Overlooked ways of paying for college – You no longer need to worry about college costs

Image via pixabay It is true that paying for college is a daunting and intimidating task. In an ideal situation, it is a long term process of building savings, using it, seeking institutional aid, free money and if needed personal loans. But with such varied avenues for financing your college costs, it often becomes difficult […]

How Should I Finance My Child’s Education?

How Should I Finance My Child’s Education?

Image source: Pixabay   After the secondary phase, saving for education becomes expensive. Fortunately though, you’re not going to be left to your own means. If you look into all your options well ahead of time, it becomes much easier to set out a good plan for funding your child’s education. Here in Canada, we’re […]

The Game of Life

The board game, The Game of Life, Is a game where you have to make important life decisions in order to reach the final goal of “retirement” and to see where you are at when you do retire. Although it is make believe, the game does include some real life decisions that need to be […]

Opening Doors with a Distance Learning Degree

It’s a sad but inevitable fact that too many people in the world are having to do a job they need rather than a job they want. The harsh truth is that so many men and women rely on the wages they earn and are therefore stuck in roles that are totally unsuitable for their […]

4 Job Opportunities with a Health Informatics Degree

The decision of beginning a health informatics program comes with the opportunity of diving into a pool of interesting jobs. Approximately 70,000 health informatics specialists are needed in the U.S. and apparently, positions are difficult to fill. However, throughout the years, health informatics has constantly gained in employment popularity. But what exactly are certain scopes […]

4 Top Tips to Find Nursing Work in the UK

There has been a recent boom in overseas recruitment for nursing in the UK. This is an initiative backed by the government to bring in international nurses to make a valuable contribution to NHS patient care. Since 2011, the National Health Service in Britain has seen the number of foreign nurses double and there are […]

The Career Options of Economics Students

Many recent graduates are still suffering the sting of an education that isn’t paying off. Lots of students have been burned by this reality and are working for less money in fields that they never set out to be involved with. Some go so far as to recommend never entering university at all. While this […]

Getting Job On Campus: Interview

Working while being in the university will help you in getting the proper job experience before graduating and searching for permanent working place. This will also help you in getting useful connections and a little money in your pocket. Passing the job interview for the job can be stressful, but here are several tips for […]

How Could a Contractor Stay on Top of Finances in the 2013-14 Tax Year?

If you are a contractor or considering becoming one, you may be easily forgiven for thinking that all you need to do is source and complete your own contracts. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite the case, as you will also need to stay on top of various financial and administrative matters, including – among other things […]

Teach Your Kids To Be Personal Finance Experts

One of the most important roles parents play in their kids’ lives is preparing them for adulthood; and that means all aspects of adulthood; and that includes personal finance. Unfortunately, it’s not something that all parents do. Not because they’re bad parents but because it just doesn’t occur to them. Of all the lessons we […]

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