The Law and Fraud

The Law and Fraud

The law & fraud Fraud is a crime that involves a person intentionally deceiving another in order to either gain something such as money, valuables, or success. In recent years, fraud has become more accessible to criminals due to the popularity of the internet. For example, a fraudulent individual could con a person out of […]

The best budgeting software to help you manage your personal finances

The best budgeting software to help you manage your personal finances

When it comes to managing your finances, staying on top and staying in control are crucial. Whether you want to maintain a big money share portfolio, monitor multiple savings accounts or simply keep a close check on your grocery spends each week, keeping accurate budget reports are crucial for keeping track of how your money […]

Top 5 ways to consolidate your debts

In the current financial climate a huge number of us are lumbered with a range of debts that, quite frankly, we could do without. Whilst there is little that we can do about actually having to repay the debt, many of us are able to make debt repayment a little easier on ourselves by looking […]

The Importance of Financial Literacy

The Importance of Financial Literacy

We go to school to learn new things. We want to be able to equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills necessary for adult life. Math, Science, English…these are all important subjects. But I believe that the most important subject of all is not taught at universities. Rather, it is taught in the school of […]

Eat Healthy, Save Money?

Stretching that monthly budget during tough times is no easy task. Raises are rare, the cost of living is increasing, and so is the price of preserving our health. Getting ahead in this world takes more than a mix of grit and gravitas; the system is designed to cater to those who have already established […]

Beware the flopping real estate scam

Throughout history, there have been scams that have been designed to make a quick buck for their unscrupulous perpetrators. Currently on the rise is the ‘flopping’ real estate scam. The scam is perfect for these depressed housing market conditions whereby everyday Americans are struggling to pay their mortgages. The scam takes advantage of the practice […]

Managing the students wallet

This post contributed by Katei Cranford. School is a time for instruction. It can also be a time of financial chaos—from the windfalls of grants to the pits of misspending—students stay on a fiscal roller-coaster. But with some thought, planning and a bit of willpower, you can also coast through college on a steady path […]

Distractions Keeping you From Great Customer Service

Owning a small business is a great way for aspiring entrepreneurs to break free from the corporate world and actually enjoy what they do for a living. While an escape from the corporate landscape is refreshing, the small business world relies a lot more heavily on the friendly aspects of customer service and hospitality. Here […]

A way to live up to your obligations

Financial problems may come up at any given point in our lives without informing us beforehand. If you meet with any emergency all of a sudden, you may find it difficult to handle the situation, especially when you’re nearing the end of a month. It might be a good ploy to go for the cash […]

Protecting your family with life insurance

Life is very precious. You cannot replace it with any value. A family is even more important. It’s one of the biggest asset that one can have.Sad to say, life also has its own expectancy. We know very well that life has its beginning and its ending. The only thing we do not know is […]

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