How Startups Are Getting A Boost From Celebrity Investors

Celebrity Investors

Aside from being the face of a brand or product; many celebrities are now using their money, and industry knowledge, to invest in small businesses and startups. The constant rise of the entrepreneur and developments in technology are providing a wealth of opportunities for investors to strike when the time is right, and celebrities often have the luxury of cash at hand to do so.


Water provides a healthier image to a celebrity than a can of soda might do. Therefore, stars like 50 Cent has backed Vitamin Water, and Beyonce invested in the startup, WTRMLN WTR (so good that it didn’t need vowels), rather than putting their faces to one of the bigger brands like Evian, or Fiji water. And, what would a busy schedule be without coffee (probably slower); some celebs feel the same, and have therefore invested in coffee startup brands. Philz Coffee gained support from Jonah Hill, Snoop Dogg, Nas, and Jamie Kennedy; while Jared Leto and Tony Hawk put their faith in Blue Bottle Coffee, ensuring both brands created a buzz that wasn’t just down to the caffeine.

A totally different type of consumable to drinks is cannabis. Snoop Dogg obviously likes to smoke with his coffee, as he has backed several cannabis startups, including Merry Jane, Eaze, FunkSac, and LeafsBySnoop. Snoop is not the only one investing in the herbal remedy; Whoopi Goldberg founded marijuana company Whoopi & Maya.

It’s not just the individual consumable products that celebs are getting behind either; Thrive Market, an organic and health-led food delivery startup up was backed by Demi Moore, John Legend, and Toby McGuire, giving the brand a Hollywood seal of approval. Jared Leto (back again) sure loves his food deliveries, as he has invested in three startups that provide the service; including Plate Joy, Reserve, and Nom, ensuring he’ll never go hungry when he’s filming on set.


New apps and services that enhance everyday life, and provide faster processes, like Netverify, and Venmo, are in high demand. The public is craving new ways to better themselves and their lifestyle, and if they can find it within an app, all the better. Celebrities are more aware than most about how having instant access to help and services at the touch of their iPhone screen has the potential to improve everyday life, and make money in the meantime. Ryan Seacrest invested in the mindfulness app Headspace, while Will Smith helped the startup BioBeats, which focuses on healthy living and instilling calmness; showing that both celebs are aware of the growing need for better mental health care and ease of access to it.

Booking platforms are also in demand, so basketball star Kobe Bryant has given time and money towards the restaurant booking app Reserve, while record label owner, Scooter Braun, has invested in salon reservation platform VIVE. It seems many celebs are putting their money into services that they feel are missing from their everyday life and ones that could enrich other people’s.

All The Rest

There are often startups and products you’ve heard of but have no idea that a celebrity investment was behind them. Popular new mattress company, Casper, was backed at the start by Leonardo DiCaprio, retired basketball player Steve Nash, and Scooter Braun. Learn more about the incredible rise of mattress brand Casper here.

It goes to show that not every celebrity-backed success story is down to a famous name being involved; it has to be a great idea or product in the first place before the money invested can help.

Avoid burning a hole in your wallet – Tricks to rein in your expenses


The fact is that the more we stress over money, the more stressful it gets. But taking control on saving and spending can help you alleviate some of your worries. Irrespective of whether you wish to be a millionaire or you just wish to stop spending your paycheck before you receive it, there are always some interesting ways of keeping aside little amounts of cash. From taking care of your clothes to smart shopping, there are numerous tips to save money faster than your normal pace. Here are few areas to manage and few tips to follow.

Budgeting and banking

1. Choose a bank which gives back: Watch out for a bank which makes the most sense. Look for perks like high interest rate on savings account, no fees on ATM and no overdraft fees. Small banks often provide better interest rates and perks. In case you see that your bank doesn’t offer perks, ask them to offer.

2. Use an app to set goals: Set an ultimate goal and repay your credit card debt. Later on come up with a realistic and actionable plan for accomplishing your goal. Try finance-tracking apps like Learnvest, BUDGT or Mint which give you visual barometers of specific goals.

3. Don’t use ATMs too often: When it comes to ATM trips, be smart. Try to withdraw a fixed amount every week and stick to it as this way you won’t force yourself to hit on a non-affiliated bank. In order to stay organized, divide cash into envelopes with written ‘rent’, ‘food’ and ‘fun’. When an envelope becomes empty, stop spending in that category and try to control your expenses.

Home and Electronics

1. Turn off the tap while washing dishes: Spray little water on all dishes kept inside the sink and then turn it off while you scrub. When it’s time to rinse, turn off the water. Hand washing dishes just once in a day and not allowing the water to run while scrubbing can save around 200-500 gallons of hot water in a month. This is not something good for the environment but also good for your wallet.

