Is Globalization speeds up very rapidly

Globalization is the fast track road on which development speeds up very rapidly. Although there was some initials biasness regarding the globalization was prevailing but due the adoption of technology and advancement, the country has prepared itself for various challenges which are coming in the world trade. Every country must realize that for globalization information […]

Debt under Obama budget

Debt under Obama budget

As the news arrived today in New York if 2011’s budget were come to affect as said, then the U.S federal Govt definitely put an approximated $9.8 trillion to the country’s accumulated debt for the coming decade. An agency approximated that by 2020, the debt would reach over $ 20 trillion or over 90 percent […]

Managing personal finances successfully

Posted on December 12, 2009 by Jonny Well we have responsibility of creating assessment in our lives. As we know successful business is all about the service that we provide and literally it means the value too. If we can provide much value to as many people in the entire life and it means the […]

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