How Your Innocent Hobby Can Become a Sound Financial Investment.

There are very few hobbies that satisfy quite as much as collecting. Golf or football or crafts or music all have their appeal, but the collector gets the satisfaction of being able to see the fruit of their labours, watching their collection grow and grow, with each part of the collection gaining sentimental value as […]

Are We All Equal Before The Drunk Driving Law?

In the United States, pretty much everyone knows and agrees that drunk driving is dangerous, is against the law and can harm others. Well, mostly everyone: some celebrities seem to consider themselves above the law—largely because they have seen many of their colleagues commit this criminal offense with few or no consequences. It certainly seems […]

How Consumer Debt In The U.S. Has Affected The Recession

Among all the news about the falling stock market, corporate bailout, and lavish CEO bonuses, there’s a macroeconomic trend that’s not being discussed: consumer debt. In macroeconomic terms, consumer debt is debt that comes from the purchase of goods that are consumable and do not appreciate in value. A lot of economists view consumer debt […]

4 Well Known Lawyers Worth Knowing About

If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers. -Charles Dickens  Lawyers over the years have been given a bad rap as being ambulance chasing, greedy, money hungry snakes in the grass. And sure, there have no doubt been bad lawyers just has there have been bad doctors, bad presidents,  and bad […]

Why Elderly People Need Law Attorneys

As we grow older, there are many age related legal issues and concerns which will require the services of a qualified and experienced attorney.  There are specific lawyers and partnerships that specialize in elder law.  Elder law focuses primarily on legal issues that affect the elderly.  Almost any lawyer can draft a will, but it […]

The Role Of The Mail Fraud Statute In Federal Mortgage Fraud Prosecutions

Mortgage fraud prosecutions are at a five-year low nationally, but California is a top-five target for federal mortgage fraud prosecutions. You can find news stories every day of individuals who have been arrested in connection with mortgage fraud schemes. Even so, there’s something unusual about “mortgage fraud.” Look wherever you like, but there is no […]

Ways To Save Your Marriage Without The Use Of A Solicitor!

Divorce rates are going through the roof. It’s a sad fact of life these days – marriage is no longer forever. The amount of marriages that end in the court rooms is really high now. If you feel like your marriage is in the doldrums and you’re heading towards the divorce courts then don’t despair. […]

Personal Injury Law Explained

Personal injury has now become a booming business and the law surrounding PI claims is convoluted and complicated, however, there are ways of simplifying a claim and getting through the process swiftly and efficiently. Personal injury is defined legally as a person who has suffered harm to their body, mind or emotions which has been […]

A brief guide to compensation claims

A brief guide to compensation claims

There are many types of incidents that may lead to compensation claims. For example, you may be injured in: road traffic accidents workplace accidents a trip or fall on the pavement medical negligence If you have suffered pain and discomfort as a result of somebody else’s actions or failure to act it may be worth […]

The 5 Most Common Crimes We Knowingly Commit

The 5 Most Common Crimes We Knowingly Commit

People routinely engage in activities that they know are criminal in nature. No one expects that they will be caught. Unfortunately if the behavior continues over time, eventually they do get caught. Following are 5 of the most common crimes we knowingly commit. Possession of Marijuana Millions of Americans knowingly break the law by smoking […]

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