5 key points to choose a financial advisor

“The way running strengthens the muscles and help maintain a healthy weight, right financial guidance at right time will strengthen an Individual or corporate wealth and help prospering in healthy way”

Financial advisory is a common term which helps an Individual or a corporate to manage the uncommon and uncertainties in finance. Seeking an advice from a financial advisor is a toughest job because it involves your money. Financial advisor is a professional who rends his advising service related to finance. David Barcomb is a certified professional and dedicated financial advisor with its expertise in Investment advising and broking.

The credentials and certificates:

It is important to known what licence does the financial advisor has and the certificates he hold. A financial advisor creates a financial plan which is a method of increasing the returns and decreasing the risk. A certified professional will always hand pick the best option for your investment. The jargon and the designation may sound really interesting, understand the qualification, certification and whether he is licensed to advice the finance. Industry_Bank_Finance_Calculator

What are the charges or fee?

There are different ways of charging some ask for the percentage or commission in the assets, some charge the hourly or fixed fee for the services. The charge or how is he paid is not dependent on the service he provides but definitely gives us the confidence how our fund will be managed. It also helps to understand what excites the advisor.

Avoid the language barrier:

There is no harm to understand in the language you are comfortable since you are not familiar with financial jargons, complicated terms and the abbreviation in it which needs a detailed explanation. It is advisable to choose an advisor who can speak the same language as you.

The client list and the check-ins:

The financial advisor feels proud and does share the clients he/she has helped growing big.  Find out the list of clients he/she has serviced to know the potentials of the advisor. Is there a specific approach they follow? Many planners meet very often in the initial months and then they meet once a year. Check what support can a planner give monthly, quarterly or yearly and keeps you satisfied with the service.

Involvement and interest:

The financial advisor tends to ask questions to understand the approach he needs to initiate whether a low cost fund or high cost fund. Check if he is involved in the conversation and questioning or talking more than you. Look for an advisor who is fiduciary which means he / she works which interest you in all the matters.

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