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6 Free iOS Apps for Saving Money

6 Free iOS Apps for Saving Money

You’re probably aware that your iPhone or iPad can do much more than just keep you in touch with friends and family or help you surf the web. With these free apps, your smartphone can work for you to help you save time and money every day.

Red Laser Bar Code Scanner – An Apple app that scans a bar code and then searches to see if the item is priced less online or in brick and mortar retailers in the user’s area. If the best price for an item is through an online store, you can buy the item directly through the app and either have the items shipped to your home or arrange to pick them up through your local retailer. Red Laser Bar Code Scanner also provides detailed information on each product you scan, including common allergens that are contained in food products and product ratings from other app users.

Skyscanner – An Apple app used to find inexpensive flights. This app compares flight information and pricing from over 1000 different airlines in just a few seconds. Once you find the flight you need at the best price, you can use the Skyscanner app to purchase the tickets through the listed airline or travel agent. You can also use the app to e-mail flight information to yourself or share the flight details with friends and family. The app is independently owned and does not favor one airline over another when compiling lists of travel costs. You can search different dates and airlines to find the ideal flight for your travel needs quickly and easily.

Local Gas Prices – This app uses your zip code to provide information about the cheapest gas in your area. It is configured with gas stations throughout the United States and is working toward listings for Canada as well. The app is relatively bare bones, but it does what it says it will do by giving you quick and easy to read listings for gas stations near you. One of the interesting features of this app is that it lists prices for regular, plus, premium, and diesel gasoline at each station.

Gas BuddyGas Buddy has a few more features than Local Gas Prices that make it a little more fun to use. You can earn points toward a gas card giveaway by reporting gas prices in your area to the app. The prices listed are reported by members across the nation, which can mean that they are not always updated as quickly as the prices tend to change. The app also does not provide a distinction between the prices for credit versus the prices for cash, which can be different sometimes. Otherwise, the listings are clear and concise, and it can be fun to work with a community of other users who are interested in saving money on gasoline.

Food on the Table – An app that provides recipes and creates grocery lists on a smartphone. This app makes it easier to plan meals and then find deals on the recipe ingredients you will need to cook the meals. There are thousands of recipes to choose from. Once you choose a recipe, the app will create a shopping list for the items you’ll need to complete the recipe. Each item that is part of a local sale will be flagged so that you can find the best price for the ingredients in the recipe you plan to prepare.

Yowza!! Mobile CouponsYowza!! is a company that works directly with retailers to create deals for Yowza!! members. This free app gives you access to the coupons and special deals the company has arranged with retailers in your area based on your zip code. You can set the app to send you an alert any time one of your favorite stores adds a new coupon or sale. To use a coupon, all you have to do is show the coupon screen to the cashier so that they can scan the bar code and record the savings. You can flag coupons in the app so they are easy to retrieve at the register.

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