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4 Top Tips to Find Nursing Work in the UK

There has been a recent boom in overseas recruitment for nursing in the UK. This is an initiative backed by the government to bring in international nurses to make a valuable contribution to NHS patient care. Since 2011, the National Health Service in Britain has seen the number of foreign nurses double and there are still many opportunities. To make the most of the cosmopolitan environment, renowned educational facilities, and competitive pay standards in the UK follow these top tips to find a nursing job in Britain.

  1. Registration with NMC

First, you’ll have to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the UK before you can find employment. Request an information pack or download one from the NMC website to guide you through the necessary steps. Once you’ve complete the application there will be a fee of GB£120 or around USD 202 and the board will decide in approximately 3 months whether you have been successful or not.

  1. Finding an NHS Job

If your application was successful you should start to look for jobs advertised on the NHS website. Use the appropriate search filters to narrow down your search about which area will be most suitable for you. The Royal College of Nursing also has plenty of advice and support for applicants with guidelines for recruitment and employment as well as useful contacts and resources.

  1. Keep an Eye on Job Sites and Contact Agencies

There are all kinds of different job sites on the Internet nowadays so to save time it’s best to specify what kind of job you’re looking for and subscribe to the most reputable ones to receive updates right into your inbox. Twitter is also a great place to keep in the know about what opportunities are out there and what changes are happening to the industry. Another great way to find nursing work in the UK is by contacting a nursing agency like Nursing Personnel who has a great range of contacts to assist you in your search and application process.

  1. Work Experience

If you’re unsuccessful at finding the right nursing job right away then work experience is also a great way to get your foot in the door and find your way into the industry. The NHS is made up of over 400 individual trusts all across England and each one can open the door to work experience. Find an area that works for you and contact the trust direct to find out about the available opportunities.

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