Effective Investors Understand Their Personal Style of Investing

Effective Investors Understand Their Personal Style of Investing

“Be true to thy self” is a phrase often heard in most all aspects of Life, and the application of this age-old wisdom is even appropriate in the field of investing.  Investing in any of our various markets requires discipline, knowledge, and experience, but the one key area that many investors unwittingly ignore is that […]

The Day that Turns Your Life Around

Life is full of wants and desires, wishes and dreams.  While we all may have good intentions when we dream about making a change in our lives or achieving a lifelong goal, for most, it is likely not going to come to pass.  That is, until something happens in our lives that spurs us to […]

Wedding Planning In The Age Of Debt Relief

Although societal mores have seemingly conspired to escalate the costs of weddings with each successive generation, the financial problems and overwhelming credit card debt totals of United States citizens have finally started to alter perceptions toward a more practical approach.  Not that we’ve entirely done away with Disney princess themes or hand carved ice sculptures […]

Don’t Get Into Hot Water With Your Energy Bills

Our debt advisers here at Debt Advice Group get a really good feel for what’s going on in the debt world, simply because of the number of people in personal debt that they see each week, but even they were surprised by the findings of a Facebook poll by our sister company Moneyextra, which posed […]

True eBay VS What You will Read

I once owned a website called eBaymysteries.com. I owned this website before I ever even knew what the word SEO meant and I spent a lot of time teaching people the ins and outs of selling items and making money on eBay through my writing. Unfortunately- the website never made me any money (part of […]

Refinancing Your Loan – Things to Remember

As many households take a long hard look at their finances to try and squeeze the most out of every dollar earned, refinancing loans may be considered as an option to free up some money. However, whilst it is possible to get a new deal to lower outgoings, there are a number of other factors […]

Crime Trends and the Economy in 2010

When the economy isn’t at its highest levels, more people are out of work, financial hardships are increasing, and more spare time is readily available, one would assume that crime rates would increase, and vice versa; when the economy is flourishing, crime would go down. While it would make sense to link a time of […]

To Budget or Not to Budget that is the Question

To Budget or Not to Budget that is the Question

We’ve all been enticed by that “awesome new what-cha-ma-call-it” before. So what is it that gets us to pull out our wallets and hand over our hard earned money instead of putting it away into savings? A lot of it has to do with the emotional appeal of whatever it is we’re considering purchasing. In […]

Having A Backup Plan

If nothing else, the recent/current economic recession should be a warning to us all that our economic futures are likely not as secure as we’d like to think they are. Several people we’re thrust into no-win economic predicaments for a variety of different reasons. Simply put, the average person doesn’t anticipate ever losing their main […]

10 Easy Money Saving Tips on Groceries!

10 Easy Money Saving Tips on Groceries!

Times are tough and many of us are doing all we can to tighten our belts and keep a close eye on our budgets; everything from spending less on entertainment to not traveling very far due to fuel prices Another major expense is the cost of food You’ve probably heard all over the news that […]

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