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Adapt or Get Sent to the Back

Adapt or Get Sent to the Back

We can all take a lesson from the bookstore chain Borders. They did not adapt their online e-commerce and digital book collection quickly enough and now their retail stores are going bankrupt. Amazon and Barnes & Noble started their Internet-based strategy sooner and are now doing better business because of it. While the Kindle and Nook are still primitive technology compared to the iPad; these companies are still cutting edge compared to the bankrupt Border’s business. When it comes to your personal finances, social life, and entertainment dollar; it is important to stay ahead of the technology curve. New Internet advances and gadget releases aren’t just novelty items to be pushed to the side. The next step in human evolution is the incorporation of digital information into our brains. Prepaid Phones, tablets, and computers have made it easier and more efficient to perform everyday tasks.

Keep Track of Your Bills More Easily

There is no need to have a paper trail behind your personal finances anymore. By consolidating all of your bills to your personal bank’s website, you can easily pay your debts and forget about them until next month. Websites like Dropbox allow you to store important documents on a computer and then view them on another with no need to print anything out. Manilla and Mint are excellent phone apps to use if you want to view what you are spending your money on without having to keep a cluster of receipts.

Consumer Information

Staying informed about daily events is an important part of being a good citizen. Newspapers and magazines are turning to a more tabloid style of journalism because people aren’t buying them as often. Staying informed with unbiased news reporting is now solely left to the consumers of news. Visiting websites that have actual, honest, and balanced reporting is the best way to stay informed and complete your duties as a good American.

Stay Social

A social life used to mean getting married at 25, going to cocktail parties with a bunch of other boring couples, and then having kids. Today the average age for marriage is 28.4 for men and 26.5 for women. The median marriage age will continue to increase because social media is giving single people more opportunities to find the right person for them. Instead of stumbling into marriage and getting divorced early, potentially cutting your income in half; you now have more opportunities to find the right person later on in life.

Get Back in Shape

There are apps on smartphones dedicated to nutrition, personal fitness, and losing weight. While America is in a financial crisis partly due to the high cost of health insurance, these apps help people decrease the burden caused by the obesity epidemic and get into the best shape they have been in since high school.

Don’t be afraid to keep yourself in financial shape.  If you are not utilizing the methods mentioned in this post, you may not be left back when other people are advancing.

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