2. Personalize your air freshener: Fragrant wall flowers, fancy aromatic sprays and a few over-priced candles can have a serious impact on your wallet. How about creating your own air freshener so as to save money on buying the more expensive ones?

3. Install energy-efficient appliances: Less energy will be equivalent to less money that you need to spend. If your fridge is something which is still working fine, don’t chuck it off. Instead, make sure all the other appliances in your home are energy-efficient and that they carry an Energy Star model.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can rein in your expenses, take into account the above mentioned tips and advices. Install all the budget-friendly apps which can help you stay on the right track with your personal finances.

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International Women’s Day 2017 – Be an independent woman and a money-wise mom

Mothers should always make a serious effort to get a clear comprehension about money and all this includes understanding how much money should be earned in a household and how much should be spent in order to maintain a firm balance between expenses and income. Mothers usually have a full treasure of information on various things like healthcare, cooking, maintaining tabs on whether or not you’ve cleaned your room and about every single thing under the sun apart from money. Somehow it has always been noticed that money was the realm of the father or the so-called head of the family.

If you’re a mother who’s reading this article, don’t you feel you should know how you can become a money-wise mom? If you still couldn’t become a money-wise mom, here are few financial tips that you should take into account.

#1: Know your money and try to understand it better

This just means that mothers should invest the time and effort to understand about their money. This step actually starts with understanding how much money is earned by the household and how much money is being spent in the important expenses. How much money is being saved every month? Even if it is being saved, how is it being saved? Are there ways in which your household money can be spent in a better way? Considering the fact that how much uncanny mothers can get when it comes to understanding the depth of things, this step would be easier.

#2: Know the science of investing and discuss about money

The second step that you should take to becoming a money-wise mommy is to discuss money either with your husband, friends, children or family. All mommies need to take the effort to initiate conversations which entirely revolve around money with their family members. Having a serious conversation with your partner is of ultimate importance and this leads to the potential to understand money in a deeper sense. Have a knowledge sharing session so that you can both educate yourselves on money. A mother also needs to understand the science of investing as it helps planning finances in a better way.

#3: Try to manage your finances on your own and be accountable

The step will be the ultimate one in making mommies money-wise. If a mother has already followed the above mentioned steps, she will definitely be able to this step effortlessly. You should plan your investments in a wise manner and also be involved in the actual act of investment. Once you start getting involved in all such investment decisions, you can have different aspiration for kids and you will also become a strong lady at the same time.

So, now you know that there are just 3 steps for you to become money-wise. The steps are easy-to-follow and straight forward to adopt. All mothers who arm themselves with this kind of fiscal suaveness can bring a new dimension of confidence that you can pass on to your kids.

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The Many Kinds Of Financial Help

We all have times in life when we need a little bit of help – especially when it comes to the financial side of things. If you have ever been in such a quandary, you will know how distressing it truly can be. Nobody likes having to ask for help, but when you do need to it is often best to try and swallow your pride and get on with it. That is much easier said than done, but it is often the best course of action in order to get through the situation in hand. You never know when such a scenario will occur, either, so it is also a good idea to know exactly what the different kinds of help there are that might be available. Knowing this will help you should you ever be unfortunate enough to need the help. Let’s take a look at some of the many kinds of financial help which exist today.

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Friends & Family

Sometimes the problem is quite simply a lack of funds for a short time, and when that happens it can be a struggle knowing what to do. But if you want to get through it as fast as possible, sometimes the best way is to actually ask those closest to you. The trouble with this, of course, is that nobody particularly enjoys having to ask the people close to them for financial assistance. However, there are many ways in which it is much better than having to borrow money from elsewhere, so if you look on the bright side you can see that it is actually a good deal. If you do ever need to borrow money from friends or family, make sure that you tell them clearly when you expect to repay them. This will help to stop any rifts occurring in the relationship you have with them – something which is probably much more important to you than temporary money concerns. It might be that you just need their help in the way of giving advice, not lending money. In that case, it is helpful to have such people around, and it’s a good idea to express your gratitude towards them.

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Of course, for most people one of the first solutions to come to mind will be to go to an official lender, whether that is a bank in the traditional sense or an online lender. Whoever or whatever it is, you should make sure that you really do need to borrow the money before you sign your name anywhere. Look carefully at the fine print, ensure that you are happy with the interest rate and the amount you will have to pay back, and make sure that you have a plan in place for repaying what you owe. As long as you do all that, you should be able to comfortably borrow whatever money you need to, and that could be a great way to get yourself out of a sticky situation.


