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How would you like to get more customers? Dumb question, right? Who doesn’t want more customers. When it comes to people, no one can resist getting something for nothing. If you are looking for a way to get more customers, than now is the time to start giving away stuff for free. People love free stuff and will usually go wild over it. Why give away free items? Isn’t that a good way to go out of business? On the contrary, by giving your items away from free you are actually gaining customers. According to an article, giving away free services and products has been a great business tactic for quite some time. Think about the last item that you got for free. Was it a free water bottle when you purchase three boxes of cereal? How about a free CD or trading card when you send in a self-addressed stamped envelope? The fact is, freebies get people’s attention. When you got someone’s attention, you can control what they do. According to another article, there is no better way to gain customer locality than with giving your product and services away. So, how does this giving away free items for free work? The idea is really simple. Your one and only goal should be to get that service or product in the potential customers hands. How can you easily get items and services in people’s hands? Simple, by giving it away for free. What typically happens when people get something for nothing is they brag about it. This bragging is called free advertisement for you. Some additional things that happen when people get something for free include: they feel obligate to buy again, they wind up paying for it later, they think that getting more is a discount, they buy more when there is some mystery element to it, and they will talk more when they get free stuff.

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Use Hotwire when you are looking to getaway. Be sure to find a Hotewire coupon from Groupon Coupons first to save yourself more money.

Future of Couponing and Discount Shopping

According to experts, the future of couponing is all about mobile! This means that more and more consumers who love using digital coupons in order to save money will be finding and using coupons on their mobile devices. With this in mind, retailers and app developers are busy coming up with new Web content and mobile applications which serve the needs of budget-conscious consumers.

You may not realize that many Millennials are now moving from high schools and colleges into the workforce. These tech-savvy young people do enjoy using coupons in order to save cold, hard cash on goods and services. They are likely a strong target market for retailers.

Millennials know how to utilize technology as they’ve grown up with it and they tend to check their smart phones constantly whenever they are out and about. Apps and websites which offer quick and easy ways to find and use coupons are popular with Millennials and there are bound to be more of these couponing and discount shopping options available to them in the future.

Online shopping is incredibly popular. Most people these days check out companies on their mobile devices before deciding whether or not to patronize them. In the age of Yelp, Facebook and other platforms which make it super-easy to vet companies, people with mobile devices are making consumer decisions based on an array of reviews and social media information.

Companies which offer coupon platforms (or companies which want to sell more of what they offer by adding coupons to sweeten deals) are definitely planning to use websites, social media and apps in order to entice consumers.

Do You Use Coupons?

If you’re into finding deep discounts, online or in your own community, you may have discovered the money-saving potential of online coupons already. If you haven’t, you should definitely consider finding them and using them. There are websites which offer a host of the hottest digital coupons, many of which may be printed out and taken to local retailers.

So, it’s still possible to shop local, even when you use cutting-edge digital coupons. As well, almost every coupon website allows people to copy coupon codes and add them to the checkout areas of websites.

Now that you have the inside scoop on the future of couponing and discount shopping, you’ll be able to scope out deals all over the Web. As well, you’ll be able to keep an eye out for new apps and online platforms which make it even easier to find and use money-saving coupons!

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How to make quick cash through discounts and online coupons

Have you ever imagined yourself sitting with a few smart apps, a smart phone and a huge pile of coupons surrounding your chair? You might just feel overwhelmed by this thought.

It’s truly thrilling to imagine various sources of discounts and other options for stacking your savings. But it’s easier to be said than done. With the advent of technology, you’ll now find options that are more enjoyable and efficient in assisting you to stack your savings while making purchases.

You might just be feeling eager to learn some couponing strategies and systems –

  1. Create a Binder System for Paper Coupons

Won’t it be great to carry only coupons that you’ll need on a particular day instead of carrying the whole bunch to the grocery store? An organized binder will help your coupon inventory to be managed more efficiently. Pick a binder that you can spot easily on your shelf. Use the binder dividers to categorize your newly purchased coupon sleeves, so that they can be organized in a proper manner. You must also categorize your paper coupons after you’ve clipped them circulars and newspapers.

  1. Use Savings Websites to Find More Discounts

The online couponing options that you have around are far too many in comparison with what you see in your newspaper. Most of these online coupon codes will provide you with additional savings.

