Personal Finance The Peter Griffin Way

Peter Griffin is the not so lovable dad in the hit television program, Family Guy. Unfortunately for Peter it would seem that the producers have used a fairly stereotypical typecast for his character. Sadly this means that he joins a long list of other crass, rude impulsive and somewhat dense parents. He could easily be […]

5 Personal Finance Mistakes Most People Make

Financial mistakes are so common, even the experts have admitted to making some of the most common financial mistakes themselves. Instead of attempting to be mistake free, many people opt on limiting mistakes and eliminating the most common mistakes they make. There are five mistakes that almost everyone, be them a novice starting out their […]

4 Important Homeowner Money Saving Tips

The expenses of owning a home just keep piling up. In addition to all the fixed expenses homeowners face, variable costs keep rearing their ugly head at the worst possible times, like the broken water heater 2 days before christmas. In these tough economic times, homeowners are ever looking for ways to save money without […]

Interest Only Mortgages Explained

Those who are disciplined may find that the traditional mortgage option is one that can really benefit them. This sort of mortgage involves them paying the interest on the loan as well as a small amount of the principal. This is among the most common forms of loan and once the borrower manages the minimum […]

5 New Year’s Resolutions To Make For Your Money

New Year is a time when many people make promises to themselves which often involve being more positive, being healthier, and even being more responsible with their money. During tough economic times, it’s very important to remember that the financial decisions you make today will greatly impact your future. We look at some resolutions you […]

Tips to Save Money on Any Budget

So many people these days become so caught up in the moment and how they can barely keep up with their bills. What many of these people don’t realize is that no matter how ‘tight’ money may be, there are always ways to go about making the most of the cash you do have and […]

Advantages of Using Tax Software

The growing number of tax software users is a testimony to the fact that such software are very useful. For a better understanding of why so many people are using tax software, highlighted below are some of the main advantages of such software. Maximizes Your Tax Deductions It is not possible for a layman to […]

How to Plan For Your Future; It’s Never Too Late (or Early) to Begin

A lot of people seem to think one of two things: either they believe they are too young to worry about their future and that when the time is right they will know. Or, they think they have waited far too long and that any planning they do isn’t going to pay off. We are […]

Bringing a Business Back From The Graveyard of The Recession

Bringing a Business Back From The Graveyard of The Recession

Many post-recession attempts to bring a business “back from the grave” leave the “revived” company looking more like a zombie than the benefactor of a glorious resurrection. While analysis does suggest that the recession has ended, residual effects are still resonating within SMEs in every industry. Fortunately with a bit of research, dedication, and patience, […]

Keeping Gold Industry Standards High

Keeping Gold Industry Standards High

Gold, a beautiful precious metal adorned by many has been a symbolism of love and power throughout the ages.  Civilizations have been built because of it and wars fought over it.  As it was then and still today, gold has an impact on societies and individuals alike. There are 100 million people worldwide relying on […]

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