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8 Small Things That Can Change Your Spending Behavior

8 Small Things That Can Change Your Spending Behavior

The million-dollar question that everyone is asking is how do I cut my budget and save money? About ten years ago, no one was as concerned with trimming the fat. Well, the truth is ten years ago America was not on the verge of a recession. Today more and more individuals are looking for authentic ways to change their spending behavior. There are hundreds of ways in which anyone can contribute to less spending. The most important ingredient to any recipe is to substitute the most expensive ingredient without sacrificing quality. This can be said for budgeting as well. It is time for households to eliminate luxurious items.

The most expensive household bill that any family can control is the utility bill. For instance, rent or mortgage has a fixed rate that cannot be changed, and so does car insurance. However, gas bills, electric bills, and water bills are bills that only the consumer can control. Not many people look at paying bills this way. By cutting back on electricity use families can save thousands of dollars each year.

  1. Start by turning off the lights before exiting a room.
  2. Change out high watt light bulbs to the low voltage ones the government is recommending,
  3. Try using a ceiling fan and opening a few windows instead of constantly running the air conditioner.
  4. Cut laundry days down to twice a week. Wash color clothes on one day and whites another day.
  5. Take a packed lunch to work 3 to 4 days per week and eat out less.
  6. Take 5-minute showers and eliminate baths as they waste a lot of water.
  7. Do not water plants on rainy days.
  8. Try shopping for clothes on clearance racks and at stores that offer the same items for less.

These are literally 8 small things that can change your spending behavior, providing the person wants to change. The most effective way would be to put yourself on a spending diet. If you have allotted yourself a weekly allowance cut it in half. Only buy items that you need. You do not have to be the first one to see a new movie, wait until the price goes down. Take the extra money and invest it in an interesting bearing saving account, and at the end of the year calculate how much you have spent compared to how much you have saved. Pay off credit card debts as soon as possible, and never spend what you cannot afford to lose.

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