Dealing with Unexpected Financial Liabilities

Whatever you do, you desire to be safe at all times. Whether you’re doing chores at home, taking the kids to school or at work, you’ll endeavour to make sure you don’t get yourself or anyone else for that matter injured.

However, in some environments, getting injured can be almost unavoidable, especially at work if your boss has not done their utmost to make your office, warehouse or other place of work safe and secure. Any accident at work can be damaging to both your health and your pocket, especially if you’re forced to take time off work because your injury is so severe.

There are a number of accidents in the workplace which happen regularly. These include:

  • Back injuries from heavy lifting and slips, trips and falls.
  • Industrial diseases such as asbestos poisoning and vibration white finger.
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) from excessive use of keyboards and other equipment.
  • Broken limbs from slipping on wet floors, which will likely occur if there’s no ‘wet floor’ sign in sight.

Workplace injures may be rare in most cases, but worldwide, they are more common than you may have realised. According to the International Labour Organisation’s website, every 15 seconds, 160 workplace accidents take place across the world, which is an eye watering statistic for employers and employees alike who think they may be immune from dealing with them. If you’re unfortunate enough to be subject to occupational injury, what could you do about it?

The option of making an accident at work claim with first4lawyers to recover some compensation is always open to you, and if both your finances and health have suffered, then this option should definitely be explored to avoid falling into a severe economic slump. If you have proof of your injury and all your financial losses arising from it, you may be entitled to claim. It could help you to pay for anything from medical costs to the basics like food and rent, meaning you can get on with making a recovery and be able to return to the workplace faster. You should consult a reputable law firm to represent your interest or a conditional fee attorneysuch as before making a claim, who may better advise you as to whether you have a case or not; this way you do not have to waste undue time trying to build a case on your own.