it is said if market favors you, let me explain it to you in a layman manner suppose that seeing the downfall in the price of gold you bought 10 grams of 22-carat gold at a very low price say for 30k. And now after five years, there is a sudden increase in the price of gold in the market and now the same 10 grams of gold costs you about 1 lakhs 20 thousand. So you are going to get just the four times of the amount that you had spent in buying those 10 grams of gold five years back.

The Importance of Gold In the Modern Economy

While gold is no longer in the forefront of everyday transactions, it is still important in the global economy. To validate this point, one need only to look as far as the reserve balance sheets of central banks and other financial organizations, such as the International Monetary Fund. Presently, these organizations are responsible for holding approximately one-fifth of the world’s supply of above-ground gold. In addition, several central banks have focused their efforts on adding to their present gold reserves.

Gold Preserves Wealth

The reasons for gold’s importance in the modern economy centers are the fact that it has successfully preserved wealth throughout thousands of generations. The same, however, cannot be said about paper-denominated currencies.

Gold holds its value during inflation; however, the paper money reduces to a large extent.

Different Ways of Owning Gold:

One of the main differences between investing in gold several hundred years ago and investing in gold today is that there are many more options to participating in the intrinsic qualities that gold offers. Today, investors can invest in gold by buying:

• Gold Futures

These are certain reserves in order to hold and store the gold for future use, especially during the time of monetary crisis in the market.

• Gold Coins

A gold coin is a coin that is made mostly or entirely of gold. Traditionally, gold coins have been circulation coins, including coin-like bracteates and dinars.

• Gold Companies

There are several companies that look upon storing gold. There are different methods by which gold mining companies are ranked. One is on their annual production. Another is by their cash cost per ounce, that is, how much money it costs them to mine the gold.

• Gold ETFs

Gold exchange-traded products are exchange-traded funds (ETFs), closed-end funds (CEFs) and exchange-traded notes (ETNs) that aim to track the price of gold. Gold exchange-traded products are traded on the major stock exchanges. As of 25 June 2010, physically backed funds held 2,062.6 tonnes of vaulted gold in total for private and institutional investors.

• Gold Bullion

Bullion is gold, silver, or other precious metals in the form of coins, ingots, or bars. Typically bullion is used for trade on a market. Bullion is gold, silver, or other precious metals in the form of coins, ingots, or bars. Typically bullion is used for trade on a market.

• Gold jewelry

Needless to state, these are one of the common ways to store and invest in gold, depending on how long you would like to invest in it.

As it said, “old is gold” the saying has got deep meanings into it, to be precise the longer you store the gold the higher it pays you. So be updated, for you never know when there may be a downfall in the price of gold. Read blogs, stay tuned with every magazine and don’t let the opportunity missed.

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Don’t let inflation destroy your health – Few ways to shield your assets from harm


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Long before inflation strikes you, you should prepare yourself with the ways in which you can stop inflation from hurting your wealth. One of the biggest risks of long term investing is inflation along with taxes, costs and volatility scaring you out of the market. Investment experts often consider equities as the best form of long-term investment and this is only due to inflation. Bonds and cash can at times seem more likely to earn higher income by incurring a very less risk. However, history shows that equities always perform better through many decades and hence they are a better defense against the harsh consequences of inflation.

But what if you wish to take short-term action against inflation and prevent it from hurting your wealth? What steps would you require taking if you are eager to balance your portfolio towards that direction? One of the options to go for are equities. What are the other ways? Here are few ways of beating inflation.

Higher rates of interest

In case you’re someone who is making 2% on the cash savings and you see that inflation is running down your selected measure at 3%, then as per real terms, you will actually lose 1% a year, despite the fact that the balance in your account will be moving up. Do you know why? Well, it is because the power of your cash to spend will get declined in real-time. If the chosen asset cost you $1000 to buy whatever you wanted to purchase in a year, the following year it will cost you $1030 only because of inflation. At the same time, the growth in your savings will be $1020 which is not at all good. You might also require locking your money either for a year or more than that to earn sufficient amount of savings.

Tax havens

The next thing that you need to consider is whether or not you are best utilizing the tax havens or tax shelters of ISAs to safeguard your cash savings or the equities. You should definitely be doing one or the other. If you’ve been getting a 2% return on cash, it will soon become 1.7% return post deduction of taxes and it may even become 1.2% if you pay a rate of 40%. Such tax reductions make it tougher to beat the impacts of inflation. Unless you seem to have utilized all the shelters, don’t endure them.

