Should You Replace Your SMS Plan with Facebook Messenger

With limited funds you might find the purchase of a 4G Android or other high-end smartphone to be an unnecessary extravagance. That said, it’s not like you aren’t going to go without a mobile phone these days, and forbidding yourself to buy a smartphone in 2011 is like refusing to give-in to buying a text […]

How the Economy Has Affected Mortgage Rates

During the past few years we’ve seen the housing market take a plunge downward as lower mortgage rates have remained in place, while the economy has desperately tried to recover. Recently there has been a slight increase in the mortgage rates and buyers are wondering if the rates will continue to increase. One of the […]

How can you pay off your mortgage quickly?

Mortgage loans are often one of the largest loans and the most important that a person can take out during their lifetime. If you have a mortgage loan, you are probably interested to learn the ways in which you could pay off the loan as quickly as possible. There are a number of different ways […]

Be Smart And Save Money On Your Next Car Purchase

When it comes time for you to buy a car, you need to save every dollar that you can. Be a smart car shopper and arm yourself with a little bit of knowledge before taking on the second biggest payment that most people make. New Cars Make sure your timing is right when buying a […]

Pawnshops See a Spike in Small Business Clientele

Due to ever-increasing strains brought on by the seemingly terminally-ill economy, thousands of small business owners across the United States are making payroll through the pawning of their possessions. The trend has been noted by pawnshop owners from New York to Los Angeles. While the typical pawnshop exchange is a matter of a few hundred […]

The Great Balancing Act: Self Knowledge and Self Budgeting

What is the key to a healthy bank balance? The answer is contained within the question itself, balance. Balance is needed to enjoy a healthy relationship with money (and when I say a ‘healthy’ that’s exactly what I mean, as it is now well documented that financial concerns have a huge effect on our physical […]

Critical illness insurance deals

Few people would dispute that times are tough and may remain so, so that makes a search for critical illness insurance deals all the more urgent. Yet a slight pause may be advisable. Critical illness insurance UK cover, may provide financial assistance at a time when you and your family are at your most vulnerable. […]

Money Management Tips

Money Management Tips

Saving money now days seems almost impossible. Not only have gas prices and home expenses risen over the past 6 months but jobs have become harder and harder to find. In order to save money in this type of economy parents need to start teaching their children money management tips from a small age. Below […]

The Coming Credit Card Debt Apocalypse

At the worst possible time for millions of Americans struggling to feed their families and maintain their residences amidst a still stifling post recessionary economy — much of the United States still besieged by ruined markets and bleak financial indicators — the multinational banking conglomerates effectively controlling credit card debt accounts within this country have […]

Finance for the Future

Finance for the Future

Even in these times of economic uncertainty, there are still things that we can rely on – death and taxes.  While it might be difficult to think about that fact that death eventually comes to us all and it’s probably best not to dwell on that fact too much, it’s important to face facts and […]

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