8 Small Things That Can Change Your Spending Behavior

8 Small Things That Can Change Your Spending Behavior

The million-dollar question that everyone is asking is how do I cut my budget and save money? About ten years ago, no one was as concerned with trimming the fat. Well the truth is ten years ago America was not on the verge of a recession. Today more and more individuals are looking for authentic […]

Advice To Think About When Designing A Debt Relief Budget

Stop The Bleeding Whether it’s those niggling fees that suddenly appear on your checking account statement seemingly out of nowhere — though intermittent use of check cards without writing down notes all but guarantees that you’ll sooner or later miscalculate the balance amounts and be stuck with the (increasingly exorbitant) penalty — or the charges […]

Launching an Insurance Appointment Setting Campaign

Insurance agents often try a myriad of strategies to generate new business clients, but there is no method as ubiquitous and misunderstood than outbound telemarketing and appointment setting.  The key to success in the insurance industry is the ability to call, qualify, and set appointments with appropriate prospects.Getting Started Develop a simple and clear mission […]

Latin and Liability

What is it with legal documents and Latin? We’re living in the 21st Century and we’re faced with documents that contain phrases that Nero may have been familiar with, but you don’t hear too often on the average building site. Even when they’re in English, some of this legalise might as well be in a […]

How Networking Marketing Can Be Used to Fast Track Your Way to Wealth

If you follow the careers of most people about 80 % are either dead broke, depend on the state, or their parents, 19 % are financially independent and can stand on their own, while only 1% are rich enough to live life according to their own terms. In the state of today’s economy where nothing […]

10 Reasons Insurance is Worth It

10 Reasons Insurance is Worth It

As much as we hate to, paying insurance is one of the necessary evils in life. Yes, it means the insurance companies are filthy rich – especially those with superior legal teams who know every loophole in the book and therefore avoid payouts at all costs, but without them many people would have no safety […]

5 personal finance tips for the self employed

In the past job security was taken for granted, but as many businesses, large and small, feel the pinch on their finances, working for some-one else is no longer the safe haven that it used to be. Looking for a new job is also a very disheartening task, with few new positions being created and […]

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