This site offers printable coupons for items of regular needs. It is one of the biggest online couponing options that you have around. You’ll be provided with a large variety of coupons, so that you may compare a pick the right one for

Retail Me Not

For all coupon users, Retail Me Not is a site to be bookmarked. This site offers coupons for your local stores. You’ll be able to utilize online promo codes as well as coupons that are easily printable.


This is a startup site that offers loads of online coupons alongside different other offers brought to you by the daily deals sites. You can shop in a planned way as this site shows you through a good combination of local stores and paper coupons offered within your neighborhood.

  1. Use Your Smartphone To Save

Your smart phone allows you to use your money-saving apps and save more without visiting any local store. The best part of this process is that you end up exploring more products, save time and avail quality discounts.


Ibotta provides you with simple and quality discounts by offering coupons for a number of local stores. The deals can be accessed very easily when your task is completed; all you need to do is to get the barcode scanned and take a snap of your receipt. The savings are handed over to you once the snap is approved. You may download the app for your android and iOS phones.


This is a nice couponing app developed by Groupon. It offers discounts even on perishable items of regular consumption. This app actually helps you to save money while purchasing from your favorite brand. You don’t experience the limitation of using only a certain coupon. This app has a close resemblance with Ibotta, but you only need to get your receipt scanned. Scanning the barcode isn’t necessary in this case.

Make the most of your couponing system

The couponing system is actually quite simple. While websites like Retail Me Not and Qponsr will help in managing the online promo codes, you may use a coupon binder for organizing your paper coupons. Keep on checking your favorite mobile phone app for quality deals as you create a shopping list. Taking photos after scanning barcodes isn’t a tough task at all.

It’s natural for you to hate cooking on a Tuesday night after you have experienced a rough day. That’s one reason why an average American household spends a big amount while shopping and eating out. Couponing plays a great role over here. It feels great to rack up miles on your cards before you go out on a trip. Likewise, you may save on other purchases. When you get a movie ticket or Starbucks latte, you realize it’s the outcome of your couponing habit. There are a few greater rewards to couponing that you realize initially. Once you develop this habit, you’ll build couponing strategies to experience less stress towards managing your savings.

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Buying the best clothes by the use of online promo codes

Technological advancements and the birth of internet led to the development of better online services that have eased the pressure of physically moving from one shop to the other looking for goods. There are better online services that have been of great benefits to shoppers in the current times. Now shoppers can buy goods online in the comfort of their homes as they relax together with family or in the job place during free working hours. Nordstrom is the best online store in the United States, a place where you can always get the best of services, products and effective supply of quality goods. With the use of Nordstrom coupon code, you can always enjoy a variety of services on a 24/7 hour basis. More →

10 Practical Ways To Save Money In Everyday Life

If you have a money-picking tree in your back yard, please invite me over and stop reading this now. Otherwise the following 10 easy and practical money-saving tips below were created just for you! These ways of saving money prove it is possible for anyone, anywhere to get the things they need in life, without emptying the bank account to do it.

While there are literally hundreds of ways to cut costs inside of your home, we’re providing you with 10 of the best, most practical ways to keep more money in your pocket to spend on the thing that you want.

1. Use VoIP Services

Voice over Internet Protocol service include Google Talk and more popular, Skype. Each of these services enable to you to make local and long distance calls, sometimes at no charge, as well as international calls at some pretty awesome rates. You can save tremendously and there’s no special software of equipment needed.

2. Cut Off the Water

Would you believe that a leaking bathtub can be very costly? That drip may seem harmless enough, but each trickle into the tub or sink can add up to more than 90 gallons of waste water per year!

3. Cut off the Power

A common thing for people to do is walk into a room, flip on a light, an appliance or electronic item, use it and then go about their business, leaving the light and the other item going, using up a plethora of power as it goes along. Make sure that you do not do this because just like a drip it can be very costly.

2102396938_83992de0414. Use Coupons

Coupons are lots of fun, they’re quick and easy to print, and they save you A LOT of money. Although those extreme couponing shows you see on the TV may be a bit far-stretched, you can really rack up the savings if you learn how to use the coupons effectively, such as combining with sales/clearance deals.

5. Stop Wasting

Whether it is food or drinks, paper products or bathroom toiletries, wasting the items that you use can cause you to buy the items more frequently and spend money that could be put to good use elsewhere.

6. Stop Rushing

Being in a hurry to make a decision oftentimes results in inadequate thought or planning put into that decision. You’re far more likely to regret your choice later, and this can be costly. Think about your bank, the credit card in your wallet, even the utility providers that you are using. Are they really the best? Do you know this for a factor or just think? You can always make free and easy comparison if you stop rushing and take the time to do it.

