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5 Things to Look for in a Top Quality Modular Home Builder

5 Things to Look for in a Top Quality Modular Home Builder

When it comes to finding a home to live in, there are some large considerations to think about. Of course, a big part of finding a good home for you will depend on whether you’re looking for just yourself or for a family as well. There are a lot of housing choices available; you can look at full houses, apartments, and condos. Deciding whether you want to buy an already existing property or build your own is also important to think about. Even with building you need to decide whether you want to hire a contractor to build your house completely from scratch or use a modular home manufacturer. But what are modular homes?

Contrary to what the name might imply, modular homes are not all the same. According to Freshome, a modular home is simply one that is built in-doors at some offsite manufacturing facility. The pieces of the home are then transported to the build site and assembled there. Other than the fact that they are not built on-site, modular homes don’t really differ from other homes. They can be built with just about any style in mind and aren’t really restricted outside of their capability to be transported to their final location. When it comes to picking a builder for your modular home, there are a number of points to keep in mind.

FinwandType of Home You Want

Before you try to find a manufacturer for your modular home, you’ll need to decide what type of home you want. It may sound kind of weird when paired with the term modular home, but modular home manufacturers can build a home according to just about any style you could imagine. According to Modular Homeowners, most large manufacturers should have a series of basic floor plans for the most common styles of house. If you’re looking for something more specialized then you might need to search for a manufacturer that specializes in what you want. You can also look at real estate agencies and see what sort of information they have to give; Unitech Group homes might come in styles that can inspire your search further.


Reputation is important in just about every field of work in existence today. Modular home builders are in no way exempt from this fact. When searching for a builder, you’ll definitely want to look into what sort of reputation they have. According to Builder Online, modular construction should technically be better than on-site construction since there are tighter tolerances and production is better controlled. But that is not always the case. Quality can vary from builder to builder and it’s up to you to sift through all the information to find the one that’s right for you. Take the time to find previous customers of the manufacturer and talk to them. See if you can go visit some of their previous projects to check the quality. Do some research before making a decision.

Manufacturer Location

While it might be easy to think that the location of the manufacturer doesn’t matter since the pieces will be transported anyways, think again. The farther away the factory is from the final location of the home means higher transportation costs that  you’re most likely going to have to cover. On top of that, the final location needs to be absolutely perfect, according to Modular Today. Since the pieces of house are built away from where they will end up, the conditions during construction and assembly can be very different. If the foundation isn’t perfectly flat, the modules won’t fit very well and could get damaged. You’ll also need to make sure there is plenty of airspace for the crane to assemble and lay the pieces down on the foundation.


Like everything else in life, modular homes are not free. In one respect, modular homes are cheaper than conventional homes because they are quicker and easier to build. Modular Today states that most modular manufacturers have very efficient, streamlined factories that are capable of building the pieces much faster than a regular construction crew could build on site. Plus, building indoors means weather will not cause delays in construction. You’ll need to compare the price per square foot (or meter) of each manufacturer. Once you have an idea of what your design might cost, you’ll need to ask some questions and figure out which builder will be most cost effective overall. That includes build costs, transportation fees, and assembly costs.


One final point you need to make sure you check on is what companies and brands the manufacturer is partnered with. Many of the appliances and windows and other minor pieces of the house are provided by partner companies of the manufacturer. Modular Homeowners highly suggests checking the quality of the secondary appliances and other accoutrements you expect your home to come with. If they are second or third rate appliances, you might want to find a different manufacturer. Searching through a real estate agency like Unitech Group homes can provide you with a good deal of information to get you started. Plus, they could have partnerships with good manufacturers.

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