It’s not all about borrowing money; there are plenty of different kinds of financial help, and some of it is actually much more important. In certain cases, you will find that you require the help of a legal professional like a lawyer. This can be for many reasons, but a common one is that you feel you are owed some kind of compensation. Using a service like lawyer near me could then the best thing that you need to do to get through your situation. Lawyers can often help hugely in keeping your finances afloat, and it is worth bearing that in mind.

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Financial Advisors

Sometimes you might feel the need to have some help understanding your finances, or knowing what you should do with your money in order to make the most of it. Fortunately, for that very purpose there do exist financial advisors, and it is well worth hiring one if you ever feel that you could do with a chat about your financial situation. You might be surprised at just what a difference such a conversation could make – but you can only find out by giving it a go. If you do decide to do this, it is a good idea to ensure that you go for an advisor whom you feel you can trust. To be sure of that, try and find one who seems to have a good reputation, or ideally someone who a friend has recommended you to. That way you can be sure that you are getting what you’re paying for.

Financial literacy tips for the seniors – Avert taking wrong decisions

We are aware of the fact that April is considered as the Financial literacy month and as we’re about to cross March, it is vital to discuss few financial advice for the seniors so that they can best protect and retain their assets without having to seek help of someone else. As long as literacy is concerned, just as we never taught ourselves to read and write on our own, we also don’t have enough time to become totally literate about personal finance.
It is seen that majority of the seniors require the assistance of a trusted adviser who can guide them through the basic financial information and also guide through in-depth understanding of their finances. Here are few vital points which the advisors should remember to follow regarding their finances.

? Know where exactly your money is going

Financial experts acknowledge the fact that 67% of the Americans don’t follow a budget. Most experienced analysts will tell their clients that devising a budget and following it is going to be the first step to get your finances in shape. You can never plan your future in case you don’t know where you’re spending your money. So, always keep tab on your expenses.

? Don’t hurry to get your Social Security benefits

Most people are of the opinion that as soon as they get to retirement, they can start drawing Social Security. Experts advise not to go so fast with grabbing your SS benefits. You can read online to know the way in which you can get the most from your Social Security. You can even use the benefits evaluator for insights on inflation, timing and adjustments on cost-of-living.

? Don’t keep unrealistic expectations

It is true that we all love investments but this are definitely not the age for fairy tales. Return and risk are nothing but 2 sides of the same coin. If you’ve seen that ad of 8% returns in the newspaper? Don’t forget that there is always a catch behind that. Your money will be just tied up for 15 years and the 8% might be the return that you get in the first year. There are many seniors who have learned the harsh way and hence you should be careful while investing money

? Stay aware of over-friendly strangers

Senior citizens are considered as easy marks by all those who would love to separate them from their money and funds. You should remain aware of anyone who continuously keeps an eye on the personal and financial affairs of a senior. If there are people who do confusing double talk or asks you to sign some document or is excessively friendly, you should steer clear from them.

Therefore being a senior is a big responsibility as you have to be aware that there’s no one who can deceive you and take undue advantage of your assets. Follow the tips mentioned above if you wish to stay on top of your finances even after reaching 60.

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Biggest Errors People Make Which Can Affect Their Financial Future

When it comes to our funds, we are always trying to look ahead to the future. After all, we want a good retirement in which we have plenty of funds to tide us over. And we are hopeful to have money to leave behind for our little ones. But along the way, it’s so easy to make some financial errors. In fact, here are some of the biggest errors people make which can affect their financial future.

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Not doing anything about their bad credit rating

It’s so easy to fall into bad credit after missing a couple of payments. After all, the bank and suppliers make a note which can then be seen by everyone else when they are looking at your finances. But while it’s easy to sink into bad credit, you need to do your best to improve your credit rating. After all, with a poor credit rating, you might not be able to take on a significant investment opportunity. For example, you might struggle to get out another mortgage if they see you have a poor credit rating. Not only this but if you get into debt, and need a loan to help you out, they might not be able to offer you one with bad credit. So it could see you sinking into further debt without any way out. Therefore, if you do end up with bad credit, you need to make moves to get out of it now. For example, making sure you are paying back items timely can help to turn things around. Also, you might want to get a credit card and make payments that you can quickly pay off!