7. Make a Shopping List

Going to the market prepared with a shopping list will make our time in the market easier, and it will also help you save money since you have already made your comparisons, clipped you coupons and know just what you want. Stick to the list and you will notice a nice change in the dollar amount your receipt is tallying…a nice 10 to 25% can be noted, and even more if you’re super savvy!

8. Switch You Appliances

How old are your appliances? If they are past the 10 to 15-year timeframe it is safe to say that it is time to replace them. Not only will your appliances start to wear down and cause problems, they’re probably not energy efficient, and could be costly you dearly.

9. Try DIY

There are many DIY projects you can tackle and save money, and a great deal of it if you allow your creativity to soar. Make your own shampoo and soaps, make your own cleaning and beauty products, make your own repairs –the list of things that you can do on your own Is endless.

10. Stop Eating Out

At $7 to $10 (and more) per person for fast food dining, a family of four can easily spend $40 or more. Add this up three times per month and you’ve wasted $120. Eliminate the amount of money that you spend eating out. Save that money for a rainy day!

You can find number of other ways to save money as explained by Priya N. on Jobs8Home. Money saving is money earning and if you are really serious about saving good money then you must bring these tips into practice.

Holiday Shopping Apps Everyone Needs

The holiday season has arrived and it’s a festive time of year filled with family, friends, food and holiday shopping.

In this advanced technological day and age, mobile phone apps have become one of the easiest ways to shop savvy during the holiday season. From budget tracking apps to comparison shopping apps, your phone is the most valuable tool you need this holiday shopping season, especially when mobile coupons are available.

The Best Mobile Phone Apps for Holiday Shopping

  • Shop Savvy- ShopSavvy is a barcode scanning app that helps you comparison shop. By quickly scanning the product’s barcode, this app will alert you if there are better prices for the same product either online or at local retailers.

  • What started as a website providing shoppers with up to the minute info on the latest Black Friday sales has now become one of the most popular holiday shopping apps. is your one stop shop for all the biggest Black Friday deals, all in one app.

  • Google Wallet- Google’s helpful shopping and budgeting app, Google Wallet allows you to shop, save and pay, all with your mobile phone. The app has the ability to store loyalty card information, locate Google Offers nearby and lets you pay for purchases at major retailers with in-app stored credit cards.

  • Wanelo- A combination of the words “want”, “need” and “love”, Wanelo is an app that provides you with a continuous stream of the hottest, must-have gifts for the holiday season. You can order the goods as you see them, or you can save products to your profile to buy later.

  • Groupon- Utilizing the benefits of group purchasing, this app helps users get discounts on everything from massages to cruises. Available for most metropolitan areas throughout the United States, Groupon is easy to use and allows you to purchase deals directly through the app.7919546470_c385c4e860

  • RedLaser- Created by eBay, this app combines the benefits of weekly circulars, in-store sales and store loyalty cards all in one app. Making shopping easy, efficient and inexpensive, RedLaser also allows users to create and share shopping lists with friends and family.

  • Discount Calculator- That gift you really want is $100 plus tax, but 15% off after checkout. With the discount calculator, you don’t need to worry about keeping track of sale prices while your shopping- the app does it for you! Just enter the price information and the discount and the calculator will keep track of your final total cost while you shop.

  • Shop Nearby- This handy mobile phone app is your best tool for locating that special gift for a loved one this holiday season. By inputting product information, Shop Nearby will help locate stores in your area that have certain products in stock and will even provide you with the retail price for that item at each particular store.

  • Amazon- The world’s largest online retailer, now has an app that allows you to browse merchandise in a wide array of categories and make purchases right from your phone.

  • Fast Mall – Ever spend more time circling a mall parking lot then you actually spent shopping? Fast Mall provides layouts for many popular malls and will even help you find available parking spots at the mall so you don’t waste time looking for a spot.

Don’t spend your holiday season waiting in long lines at the store or shelling at a year’s salary on gifts for those you love. With the help of your mobile phone, you can make shopping this holiday season efficient and affordable. It would be very wise to download these helpful shopping apps today to your smartphone or tablet and start saving money immediately.

