5 New Tools For Your Small Business

This is a wild time to be starting a small business. Web-based applications are accelerating and technology in general is changing the nature of the workplace. Data storage, networking, and communication standards are all in flux. If you’re actively developing your business model and are looking for some fresh methods to help you stay ahead of the the curve, check out the following tools:

Cloud Services. Cloud computing has advanced exponentially in the past few years and many business professionals are saying it will be in every office before the end of the decade. Cloud services allow your business to store vital documents over a synchronized network. This provides security, ease of transfer and insurance against a hardware crash or natural disaster. If your business is growing quickly and deals with a lot of data, looking into a cloud service for the company workplace would be a progressive, future-safe move.

Foursquare. This is a new form of social networking that takes people out of their living rooms and embeds them in the real world. It’s an early form of Social Media 3.0, using location-based messaging as its core service. For business purposes, registering on Foursquare puts you on the radar in your community and offers an incredible new way to connect with customers and network with potential clients.

Smartphones. This one may sound fairly obvious, but providing your employees with smartphones is a smart move. Especially if your business works out in the field or in a mobile environment, it’s crucial for your business colleagues to be hooked into the company mainline. There are also some great small business apps that can help with management and organization.

Chandler Task Management. This is a task management software available for desktops and mobile devices that will help you and your company organize tasks and schedule meetings. Chandler is not the only form of information database you can utilize to stay on track, but it’s a well-reviewed one, works on multiple platforms and is open-source, making it cost-effective.

Teleconferencing. Teleconferencing is the preferred form of holding a meeting for many businesses and sometimes it’s the only way, as clients and colleagues may be in other cities. Whether you’re using Skype, Google+, or any of the VoiP software on the market right now, you should make sure your office is equipped with webcams and the tools necessary for teleconferencing.

Implementing these tools into workplace might not instantly catapult your sales or provide small business debt relief, but over time it will breed a smoother work flow and an overall more fluid office environment. Cloud services, place-based messaging, smartphones, task management software, and teleconferencing combined would make for an excellent vanguard as you journey further into the small business universe.