When Banks Don’t Play Fair With Your Money

If you’re like most people, you probably like to think you can trust your bank to help with your finances. All too often, though, we are seeing stories in the news of banks behaving badly. One such story you may have read about is the Libor rigging scandal. That was when banks were found to […]

The Basics of Reclaiming a PPI

This infographic is originally published on Have I Got PPI UK, a CMC based in Manchester, UK. A lot of people are already filing their claims in order to get their PPI refunds however there are only a few that were lucky so far. One main hindrance is that most of those people who are […]

Mis-Sold Payment Protection Insurance: Some Interesting Facts

Mis-Sold Payment Protection Insurance: Some Interesting Facts

Payment protection insurance or PPI is that insurance which compensates your repayments as a result of any unprecedented event. You might lose your employment, fall sick or face an accident and this may hinder you from making repayments of your loan. Payment protection insurance comes in handy particularly in these circumstances. Usually, financial service providers […]

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