National Savings certificates

If you have been safeguarding your money from simple inflation with the help of a 100% federal backed guarantee, then choosing National Savings certificates are probably the best options. They are bonds which are issues for the mass by the Treasury Department through its arm called National Savings and Investment. These certificates come in 3 and 5 year types but you can cash them out any time and they can guarantee you return more than RPI inflation. Don’t forget that the return is tax-free.

Therefore, if you’re eager to save your wealth against the upshots of inflation, you can take the above mentioned steps that are listed.

Paperwork Problems? Here’s What To Store, Shred & Save Online

Save Online

Over the years, you can often find yourself jam-packed with paperwork. Even when you’re vigilant, and you try not to hold onto things for any longer than you need to, the paperwork can pile up. But when you have work and business, personal and private paperwork to deal with, it’s not surprising that you can find yourself swimming in it. But, you can often find yourself thinking enough is enough and wondering if you really need it all. In short, the answer will be no, you don’t. Not all of it anyway. 

Receipts: Store

Not everyone will keep their receipts, and there isn’t always a reason for you to do this. However, if you are self-employed or run your own business, holding on to your receipts may only be natural. But, after a while, you may find that you just don’t need them. Especially if they aren’t business related or you no longer have the item you purchased. You should definitely look to store any business receipts, even for up to six years, or receipts for big purchases that you have a guarantee with.

Banking Information: Shred

Years ago, you would have felt the need to keep every piece of banking information that you have. But nowadays, that isn’t always necessary. In fact, you may not even get sent much paperwork anymore. You may want to keep any tax, investment, or pension information stored safely somewhere, but anything else can be shredded. If you should need statements or any information in the future, you will find that you can request it from the bank. It’s often safer this way.


ID Documentation: Store & Save Online

Then you’ve also got some of the more sensitive and definitely important information to cover off too. When it comes to your ID documentation, it definitely needs to be kept safe. But you can do this in person and only. Whether it’s your driver’s license, passport, or even ID card, keep everything safe. You can also do an Aadhar card download should you need to keep it safe. Try to keep these pieces of information under lock and key if you can.

Household Bills: Store & Shred

When it comes to your household bills, as with your financial information, you may feel inclined to keep it all for years to come. Some things you may need to, especially if you need a record that you’ve paid. But anything else you can shred – especially if it’s years old. Then, you should look into ways to organize your bills to keep everything safe, neat, and tidy going forwards.

Education & Work: Store

And finally, there’s also your education or work information too. Whether it’s detailed on employment or school work, or even transcripts, this is the kind of stuff that you may want to store. When you want to look back at your work or projects over years to come, you’ll be glad you kept it. So find somewhere safe to store it all away.

Investing; How To, And Where To

investment game

Getting into the investment game can be life changing. If you’re able to play it well you’re going to make a lot of money, but if you’re not then you’re going to lose a lot, so you have to use your head as much as you can! There are loads of different places where you can make money, some more higher risk but more profitable than others, so let’s dive in and find out about them!

Foreign Exchange

The riskiest, but most rewarding out all the 3 things we’re going to cover here is foreign exchange. This is the exchange of currencies from one to another, and there is a lot of money to be made off this, but how? Well, if you’re able to predict the rise in a currency’s value, you can exchange loads of your currency for it, meaning you will have lots of it when your prediction comes true! However this is often a game that you cannot predict, and you’re going to need some assistance with it as doing it manually is ridiculously difficult. Websites like allow you to do all of your currency exchange within their platform so it’s definitely worth getting your hands on something like this to enable you to react quicker to market changes!


Gold is something that has been valuable to humanity since before we have records of; it’s not only attractive to look at, but it’s very hard to get and is incredibly useful in the 21st century for technological appliances. Because of this, it’s something worth investing in. Buying gold is a relatively safe market because the gold reserves in the world are drying up which means that it’s only becoming more and more rare, which means the prices are only going to go up! This is why you should invest in gold because it’s a very safe market that is going to make you returns, you just might be waiting a few years for it!


Oil investment works by buying units worth of 1000 barrels in it’s crude form. Crude oil is the most useful form of oil because it’s what companies buy to turn into all kinds of other fuels as they don’t naturally occur. The oil market is relatively stable but is prone to fluctuations so you’re going to have to be a bit more careful with this than you would be with gold! Buying crude oil is simpler than it seems, so if you’re looking for a medium risk investment then this is for you.

All of these different markets cover different risk zones, so it’s up to you to decide what you want to do! Are you going to go for the high risk but high reward foreign exchange market, or are you going to go for the more calm and stable gold market? Or maybe you want something in between that’s a mixture of both, in which case going into the oil market would suit you. Of course you can invest in stocks too but it hasn’t been covered here, so check this out to know what they are and how to use them.

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