How Credit Card Use Led to the Financial Crisis
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The use of credit cards in the 21st century is a record high. According to this source, each individ… Read More



How Credit Card Use Led to the Financial Crisis

The use of credit cards in the 21st century is a record high. According to this source, each individual has at least two credit cards at this time. It is also common for these cards to have credit limits that are way beyond the actual capacity to pay of the credit card holder. This situation […]

Auto enrolment – Do you need to go for it?

The advent of science and technology has enabled us to lead a much healthier and longer life than before. A longer life span makes it necessary for us to save for our long retirement. Accumulating a pension seems much easier now that we have alterations in the workplace pension laws. Millions of seniors have been […]

Alternatives to Keeping an Annuity or Structured Settlement

Annuities and structured settlements come into our lives in a variety of ways, not just those that are within our control. Structured settlements are usually awarded to plaintiffs before a case is taken to court. If the two parties are able to come to an agreement (and you are the plaintiff), you may find yourself […]

The Basics of Reclaiming a PPI

A lot of people are already filing their claims in order to get their PPI refunds however there are only a few that were lucky so far. One main hindrance is that most of those people who are filing claims are not qualified while there are also others who have insufficient knowledge about the whole […]

Modern Day Car Financing Options

Only a few years ago, your options for financing a new car purchase were pretty limited. Your choice was either to finance the purchase yourself using savings, a loan or a credit card or by taking out a direct car finance package from the manufacturer. These days, things are much more flexible. Of course, you […]

Top Tips for Cost-Effective City Motoring

Driving in a city can be an expensive business. The amount of time spent sat in traffic can push your fuel bills through the roof and put a lot of wear and tear on parts of your car’s engine. The simple truth of the matter is that cars are designed to move and city motoring, […]

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Mould may look harmless, but they can damage the different parts of your home and have an adverse effect on your health once they start growing and spreading. To remove them, not only do you need to spend a lot of money, you also need to exert much effort to ensure they are gone for […]

Three Top Tips for Using a Pawnbroker

For those in need of a short-term cash injection into their bank account, the old-fashioned pawnbroker can be an ideal solution. All that you really need are some assets behind you, and in our possession-rich society, almost all of us have some of those. The way that pawnbrokers work is to use this personal property […]

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There are two benefits to promptly solving problems with your house’s plumbing. First, it saves you from unnecessary costs due to wasted water. You also save yourself from having to spend for home repairs. Plumbing problems can contribute to the growth of moulds, the entry of harmful sewer gases in the home, the ruin of […]

6 Tips for Creating a Better Household Budget

Building a budget is one of the best ways that a person can get the most from every dollar that they have and save more money for the future. Using a budget may sound like a basic task to some, but many people still do not use a budget regularly or even know how to […]

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