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2 Saving Tips and 2 Money Making Tips to Take You Forward in 2013

Money saving tipsThis year, 2013, could be a tough one when it comes to household finances. The latest financial data shows that the worldwide economy is still looking uncertain and the average global citizen is still facing slow wage growth, combined with increased inflation.

So with take-home pay almost frozen and the cost of living increasing, many consumers are facing a squeeze on their finances.

However, if you’re clever with the way you save and spend money, you can weather the storm and still live well. Check out the advice below, to learn how both to save money and spend it this year.

Saving money 1: switch providers

In 2013, almost all your bills will be from one of the many companies that provide you with a service. So whether you’re looking at your internet, phone, gas, electricity, insurance, banking, or mortgage provider, if you think you’re paying too much, there will be alternatives out there.

All these companies are competing against each other for customers and they know that in these tough economic times, consumers are looking increasingly to the bottom line.

This trend means that there are great deals out there, especially if you’re willing to enter a long-term contract with a company.

Saving money 2: use comparison websites

Whether you need a new TV or dishwasher, or the services of a lawyer or other professional, make sure you shop around online first

Either you can trawl the internet yourself, which takes time and effort, or you can use a comparison website, where you fill in an online form just once and get lots of results that you can easily compare to find the right deal for you.

Money making 1: make money online

The internet is a great way for people to connect and that means it’s now one of the most powerful ways of earning cash.

You could set up a new business like a blog site that attracts advertising revenue, or an online shop, where you sell goods to people across the world.

On the other hand, you may prefer to work for others as a freelance online writer, producing stories for a blog site, or you might use your skills to become an online tutor.

Money making 2: sell unwanted goods

In the old days, people would give their unwanted goods to the local thrift shop or simply throw them on the tip. However, in 2013, the internet provides one of the best ways to make money from your household junk.

By using websites like musicmagpie.com, you can make sure stuff you would normally give away for free or throw out makes money for you.

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