Not keeping an eye on their investments

A lot of people make investments to help build up their funds for the future. But once they have invested, they don’t tend to keep an eye on them. But it could result in you leaving money which was vital for your future. Therefore, it’s so important to have an active role in any investments you do take out. The same goes for any superannuation account you may have with employers. Make sure you don’t leave them behind when you move jobs. Otherwise, you might be missing out on money which is for your future. In fact, if you look online at Camori Investments and superannuation, you can find ways you can consolidate all those old accounts into just one. And then you won’t regret having any missing money in the future.

Renting for far too long

It’s so easy to get stuck renting a property for ages. After all, when you are paying money out for rent, you have little to put away towards buying a property. But the longer you rent, the more money you are just putting in your landlord’s pocket. And this is money you will never see again.Therefore, for the sake of your financial future, you should buy a property as soon as you can. Even if you have to buy just a share of a property, the funds coming out of your account is going towards something substantial. And then you will sooner be able to pay off your mortgage, so you have a better financial future.

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And remember to always have a savings account which you can put money in every month.

Your Flexible Friend: Why Having a Credit Card Can Actually Be a Good Thing

Credit cards, when used in the right way, can be a great way to manage your money. So if you’re not the best at money management, then it might be best to avoid them. But if you budget well then it could be the best thing to do as there are several benefits to having a credit card. It is obviously important to make sure that you can make your repayments each month, otherwise, it defeats the point of the getting the benefits from the credit card. So here are some of the benefits from credit cards, and why they might be right for you.



As long as you pay your credit card back in full each month, then getting the cashback benefits can be great. It can be quite an easy way to get some money back from your purchases. So in actual fact, you’ll be paying less than you would beforehand. So look out for the best credit card offers and see if they have a cashback rate too. Again, this only makes sense if you’re able to pay off the credit card in full, to see the most benefit.

Goods Protection

Did you know what under the section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, that you actually have more protection when you buy something with a credit card? So if you order something that is faulty or never arrives, for example, you can get compensation from it. If a retailer refuses or has gone out of business, then you can apply for the compensation through the credit card company. So for larger purchases, especially for things bought online, using a credit card can be one of the best ways to go.

Boost Your Credit Score

If you want to build up a good credit score, then paying for using a credit card for your everyday purchases, and then making the repayments on time each month, are an easy way to do so. It shows that you are reliable and do actually make payments. Meaning that lenders are much more likely to want to lend to you. So if you want to get a mortgage someday, or get a loan for something like home improvements, for example, then it can be worth doing.

Theft Protection

If you lose your purse or have it stolen, and it is full of cash, it is basically impossible to recoup. But if you have your purse stolen, any fraudulent use of the cards won’t mean that you have to pay it off. You won’t be liable, as long as it wasn’t stolen due to negligence on your part. So if that did happen, you wouldn’t need to worry about having to pay off what someone else bought in your name.

Certain Transactions

If you travel with work or claim a lot of expenses, then those transactions might be best on a credit card, as the money doesn’t have to ever come out of your own pocket. Some stores only allow payment by credit cards, such as tickets and similar events. So a credit card is a must for those types of transactions.

Coping Financially After Being Hurt

There are many things in this world that can hurt us. In fact, it’s just as dangerous as it has always been and a surprise humankind have yet to implement more safety measures. A day rarely goes by where you don’t hear about someone being run over, or hurting themselves in their own home or more commonly at work. It happens, and the old adage comes into effect whereby it can never happen to you, can it? When and if it does the shock is usually huge. When you are injured, no matter how bad, it means you can’t work. This is okay for a short while yet when they realise you won’t be coming back they will surely sever ties, as is the world today. The resulting financial blow out can be huge and deadly, especially if you have no partner to help support you financially. There are many worst case scenarios out there and it may not be that bad for you, but you should plan ahead just in case. These tips can help you keep going and survive after the accident. You may have considered some of these, and that’s great, but apply the ones you haven’t and see if they help.

In the first instance you will need to cut back on your spending. Even if you think you are in line for compensation you should reign it in because these things take time. Look at things like gym memberships. You won’t need it for a while so cancel it. The same with outgoings you rarely use like Netflix subscriptions. Reign in on going out for food so much too. These little changes will make the world of difference to you financially, besides, you may not feel up to going out so much in any case.

Once you have cut costs you should start looking for other ways of income. If the injury results in some form of disability you can potentially be in line for some money from the state. After all you have paid into the system for years so they should look after you. If they don’t consider contacting a lawyer, you can find one at You need to focus on getting every income you can by any means you can. This is your life, so ensure you do what’s right by it. If the accident was not your fault then sue. It money owed, especially if the accident was a bad or significantly debilitating one.


