Achieve a simplified financial life – Take stock of your finances

If you’re someone who has already set yourself on the journey towards minimalism a few years back, you must have realized by now that living on less will always lead to a simpler life. But although you may know that living on less is something that is good for you, yet you must be wondering about the ways in which you can apply these on your money. Finances play a very important role in everyone’s life and you have to master the art of handling your finances in such a manner that your finances don’t start controlling you.

Given the fact that finance has become extremely complicated on all levels, you should always be sure about the ways in which you can simplify your financial life and exercise greater control in your hands.

? Combine your retirement and bank accounts

Majority of the people can just be fine with a single checking account and a single savings account. In case you have more than one account, combine them into a single account, might be 1 checking account and 1 savings account. You can easily simplify your banking without leading to any kind of loss in the level of service. The same thing should be applicable on retirement accounts.

? Paperwork should be as less as possible

Owning multiple bank accounts for carrying forward different fiscal pursuits can lead to number of paperwork and documents building up all over your home. You might not even have time to go through them and hence this can become extremely stressful. Eliminate any paperwork which is not necessary and shift all notifications online so that you don’t have to go through the hassles of taking care of large numbers of documents.

? Downsize to just one credit card

Multiple credit cards are the biggest reason for all the financial discomfort. If you have a passion for rewards or 0% interest rate promotions, you may have built a worthy inventory of credit cards. But as soon as the introductory period is gone, the cards will not be of enough value. You may keep them open for purposes of improving credit score, but you should focus on a single card. Choose the one which offers best benefits and keep aside all the other ones. You will find it easier to manage a single card rather than 5 or 10.

? Try to eliminate debt

Debt will not only cost you money but it can even make your life complicated. You will not only have to spend time paying bills, but debts are serious stress releasers. So, each debt that you eliminate will give way to less complication in your life. Get help of debt relief programs and simplify your financial life by becoming debt free.

Therefore, if you’re tired of the complicated financial life that you’re going through, you should try your best to make your life simpler by following the points mentioned above. Stay on top of your finances and don’t let it control you.

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