How To Make Smart Investments Without Being A Professional Trader

If you want to start investing in the financial markets, but are concerned that you aren’t knowledge enough about the markets and you think it might be better to pay a professional to handle your investments. Then let me assure you that you can make smart investments without needing to be a professional trader. You […]

How to Start a Finance Blog and Earn Money

START A BLOG 🙂 With more money comes more debt”, I thought aloud as I stared at my laptop screen way back in 2011 – skimming through a series of online finance forums. My brief (3 years) stint as the online reputation manager for the company I worked for earlier, taught me interesting nuances of […]

Financial suicide or just a way of enjoy your free time?

Playing the lottery, gambling on online casinos, and placing wagers on sports games can be very addictive. But is it financial suicide or simply just a way to enjoy your free time? The answer to this question is quite simple: you should only place bets if you have enough money in your budget, any other […]

5 key points to choose a financial advisor

“The way running strengthens the muscles and help maintain a healthy weight, right financial guidance at right time will strengthen an Individual or corporate wealth and help prospering in healthy way” Financial advisory is a common term which helps an Individual or a corporate to manage the uncommon and uncertainties in finance. Seeking an advice […]

You can’t fix your friend’s life by lending him money!

Yes that itself should be reason enough for you not to lend your friend money, when he asks for it but we know how difficult it is to say “no” to the friend who is asking for money because he is in debts or is required to buy something on an urgent basis. There is […]

US Elections and Global Economy

The United States is gearing up for one of the biggest democratic showdowns in the month of November 2016. The nation is all set to elect its next President, as Barack Obama’s second term is nearing its end. The system is one of the indirect voting types, where voters cast their votes to choose electors. […]

Infographics: Tackling Debt Like a Pro

The average American household had over $15,300 in debt in 2015. Credit cards, which often carry high-interest rates, accounted for about $5,747 of that debt. Considering that the average household earns about $54,500 per year, this is a sizable amount that can make it nearly impossible for people to free themselves from debt. The problem […]

Can Olympics Bolster the Financial Future of the hosting nation?

Why do countries spend millions of dollars to host the Olympic Games after every 4 year? Do the games act as a springboard to recognition? Do big events like Olympics and World Cup contribute to the hosting country’s financial growth? Let us find out. It was way back in the year 1956, that an article […]

Cybercrime and Finance Companies: Are you being targeted?

According to latest reports, cyber criminals are increasingly targeting small businesses in the UK, USA and India by trying to steal money from them by sending over infected mails to accountants and fund managers. These mails are socially engineered and consist of archive file attachments with .zip extensions. Reportedly, India has received 56% of these […]

How to Cover Life and Long-Term Care Needs with One Single Policy

For years, insurance companies have offered long-term care policies to consumers that provide various benefits for nursing home expenses, as well as coverage for care that can be received in an assisted care facility, at home, and from a variety of other sources. Typically, though, these benefits have been provided via a stand-alone long-term care […]

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