Inspire the People You Work With to Create a More Efficient Business

Do you know the name of your financial advisors? What about the lawyer that you haven’t spoken to for over a year since the last time a frustrated employee sued you? You at least know the name of your secretary, right?

Don’t worry. You wouldn’t be the only boss in the world that’s completely oblivious to the names of their employees. It’s quite upsetting, but sadly it’s the truth that all business owners fear to admit. Many bosses just don’t get involved with their employees and, as a result, relationships in the workplace suffer which can lead to arguments, disagreements and a lack of understanding.

Get to know your resources

Whether it’s your personal chauffeur, the manager at a wholesale store or even the local computer repair store that manages your business technology, everyone that interacts with your business on a regular basis deserves some respect and attention from you. This is how you build networks and create long-lasting relationships that can benefit both you and your employees.

For example, if you run a business that requires regular use of a personal accident lawyer (for example, if you run a private transport company or delivery service) then it’s a good idea to get to know someone at the company, such as Christopher Dixon and his law firm. The more times you use their services, the more they’ll get to know you. Their services will be faster in the future, they’ll have access to records about you to cut out the initial setup, and it’ll be easier to speak with them.

Know your employees

It’s important to get to know your employees regardless of what roles or jobs they fulfil. Even your janitor needs a bit of acknowledgement. After all, they’re helping to keep your workplace neat and tidy so you don’t have to.

The best way to do this is to get involved with the recruitment process from the beginning. Keep an eye on your human resources department and make sure they tell you whenever they’re about to interview a new potential recruit. If you show your face, ask a few questions and try to remember their name, it will do wonders for their confidence and they will have a good first impression about you.

Get out of your cave once in awhile

The most common position for a business owner is to be sitting in their personal throne room—their office. Sure, perhaps you have a lot of work to take care of and a lot of meetings to attend. Maybe you just can’t get enough time to walk around the office floor and show your face, but you’d be surprised at what it does for the morale of your workers. Employees like to see their boss now and then. Many workers get the wrong impression and assume their boss is simply just lazy or slacking off in their office.

Understand their positions

Not everyone who works for you is a machine. People have lives in and outside of the office, and it’s the responsibility of your human resources department to take those things into consideration. However, there’s nothing stopping you from getting involved with your HR department. The more likeable you are as a boss, the more loyal your staff members will be, and there’s nothing more surprising to your workers than you giving them a compliment or agreeing they should take a few days off work due to a medical or family matter.