Five Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for Funding For A Start-Up

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for Funding For A Start-Up

With more and more people going into business on their own the pot of money available to start-ups is getting increasingly hard to access. And with the odds of a start-up business failing within five years somewhere in the region of 75% it is clear that most investors and financial institutions are going to be […]

Fighting Over a Blown Budget? Try eBay Therapy

Arguments about the family budget; maybe they happen during the monthly or yearly budget committee meeting (you are having those aren’t you?); or maybe they happen at dinner just before bed. Regardless of when they happen or where they occur, these disputes always seem to result in mudslinging worthy of a heated political bout. The accusations […]

How Your Parents Money Choices Influence Your Finances

How did your parents manage their money? If you are not sure, chances are good that your parents did not have a strong impact on the way you are living and spending (or saving) money today. However, you may not realize that what your parents did with money really did impact your own lifestyle choices. […]

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