You need to assess yourself and ask “what can i do for some money?” If you are injured bad and have to stay home you can still do earn money. You may have to learn a new skill in the process but that’s fine. There are many things you can do. Transcribing for example, or working as a freelance writer. The money may not be as good as your old job but at least it is some kind of money coming in for you and your family.

Preparing Your Finances For The Worst-Case Scenario

Our personal finances are among the most important things in our lives, and the thought of being hit by a financial crisis, such as a job loss, illness or accident, is enough to keep anyone up at night. However, the impact of some huge, expensive, and unforeseen disaster can be mitigated significantly by making sure you’re well prepared for it. Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself against a personal financial crisis…

Plan to Minimize Monthly Bills

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You may not have to do it as a matter of urgency, but you should make sure you’re ready to start cutting unnecessary expenses at a moment’s notice. If you have a plan for getting your recurring monthly expenses as low as they can possibly get, you’ll have much less trouble paying your bills when you actually run into a crisis. Look at your personal budget now and figure out where you might be wasting money already. For example, you might be paying a recurring monthly fee for your checking account, which has the same benefits as a bank that offers free checking. There are probably also a range of ways you can trim your utility bills. Knowing where you can save money now can help you massively when disaster strikes.

Revisit your Insurance

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Next, scour the market for better insurance rates. If you have too much insurance, or you could be getting the same coverage from a different provider for the same price, there are various changes you can make to trim down your monthly expenses. Having said that, if your insurance covers more possibilities, it can stop one big expense from piling on top of another following a major financial crisis. If a certain kind of financial crisis would mean you’d need a full-blown injury claim to cover the cost of living, it may be time to shop around for some more comprehensive coverage. This applies to policies you already have, as well as any that you don’t have, but may need in the future. For example, a disability insurance policy can be extremely handy if you sustain a major injury or illness that takes you out of work, and umbrella policies can give you coverage where other, individual policies fall short.

Maximize any Non-Cash Assets

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Making a point to stretch out all your non-cash assets can also be a great way to mitigate the impact of a sudden financial crisis. Perhaps you have frequent flyer miles you can use when you need to travel, surplus food in the house that you can use for meals to lower the cost of groceries, or gift cards that you can sell and redeem. Many credit cards also offer rewards which you can use to minimize the impact of a financial disaster. These are just a few examples of non-cash assets that you may be able to liquidate in order to lower your living expenses when disaster strikes. Take stock of these now, and consider any ways you can maximize your existing non-cash assets.

It’s A Rich Man’s World: What To Do With Your Windfall

If you’ve recently come into some money then first of all: congratulations! (Or commiserations, if the money arrived in your hands because of an inheritance, rather than something a little more fun like a bonus or a lottery win.) Coming into money can be a great thing, but it may be a little more stressful than you were anticipating. Here are some top tips on what to do if you have a sudden windfall…

Pay Off Your Debts

Pay Off Your Debts

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First of all, it’s time to pay off your debts. Depending on how much money you’ve come into, this might be paying off your credit card debt, finishing up your car payments or even paying off your entire mortgage. Not having debts will free up a lot of your salary from your everyday job to go into your savings, for something fun like a great vacation every year or something a little more sedate like your kids’ college funds. Paying off your debts as quickly as possible will help you be free of interest, which means that you’ll end up paying a whole lot less in the long run.

Update Your Home

Your Home

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Secondly, why not consider updating your home? Not only will this raise your living standards (imagine how great it would be if you got an extension so your kids don’t have to fight over the shared space of their bedroom any more?) but it’ll also end up adding value to your home in the long run, even if you don’t want to sell it just yet. Generally, loft conversions will add the most money to your home, followed by an extension. It’s also a good idea to make sure that your bathrooms and kitchen are freshly renovated. Even though any prospective buyers might want to rip them out and put in their own, a lot of people are looking for homes that they can immediately move into and live in, so they’ll want those rooms to be beautiful and functional.

Get Investing

Get Investing

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A lot of us aren’t even sure where to start when it comes to investments. A lot of people choose to invest in property, which will give you a steady income – you just need to make sure that you choose a suitable area, near train stations for commuters and near good schools so that the property will appeal to young families. You could also choose to invest in something like gold or in diamonds – they’ll never lose their value, after all, and will always be in top demand. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out the diamond price calculator from Diamond Registry. Finally, try investing in stocks, shares and bonds. Make sure that you diversify your portfolio and that you don’t put a huge amount of money in one company.

Save A Nest Egg

Save A Nest Egg

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Finally, it’s important to make sure that you save some money too. There’s nothing that gives you security more than having some money in the bank that you can rely on and that will enable you to be free in other areas of your life – having savings gives you freedom to take risks and chances.

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