Be The Boss Who Your Employees Appreciate; And Increase Your Productivity

There are many factors in running a successful business; however, your employees are the ones who carry out the daily work needed to meet your targets and deadlines. Therefore, a happy and motivated member of the team will benefit your company’s productivity and the efficiency of your processes. Ensuring that you’re being the best boss, you can be will help to ensure that your staff appreciates what you do and they’ll keep up momentum regarding their job roles. The following are some areas to consider if you need to improve the relationship you have with your employees and want a better contribution towards your business from each individual.

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Invest In Their Development

If a member of your team feels like their job is going nowhere and they haven’t progressed or grown in their role for a substantial amount of time; they’re unlikely to be giving the role 100%. To keep up momentum in not only your employees, but in your business, it’s vital that you invest in continuous training and any added qualifications that will enrich a person’s knowledge and abilities in your business. Look into relevant courses for each member of staff and gauge their enthusiasm for further learning. Your employee will not only appreciate the interest and effort they’re being shown; they are more likely to remain in your company and grow as you do. Prospects and development within a job are very appealing attribute to a business, so you’re also going to attract fresh talent who will help to expand your brand further.

Perhaps a new qualification or further training in a particular area isn’t what your staff would benefit from. You might need to send team members out to conferences and networking events so that they can develop their skills in communication and become an ambassador for your brand. Giving a person the trust and encouragement they need to represent your business in a public domain, will give them a confidence boost and they’ll return motivated and ready to get to work. By creating an all-round employee, with the ability to network and gain contacts for you; you’ll have made sure that you have a strong, functional team that can multitask with ease. This reiterates the point that investing in your employees is actually investing in your business as a whole.

Lead your business and team through example, and ensure that you’re developing your own skills as the head of the company. Research into what skills you can develop in order to lead successfully and what the best attributes are for an MD or CEO. Go along to the seminars and relevant networking events with your staff, and you’ll show them how you too are open to progressing for the business, and you might get to know them on a personal level. Maintain your enthusiasm to encourage and push your employees towards qualifications and further training; if you’re keen and positive about the courses, they will be too, and productivity will go up in no time.

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Keep An Open Line Of Communication

Aside from encouraging your team to develop and master their skills in their job role; you’ll need to make sure that you’re consistently communicating with them. Regular group meetings are a great way to gauge the mood and momentum of your business; problems and issues can be raised and ironed out accordingly. A team or group meeting is the perfect environment to bounce new ideas off one-another and to come up with a fresh, and productive approach. You’ll be able to give your feedback and any constructive criticism to the team as a whole so that everyone is on the same page and you’re all moving towards the same goals.

Some people may find it easier to bring up issues in a one-to-one setting; so ensure that you take the time to talk to each employee individually, or give them the chance to talk to a senior member of staff. Your staff may need to ask for personal leave or have a query about their time off to discuss; so it’s crucial that they feel there is somebody there to help and assist them. Make sure that you’ve referred to an employers guide to refusing holidays so that you can deal with matters in an informed and helpful manner. Take the health and stress of your team into account and try to see how their life is outside of the work environment; this may help you come to a decision when they need time away.

If your team have any issues with their colleagues and coworkers; try to resolve the problem when both members are present. Communication will help you to pick up on any issues early on so that they don’t escalate and cause further problems. Utilize your senior staff to keep an eye in the day-to-day running of things and catch up with them weekly, so they can raise their concerns and understand how much you value their contribution.

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Give Credit When Credit’s Due

Praising a good job will go a long way in keeping the motivation of your workforce high, and it’ll end up doing the same for your productivity. You could implement reward schemes, incentives, and bonuses for when targets are met, and people exceed their job role. Depending on the means and size of your company; an annual awards ceremony could be a great way to celebrate the special efforts and achievements of your employees. Regular praise will boost an employee’s self-esteem, and they’ll continue to appreciate that you’re the boss and will want to work hard for your company.

As the head of your business; always remember that your biggest assets are those who you employ. Therefore, you need to ensure that they are happy, and motivated when they’re in the workplace. Investing in their future with you, communicating regularly, and rewarding them when they meet, and exceed, your expectations will push your productivity forward and help to ensure that you have a loyal, hard-working workforce behind you and your business.

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