Tips to finding new tenants in Slough

It seems expensive for a landlord to continue with longer void periods. You shouldn’t find it tough to identify new tenants once your current tenant moves out. There are some areas in Slough wherein it’s not that easy to find a rental property, although the buy-to-let market seems to be growing fast. The easy availability of tenants in your neighborhood doesn’t guarantee the influx of families depicting good moral behavior and sober habits. The situation might be tricky for landlords in their pursuit for a good tenant.

Few good ways in which landlords can save time while checking out new tenants:

Social Media

It might seem to be a good ploy in stating the fact that your property is registered with Twitter, Facebook, and a few other social media websites. Chances are there that your network has contacts that will show their interest in renting your property.

Online Advertisements

Your property can be shared to a much wider audience and you’ll end up saving much on the brokerage charges when you opt for online letting agents in Slough. Your property can’t be listed with online property portals when you’re a private landlord. On the other hand, it gets easier for you to market your property in these portals once you register with an agent online. It will certainly help you fetch potential tenants in good numbers.


Gumtree has a huge network and chances are there that they will check out your property very frequently. Gumtree gets your property listed with them for free. This method is truly recommended for identifying good tenants if you really wish to avoid spending more money.

Word of Mouth

This is a traditional approach for finding fresh tenants. However, this method holds a surprise element. You’ll never know when a tenant might turn up. Once the word is out, people staying close to your property will start spreading the information within their social circles. More often than not you’ll find someone who is interested in finding a rental offer within the same neighborhood. It’s even beneficial for you if you find a tenant through common references.

Letting Agent Firms

In the event you don’t find time to search for new tenants, then you must sign up with a good firm of efficient estate agents in Slough. Prior to getting registered, you must check out the cost involved in it.

It may not seem to be a great idea to choose the very first person who requests a tenancy. However, the risks associated with choosing a bad tenant are certainly curbed to a large extent when you run proper checks and ensure needed diligence.

You may wish to check out his previous tenancy history with the authorities. You must get in touch with the office of the state authorities if you wish to acquire information on a prospective tenant. Likewise, you must also check information pertaining to your tenant in advance. It’s truly essential for you to read through the terms of your contract carefully prior to signing.

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