Keeping Your Online Fashion Sales Profitable

If you’ve been selling apparel online, you are probably always on the lookout for more ways to keep your business profitable. Whether you create the designs yourself and get them from other designers, there are some tips you can implement to make sure that every piece of clothing you acquire gets sold at a profit. A couple of quick changes to your website can make sure clients are continually engaged in shopping on your site and that they keep checking back not only for new products but for other pieces they’ve had their eyes on.

Create a “Save for Later” Function

Many large retailers now have functions that allow clients to save items in their carts for later purchase. This can be a very profitable feature for your website, as it will keep clients looking at items even after they chose not to purchase them during a previous visit to your site. Shoppers may find items that they love, but they might be reluctant to purchase them right away or they might not be able to purchase them right then. If you create a feature that allows shoppers to save specific items and sizes for a later date, they’ll be more likely to return to purchase them. A feature like this means that shoppers don’t have to go back through your entire site to find the items they have previously viewed. It may seem like you want them to do this, as it will force them to look at other items as well, but if they don’t feel like doing any serious browsing, it could deter them from visiting your page at all.

Create a Sale Section

If you have excess inventory that didn’t sell the first time around, you can create a sale section in which you mark that inventory down to a lower price, attracting clients who love a good sale. Even if you’ve been previously marking items down, creating a designated sale section will engage clients’ interest because they won’t have to search through your entire inventory looking for items that are on sale. Again, it might seem that you want them to scroll through as many items as possible, but making shopping easy for your clients is more likely to result in sales than the previous method. This feature will also keep you from losing money by having items that you haven’t sold.

These are two features you can add to your apparel sales website to make it more functional and user-friendly. Any time a site is easier for clients to use, you increase the likelihood that they will spend money on your site. You can advertise these new features on your homepage, not only letting your clients know about the features themselves, but letting them know that you are continually working to improve their shopping experience. This is not only good marketing, but good customer service. These ideas are easy to implement but will yield big results for you, keeping your website profitable.

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What About The 12 Costs of Christmas?

Costs of Christmas

This infographic is produced by Webrevolve for the debt recovery and debt collection service CBC International.

Couponing for Beginners

Couponing for Beginners

As the economy gets tighter, many families have come to find that couponing is the only way to get what they truly need while sticking to the family budget. If you have wanted to get started using coupons but aren’t sure where to start, this quick-start guide is just for you.

Step 1: Get Your Coupons

There are many sources for great, usable coupons that will save you big. Try these for starters:

  • The Sunday Paper – Get the paper with the highest circulation for the biggest variety of coupons. If you are serious, buy one paper for each family member.
  • Friends and Family – Ask your loved ones to save any unwanted coupons for you. They will probably be happy to do so.
  • Hit the Internet – There are thousands of printable coupons on the Internet. You can find them on couponing sites or on manufacturer sites.
  • Use a Clipping Service – If there are current coupons that you could use in multiples, ordering from a clipping service could save you quite a bit in the long run.
  • Check Your Stores – Many stores have coupons available. All you have to do is ask or look around.

Step 2: Get Organized

Your organizational system will depend upon your style and preferences. Here are some possible ideas to get you started:

  • Envelopes – For beginners, a check file or a set of envelopes will suffice. As your operation grows, however, you will probably need to change your system a bit.
  • Electronic Organization – For the least amount of work, file your coupon inserts by date and then locate the ones you need through an online database of coupons.
  • Binder – One of the most effective systems for serious couponers is to use a three-ring binder with baseball card holders. Simply take your binder with you every time you shop.

Step 3: Learn Your Store’s Policies

For maximum savings, you will need to know your store’s policies on coupon redemption.

  • Loyalty Card – Many stores offer a loyalty card that offers special savings. These cards are free, so make sure to get yours.
  • Doubling or Tripling – Many stores will run double or triple coupon promotions. Find out when your store does so and shop on those days. You will also need to know the maximum double and triple amounts as well as how many coupons you can use during the promotion.
  • Stacking – Check to see if your store will allow you to combine store and manufacturer coupons on the same item.
  • Competitor Coupons – Many stores will honor coupons issued by their competitors and will also match advertised sale prices. It is worth your time to know which stores do so.

Have a Plan

To get the most from couponing, you must have a solid plan. Make a list before shopping and try to use coupons on items that are on sale for the highest savings. Check weekly ads and make sure to ask for a raincheck if an on-sale item is sold out. Just be sure not to buy an item you don’t need just because you have a good coupon. After all, couponing is about saving on items you would buy anyway, not spending unnecessarily.

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