Track your holiday expenses to spend a New Year sans debt – Financial apps for iPhone

As we just get out of the festive season and welcome the New Year, this is the right time for a reality-check on your personal financial level so that you know where you stand financially. It is possible to reduce your expenses and start saving only when you are able to track your expenditure religiously. But with the numerous expenses that we make in a year, or more specifically during a season, it’s tough to actually track each of your expenses and also keep a close watch on it. This is where the money tracker apps come in handy.

With the soaring numbers of people who use smartphones, there’s an app for all kinds of tasks and once you install them in your iPhone, you can start keeping a tab on your finances so much so that you get to know about the holiday debt that you’ve incurred and how you can get rid of it. Let’s take a look at some of the expense trackers for iPhone which will help you stay on top of your finances.

#1: Expense Tracker, 2.0 – Financial Assistant

We’ve just bid goodbye to the month when savings surpasses expenses, December because we’ve all spent Christmas in an extravagant manner. The app called Expense Tracker comes in with a built-in budgeting and financial assistant which is designed to manage your finances and suggest you tricks to save money. You just have to access the account through either a touch code or a pass code. Through a PDF that will be sent to your mail ID, you will be given updates of your fiscal report.

#2: Money Control

This is one among those apps which are so promising and rewarding that you can’t stay without them. There is an interesting feature of ‘sync’ which can be done with Dropbox to safeguard your data, secure them and make them easily accessible to you. There’s an in-app purchase which can save you from the large number of receipts. With this app, you can handle different transfers and accounts.

#3: Pocket Expense Personal Finance

Why should you pay a finance manager when you have such a convenient app called the Pocket Expense for free on your iPhone? This app is loaded with full features and it is powerful enough to handle your finances. At the same time, it is very user-friendly, so much so that you can understand everything about your personal finances. You are allowed to track your bills with personalized reminders and this app marks the bill as per the status. So, with this free app, you can single-handedly tackle all your financial areas.

#4: Live Expenses

This has been built for the traveling salesman and for them it offers an easy way of tracking expenses, following a set budget and managing every single penny in a way that keeps boosting your savings account. The best part of this financial app is that the interface of this app seems to be cool enough and it is also user-friendly. The export feature is the main highlight of this particular app. The app also allows you to attach photos, media when you’re tracking receipts. There is enough keying involved in this app and here lies the trick of using it effectively.

Therefore, if you’re eager to track your finances and keep a close watch on your holiday debt so that you don’t have to spend a New Year drowning in debt, you can definitely install one or multiple apps that are listed above. Just make sure you use it and update it regularly.

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