7 Best Coupon Sites for the Frugal Family

Online coupons have rejuvenated the coupon industry as evidenced by recent statistics that show that coupon redemption in the country increased by almost 8% in 2010, generated over $2 billion in savings for consumers.

Given the critically tough financial situations many of us are experiencing, many families have grown more appreciative of the benefits of using online coupons. This is especially true when they realize that with the wise use of coupons, an average family of four can save as much as $6,000 in a year. What could you do for your family with an extra $6k?

Coupons have been around for a long time, but the internet has drastically changed their ease, variety, and benefits. While previously concentrated on print medium, coupons have now taken on a more updated look with the birth of printable online coupons that are available for almost any major brand.

The big question has become where to go online for discounts? Finding the specific coupon website that offers the best deals can be frustrating and time consuming, which is why we’ve summed up a few of best sites to help narrow down your search.

1. Krazy Coupon Lady this extreme couponing site offers coupon choices that can help you complete your grocery and household shopping needs in an instant, from toothpastes to frozen goods, all the products that you need in your pantry will have a coupon counterpart on this coupon site.

2. Hip2Save a coupon site that promises to veer away from the age old couponing styles of your grandmother. Hip2Save was founded by three exceptional mothers who are tirelessly looking for ways to save. A good thing about this site is that it is hourly updated with new coupons for their members.

3. WeUseCoupons this coupon site is most recommended for mothers as it contains a forum site that can help members get additional insights on stretching their budget. It also offers valuable information on how you can best use your coupons to meet your family’s expenses.

4. BluWiki a little different from your typical site, bluwiki.com is composed of a social community where members can exchange ideas and log there personal journeys towards saving money. You’ll find far more information on most types of products and follow successful tips to maximize your savings on everything from Swiffer Wetjet packages to Quilted Northern toilet.

5. RetailMeNot if you are looking for national brands such as Kohl’s and Urban Outfitters, then RetailMeNot is the best site for you as it boasts of more than 10,000 online partners and has almost everything from clothing and groceries to electronics.

6.$5 Dinners this is a food and cooking site that is perfect for parents who are constantly frustrated on the rising costs of grocery items and on choosing daily menus for the family.

7.Kind Coupons aptly called Kind coupons, this site is able to combine great discount deals with philanthropy as it donates 50% of its entire profit to charitable institutions.

This short list of quality coupon sites is all you need to get started on saving money on your next purchases for the family. A little research can mean big savings over the course of a year, so dive in and start pinching pennies.

As a member of the BluWiki.com community, I have to say I’m biased as to where to visit first. If you’d like to get a peek at the community and products and deals we’ve talked about, then check out these Swiffer wetjet coupons and Quilted Northern toilet paper coupons pages. Thanks!

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