Could Financial Trading Be for You?

With many people tightening their belts, extra sources of income are becoming increasingly popular, especially ones which don’t require a second job. One such method is financial trading, and in particular, the foreign exchange (forex) market. While it may seem like something that only wealthy experts can get involved in, it’s actually quite a lot […]

How to Generate the Private Equity Funds to Grow a Start-up Venture?

When it comes to generating funds for your business, private equity funds are the best way of funding for the start-ups, as they seldom qualify for the conventional bank loans. Additionally, private equity financing also involves investments with a guarantee of getting the money back with big profits, so the investors aren’t so hesitant about […]

Forex Trading Books for Beginners

Learning forex trading is not as complicated as others may think. In fact, techniques can easily be learned if one has the desire and patience to know the intricacies of this kind of trading. For beginners and for those who wants to enhance their learning experience with foreign exchange trading, the following books might prove […]

Things You Should Know About Forex Trading

Both veteran and novice traders of the stock market find that trading in foreign currency exchange, commonly referred to as Forex, is really attractive. The basic difference between stock market and Forex market is that one can trade in the latter market at any time of the day as it remains open 24×7. And this […]

World Map of Trading

This is an infographic to describe world forex trading activity. It shows the top 15 traded currency pairs, volumes and buy and sell percentage rates. This is designed to aid new traders in getting a general overview of the forex market, which should allow them to make better use of their trading platform and maximise […]

What are the Best Electronic Trading Platforms?

In today’s hectic financial climate, investors from all different markets are looking at the best electronic trading platforms out there in order to gain a competitive advantage. Electronic trading platforms are computer systems which allow traders to digitally perform trades without the need for human intervention in the process. Each brokerage offers their own trading […]

What is a bond? Where Can I find the Best Rates?

With the proper savings plan or with a fortunate monetary windfall, many people are ready to start out investing. Nevertheless, in the event you didn’t take any economics courses in high school or in school, you will not be familiar with the basics. Having seen the morning news for years, you’re most likely acquainted with […]

The Role Of a Trading System in Forex Trading

The Role Of a Trading System in Forex Trading

Many of the new Forex traders should be having a trading plan or system. If they don’t, then their first responsibility is to develop their own trading system in order to trade Forex in an organized manner. Forex trading system or plan is a key to good trading and for those who think that it […]

Bond Investment: Understanding Interest Rates and Inflation

Bond Investment: Understanding Interest Rates and Inflation

Bond investments require an acute understanding of periodic interest payments, inflation fluctuations, as well as the way in which these factors affect the yield value. Owning a bond is attached to a stream of future cash repayments. These overheads act as a function of your required return, and can be affected by oscillations in market […]

What is Municipal Bond Investing?

What is Municipal Bond Investing?

  Municipal bonds are an investment category that has performed extremely well over the last couple years. Investors are flocking to this area and need to understand the risks and rewards of Municipal Bond investing. These securities are not for everybody and have distinct risks when compared to other investments. What are bonds? Bonds are […]

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