Make room to grow | Office tips for maximum productivity


There are few things more pleasing in the business world than stepping out of a lift and into the cool, relaxing and impressive foyer of a beautifully designed office space. And while we wish that everyone had the luxury of an interior designer on hand to ensure that their office design was geared for maximum effect and impact, the fact is that most of us simply don’t have the resources to spend on office design when we’re getting started.

While the design of your Hong Kong office space should be a vital component of getting set up in your new office, the fact remains that you might be a little short on cash to spend on the finer details. You might be thinking – “but there has got to be better way!” and thanks to the advent of new working solutions like serviced offices and virtual offices, there is.

Where once businesses had to do it tough with long-term commercial leases, now it’s possible for a business to hire a short-term virtual office space or to relax into the turnkey solution (in luxury and style) of a serviced office in locations around the world.

With a virtual office or serviced office it’s simple to get your business going in a new location with ease. And all of the design is taken care of by professionals!

Now, setting up your Hong Kong office space is even easier than ever. To help you even further in working out the best operational methods for your business, we have outlined some of our key tips for productivity below.

Sounds right

When you’re working away in your office the last thing you want to be doing is managing the influx of sounds from things like construction, outside noise or other businesses or companies on your floor. Sounds control for your business means that you need to figure out a way to best adjust for sounds in the workplace that could be disruptive. Whether you have a quiet room for people to get serious work done, or if you provide noise cancelling headphones for times when you need to get down and hustle – you need to have some way of providing a soundproof space for your staff.

Light up your life

Nothing kills productivity faster than poor lighting in your office environment. If you’re clinging to fluro bulbs like they’re the last bastion of ‘how we did it in the old days’ you need to update your lights – and fast. Stick to something like an LED bulb with natural daylight appeal. This kind of lighting solution will offer soothing light in a natural way, while reducing the risk of headaches and other lighting-related issues.

Think of the chairs

The productivity of people at work is directly linked to the physical body that they have to carry them from task to task. The last thing you want is headaches and other physical ailments plaguing your workers, so be sure to think about the ergonomics of your workspace, whether it’s chairs or standing desks.

Arrange for flow

Think about how work is done in your office space. Do you have your desks set up to take advantage of how people work? You don’t want to distract people in your office with unnecessary walking or moving around – especially if they have to pass people who are known to be distracting! Make sure the ‘flow’ of your office is conducive to working well.

We have outlined just a few key points about how to ensure productivity in your office – so be sure to implement these for optimised output and maximum growth. We look forward to seeing how you work in 2017, so let us know in the comments below how you have implemented changes for productivity.