Five Good Reasons To Use A Remortgage To Secure Unsecured Debt

Five Good Reasons To Use A Remortgage To Secure Unsecured Debt

Over the last few years, unsecured debt in the UK has risen significantly.  By February 2011, Credit Action reports that total UK personal debt was £1,454 billion. Individuals currently owe more than the entire country produced during the whole of 2010. And, much of this borrowing is at high interest rates.  Brits pay £182 million […]

The Top 5 Reasons to File for Bankruptcy

No one really wants to file for bankruptcy. It’s not fun and it doesn’t feel good to have to admit that you simply don’t have the money to pay your debts. However, in spite of the fact that it may not be an enjoyable experience, it’s also one which is extremely important and which can […]

Fighting Over a Blown Budget? Try eBay Therapy

Arguments about the family budget; maybe they happen during the monthly or yearly budget committee meeting (you are having those aren’t you?); or maybe they happen at dinner just before bed. Regardless of when they happen or where they occur, these disputes always seem to result in mudslinging worthy of a heated political bout. The accusations […]

How Your Parents Money Choices Influence Your Finances

How did your parents manage their money? If you are not sure, chances are good that your parents did not have a strong impact on the way you are living and spending (or saving) money today. However, you may not realize that what your parents did with money really did impact your own lifestyle choices. […]

Some Fees Are Worth Paying For The Best Remortgage Deal – But Only At The Right Moment

One of the main reasons why homeowners look to remortgage is to save money.  Whilst there are other reasons to consider a remortgage – to benefit from a fixed rate or to borrow additional funds – saving money is the principal aim of most. So, finding a ‘fees free’ remortgage deal might sound like the […]

How has the budget affected you?

How has the budget affected you?

The Government insists that their recent budget announcements are not about raising tax but are about reforming the economy in order to enable future growth. The impact of the budget, however, will be felt by individual UK households with some gaining and some losing and, with a number of fundamental reforms set to take place, […]

Healthy People Need Only Apply for Life Insurance

You will probably never hear this from online life insurance brokers but you might as well face the facts.  The truth is that only the healthiest people in America get the cheapest, rock-bottom prices for a life insurance policy.  It is a gift from the nation’s insurance companies.  Those insurance carriers reward healthy people with […]

Three Reasons to Join Finances with Your Partner

Three Reasons to Join Finances with Your Partner

At a glance, you would think that a couple that keeps its finances separate would have less to fight about when it comes to money issues. Research has indicated that just the opposite is true. Keeping all of a couple’s finances separated can lead to more misunderstandings in the long run. Separate Accounts can Mean […]

Confessions Of A Walmart Shopper

Walmart has the largest client base in the United States for its reasonable priced goods and good services. Most of Walmart’s operations are directed towards the local customer who uses cash to purchase grocery and other items. It is the world’s largest retailer in the US due to the numerous branches in different states and […]

Why some Banks are Unwilling to Give Small Business Financing

There are some banks that seem to be against the giving of small business financing. The term ‘small business financing’ is used, in this context, to refer to business loans that are small in terms of the amounts given, as well as loans of all sizes advanced to businesses that are small in size. The […]

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