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10 Ways to Save Cash Today By Cutting Unnecessary Expenses at Home

10 Ways to Save Cash Today By Cutting Unnecessary Expenses at Home

Even though the recession has been declared officially over, most people are still struggling to bounce back. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to save cash today that do not require a great deal of effort. Consider the following 10 suggestions:

1. Don’t pay for extended warranties. When you buy household appliances, even inexpensive ones, the clerk will probably ask you if you want to pay for an extended warranty. Save your money. Technology is becoming so much more affordable that replacing an item is usually less expensive than buying the extended warranty.

2. Cut coupons and watch for specials. It’s a good idea to have a membership card at the grocery stores where you shop, because the best deals usually stipulate that you must have a shopper card. Coupons, on the other hand, can be used anywhere and can save you anywhere from a few cents to several dollars.

3. Buy non-perishables in bulk. When you see a great store special for a product like toilet paper or canned foods, stock up. You know you’ll use these products eventually, so you might as well get them at the best possible prices.

4. Buy only clothes that fit. Both women and men fall prey to the temptation to buy clothes that are a little too tight because they know that they’re “planning to lose the weight.” Unfortunately, weight loss is not an easy task, and the clothes that were purchased with so much hope usually spend a year or two in the closet before being donated – unworn – to Good Will. If you want to save cash today, buy only clothes that fit you comfortably and that you know you will enjoy wearing.

5. Combine your errands. If you have several errands to run in the same part of town, do them all in one day to save on gas as well as wear and tear on your car.

6. Avoid past due fines and fees. Having to pay fines on a late library book or getting dinged for paying a credit card bill late is like burning your money up or throwing it in the trash, since you’re getting no good out of it whatsoever. Use a paper or an electronic calendar to remind you when bills and other items are coming due.

7. Go to matinees. If you love movies, or even live theater performances, attend the early afternoon performances. They are almost always much less expensive than their evening counterparts.

8. Cancel subscriptions you don’t use. Most of us have subscriptions to magazines that we never have time to read. If you have such a subscription, see if you can cancel it and get your money back. At the very least, don’t renew it when it runs out.

9. Buy compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). CFLs can help save on both money and enery. They last up to 75% longer than regular light bulbs, and produce 75% less heat. This means you not only save by not having to buy new light bulbs every time you turn around, you also save on air-conditioning costs during the summer.

10. Seal air leaks. Air leaks around the windows and doors can make your home feel awfully cold in the winter. This means you’ll have to run the furnace more often and end up spending more money. Taking a weekend to find and seal the worst leaks will save you money during the cold season.

Everyone needs a little extra cash today. If you follow these simple ideas, you’ll soon find yourself with much-needed extra money in your wallet.

Matt H. is a financial writer for He writes about money saving tips, personal financial planning, and show people how to get cash today.

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