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6 Things You Definitely Don’t Want to Do After a DUI Arrest

bankruptcy_lawEveryone makes mistakes in life. And while it’s easy to judge someone who is in a specific legal situation, the reality is no one can truly understand what it’s like unless they’ve been there themselves. This is just as true for DUIs as it is for just about any other legal matter. While it’s easy for people to pass judgment, the fact that there are over a million DUI arrests each year in the US means it’s a prevalent issue.

If you’re ever arrested for this specific offense, the most important thing is to learn from your mistake and focus on improving the future. However, that can be difficult to do with a problem hanging over your head. Since the last thing you want is to make the process of dealing with a DUI charge worse than necessary, let’s look at six common mistakes you’ll want to avoid at all costs:

Not Acknowledging the Severity of This Charge

It’s no secret that there are plenty of illegal acts that are considered much worse than a DUI. That being said, this is still a matter that involves getting arrested. And if you are convicted of the charge, it will follow you around for a long time. A DUI can play a role in your life for a decade or more. Because that’s definitely not a pleasant situation, it’s important to take control of your case from the very beginning.

Trying to Deal with This Matter Alone

While it’s important to take control of your case, that doesn’t mean dealing with it by yourself. What it means is being assertive and finding a quality lawyer as soon as possible. Although plenty of people think that they can deal with this matter without hiring a lawyer, the reality is that DUI cases can be quite challenging. And since the outcome of this case will have a direct impact on your future, it’s definitely not the right time to take a gamble.

Choosing a Lawyer for the Wrong Reasons

Hiring a lawyer isn’t the time to be a bargain hunter. It is worth contacting multiple lawyers so you can get an idea of a reasonable range for what you should pay. But that doesn’t mean you should make your decision solely based on the lawyer who quotes you the lowest price. Instead, you should choose a lawyer who has a strong reputation and plenty of experience in this specific area of the law.

What that means is if you come into contact with a lawyer who seems excellent and you’re actually considering paying the premium they charge because they seem so impressive, you should only follow through with that decision if they specialize in DUIs. If they’re a more general firm, no amount of clout is going to make up for the knowledge and expertise possessed by someone like a highly experienced San Diego DUI lawyer who handles these types of cases daily.

Not Having a Presence at the DMV Hearing

Plenty of people who refuse a BAC test or have their license taken during their arrest don’t realize they can receive a judicial review hearing. However, to get anything out of this event, you or your counsel need to be present. This can provide an opportunity to be able to drive to work and school. But since this process is quite easy to mess up, it’s another example of why it’s crucial to have the right lawyer representing you.

Driving with a Revoked License

As mentioned in the last section, it is possible to get legal permission to drive to work and/or school. However, until that’s made official, it’s in your best interest to find alternate transportation. Although it can be tempting to drive (especially if you’re only going a short distance), getting pulled over for any reason can lead to you being arrested and put in jail.

Sharing Details Of Your Case with Others

While you may have to tell your close friends and family that you were arrested for a DUI, that doesn’t mean you should go into all the details. There’s always the possibility that anything you say to someone will end up being used against you. The one exception to that rule is not only can you share anything you want with your attorney, but it’s in your best interest to provide them with as much information as possible.

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